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In the Mountains is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this Quest and where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest.

In the Mountains Walkthrough and Rewards


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×500 Primogem Image Primogem ×60 Mora Image Mora ×30000
Hero Hero's Wit ×3 Mystic Enhancement Ore Image Mystic Enhancement Ore ×3


1 In The Mountains Objective 1.jpgEnlarge
Go to the camp near the entrance of Dragonspine and speak with Iris
2 In The Mountains Objective 2.jpgEnlarge
Head to Dragonspine and investigate the strange ice pillar. There is a Frostarm Lawachurl near the pillar, which you will have to fight.
3 In The Mountains Objective 3.jpgEnlarge
After taking down the Lawachurl, look for 4 Scarlet Quartz around the pillar. Hitting the pillar will help thaw it out.
4 In The Mountains Objective 4.jpgEnlarge
Use each Scarlet Quartz to break the barrier of the ice pillar. Some are guarded by Hilichurls and Samachurls, so get ready to fight.
5 In The Mountains Objective 5.jpgEnlarge
After breaking the ice pillar, you can now access the Frostbearing Tree.
6 In The Mountains Objective 6.jpgEnlarge
After unlocking the Frostbearing Tree, ascend the mountain further until you reach an area with a strong wind currrent. Report back to Iris to know your next objective.
7 In the Mountains Objective 7.jpgEnlarge
After reporting back to Iris, she informs you that you have to thaw out 2 more pillars located at Entombed City Outskirts and Starglow Cavern.
8 In the Mountains Objective 8.jpgEnlarge
Proceed to Starglow Cavern and navigate through enemies while following Warming Seelie to prevent Sheer Cold.
9 In the Mountains Objective 9.jpgEnlarge
Once you reach the bottom center of the cavern, look for the Warming Seelie before starting the challenge. You have to clear this challenge in order to remove the barrier protecting the pillar.
10 In the Mountains Objective 10.jpgEnlarge
The first warming Seelie is just near one of the Scarlet Quartz rocks in the exit.
11 In The Mountains Objective 11.jpgEnlarge
The second one is behind the ice pilar, next to a deactivated Ruin Guard. Break the rocks to free the Seelie and the Scarlet Quartz.
12 In The Mountains Objective 12.jpgEnlarge
The next Seelie can be found on the path just right of the previous one. Walk up the cavern to find it and another Scarlet Quartz.
13 In The Mountains Objective 13.jpgEnlarge
After unlocking all 3, you can now begin the Challenge. Keep running on the edge of the water to prevent yourself from getting frozen by Hilichurls and Abyss Mages.
14 In The Mountains Objective 14.jpgEnlarge
After completing the challenge, use the Scarlet Quartz to thaw out the pillar.
15 In The Mountains Objective 15.jpgEnlarge
Proceed to Emtombed City - Outskirts, to the area which has Cryo mechanisms and four warming pillars.
16 In The Mountains Objective 16.jpgEnlarge
Interact with the button in the middle and activate the Cryo puzzles in the right order. Follow the movement of the Seelie to identify the pattern.
17 In The Mountains Objective 17.jpgEnlarge
After activating the puzzle get ready to fight the two Ruin Guards, followed by the Ruin Grader. Beating them will unlock the next ice pillar located below.
18 In The Mountains Objective 18.jpgEnlarge
Once inside the chamber, locate the 2 Warming Seelie, one of which is inside an ice block that you can melt with Pyro.
19 In The Mountains Objective 19.jpgEnlarge
After finding both Seelie, look for the Scarlet Quartz and thaw out the ice pillar. You will face two more Ruin Graders before you leave the area.
20 In the Mountains Objective 20.jpgEnlarge
Proceed back to the area with a strong wind current, which you can now access, and proceed further up the mountain.
21 In the Mountains Objective 21.jpgEnlarge
Once you have reached the main pillar, you have to thaw out 3 more pillars to repair the main pillar.
22 In the Mountains Objective 22.jpgEnlarge
Keep going up until you face another Frostarm Lawachurl. you can use the Scarlet Quartz nearby to thaw out the first pillar.
23 In the Mountains Objective 23.jpgEnlarge
After thawing out the first pillar, go back up the same way until you reach an Anemo mechanism. Activate it to glide to the other side of the mountain.
24 In the Mountains Objective 24.jpgEnlarge
There are two Scarlet Quartz after you glide over. Defeat the enemies, and use them to thaw out the last two pillars.
25 In the Mountains Objective 25.jpgEnlarge
After thawing out and removing the broken pillar, you can now unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr.
26 In the Mountains Objective 26.jpgEnlarge
Report back to Iris about your findings, and receive your reward.

In the Mountains Tips & Strategies

How to Unlock the Frostbearing Tree

How to Unlock Frostbearing Tree 1.pngEnlarge

To unlock the Frostbearing Tree, you must use the Scarlet Quartz located around it. Pick up one and hit the pillar once to thaw out the pillar. Do this 4 times and you can unlock the Frostbearing Tree.

Thaw the Pillar.jpg Frostbearing Tree Unlock.jpg

Ice Pillar Locations

Here the locations of the 3 Ice Pillars:

Ice Pillar Locations.jpgEnlarge

Keep Warm at all Times!

The mountains are filled with Warming Seelie and torches to keep you warm, make sure you activate them in and out of fights to keep yourself healthy!

Pick the Right Lineup In Starglow Cavern

The ice pillar challenge in Starglow Cavern is one of the most challenging parts of the quest. Make sure you have your best Pyro characters, supported by Electro and Anemo reactions to clear out those pesky Cryo Abyss Mages!

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