Genshin Impact

Starter Guide | Everything You Need To Know Before Playing

Genshin Impact - Starter Guide

Want to know how to get the best start in Genshin Impact? Don't fret! With our comprehensive beginner's guide, you'll be set on the right track! Learn all about Leveling, Adventure Rank, Priority Tasks, Daily Commissions, Original Resins, and more!

Before Playing the Game

Things To Do

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Decide on a Platform

Genshin Impact is available on a variety of platforms including the PS4, PS5, PC, and on mobile for both Android and iOS. Cross-Save and Cross-Play is available between all platforms, so you can play on what's available or where it's convenient for you.

It was announced before that Genshin Impact will also come out on Switch, but there have yet to be any news or updates regarding it.

System Requirements and Download File Size

Learn About Elements

As an open-world action game, it might come as a surprise to several players that the game actually has a somehow complex battle system. Elements play a major role in the game, especially in combat. Using ice (Cryo) attacks against an enemy that was hit with a water (Hydro) attack will freeze them and using fire (Pyro) attacks on your wind (Anemo) attacks can turn those cold breeze into a fiery blaze. Learning about elements is a great way to get a head start into the game and will allow you to easily customize a team according to your play style.

All Guides on Elements
Elemental Resonance Elemental Reactions

Decide on a Character You Want

Genshin Impact - Qiqi

As a gacha game, the amount of RNG you'll encounter is astounding. Pulling a wish (more on this below) and resetting the game if you don't get what you want is an extremely viable choice (albeit, a long one). This process is called Rerolling.

Set a standard for what characters you want to get and learn how to Reroll in Genshin Impact! We highly recommend checking the rates first before deciding on a character. This will allow you to judge if rerolling is worth the effort or not (we do not recommend it).

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Learn the Controls

Genshin Impact - Controls on Mobile

While there aren't a variety of moves you can actually use, failing to use one properly in the heat of the fight can spell you some trouble. Getting associated with the inputs early on will allow you to enjoy the game even more later on.

List of Controls

Know the Perks of Playing with Others

Genshin Impact - Multiplayer

As an online game, it is an obvious choice that you should play with others, whether it be friends or strangers. Playing multiplayer has is own advantages, disadvantages, and even limitations, learn more about mutiplayer in our guide below!

All Multiplayer Guides
How to Play Online How to Unlock Multiplayer

Change Language Settings

Genshin Impact - Language Settings

As an open-world online game that takes a heavy inspiration from Japanese culture with anime looking characters, it's no surprise to say that they support multiple languages that are associated to the Japanese and anime culture. The game comes in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language so take your pick before starting the game!

Language Settings

Starter Guide

Starter Guide Checklist

Priority Checklist (Click to jump!)

We listed all the important things you need to know to get you started in the game!

Adventure Rank

Genshin Impact - Adventure Rank

Adventure Rank is a level system that is tied to your account. The higher your Adventure Rank, the more features of the game become accessible to you. It's important to level up your Adventure Rank as quickly as possible in order to play through and utilize all the features of the game.

Some quests, areas, and even events are unavailable unless you are at a certain Adventure Rank already.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Adventure Rank Unlockables

Adventure Rank Unlocked Features
12 Dailies
14 Dispatch System
16 Multiplayer System
Others Archon Quests
(Required Adventure Ranks may vary per mission)
Increases World Rank

Reaching certain Adventure Rank levels will unlock new features, like the Wish system, Multiplayer, Daily Commissions, and the other Archon Quests. You will also receive rewards every time you reach a new Adventure Rank.


Genshin Impact - Wishing or Gacha System

Genshin Impact is a gacha game, so if you want to get the newest characters and weapons you will need to test your luck in their wish system. Learning how to use the wish system is the key to getting a good head start in the game, as well as planning out when to roll and when to save your luck.

Leveling your Characters

Genshin Impact - Diluc

Even the rarest 5-star character will lose against an enemy with a higher level. Make sure to level up your characters so you can progress further in the game.

Save or Spend Primogems

Genshin Impact - Primogems

Primogems are the semi-premium currency in the game. It can be purchased using Genesis Crystals (which is the main premium currency in the game). Primogems can be used to refill Original Resin, but more importantly it's used to purchase Acquaint Fates and Intertwined Fates which are needed to roll in the wish banners.

Unlinke Genesis Crystals, Primogems can be obtained in-game as a reward.

How to Farm Primogems

Upgrade Statues of the Seven

Genshin Impact - Statue of the Seven

Statues of the Seven can be found while exploring the game, they are important checkpoints that when unlocked will reveal the surrounding area. It's important to unlock these as early as possible to make exploration easier.

They can be used as a waypoint to teleport to, heal your characters and revive fallen ones, and even lets you change the Element of the Traveler depending on the nation you are in.

Statues of the Seven can also be upgraded using Oculus items you can find and collect around the world. When upgraded the Statue will reward players with items and in the case of the Mondstadt and Liyue Statues, increase maximum stamina letting your characters climb and sprint for longer.

Elemental Oculus Items
Genshin - AnemoculusAnemoculus Genshin - Geoculus GuideGeoculus Genshin - Electrocolus GuideElectroculus
Genshin - DendroculusDendroculus Genshin - HydroculusHydroculus

How to Level Up Statues of the Seven

Types of Quests

Genshin Impact - Kaeya

Quests are the main content and way of progressing through the early game. There are 5 different types of quests that can be found in Genshin Impact each with their own story and set of rewards.

Quest Type Description
Archon Quest The main storyline quest following the adventure of the Traveler and their quest to reunited with their lost twin.
Story Quest Storyline quest that focus on certain playable characters, exploring their lore and backstories.
Hangout Event Similar to Story Quests, it is focused on a certain character. These play more similarly to dating sims with branching paths and multiple endings.
World Quest Side quests that can range from expanding the lore of the world to simple NPC requests.
Daily Commission 4 simple daily randomly generated quests that range from defeating monsters or fetch quests.

Prioritize Archon Quests

Genshin Impact - Prologue Act 2 Story Walkthrough

Despite the name, Archon Quest is actually the main story quests (not the story quests itself). Completing Archon Quests will open up new areas for you to explore! More areas to explore means more items and other goodies! It is tempting to go around and explore the moment you can but doing Archon quests will greatly enhance the exploration aspect of the game.

Don't Neglect Daily Commissions

Genshin Impact - Daily Commissions

Upon unlocking Daily Commissions, make sure to do all 4 daily. These offer rewards and is a great way to level up characters and raise your Adventure Rank.

Completing all 4 then collecting the reward in the Adventurers' Guild will reward you with 60 Primogems everyday!

Activate Teleport Waypoints

Genshin Impact - Teleport Waypoints

Teleport Waypoints are scattered around the map, once unlocked and activated you will be able to teleport to them at any time from your map making traveling long distances and exploring certain areas much easier.

Set a Birthday

Genshin Impact - Birthday Cake

Once you've set your birthday, Genshin Impact will reward you every year on your birthday with a birthday cake! Using the birthday cake will refill your Original Resin, don't worry the cake itself won't disappear from your inventory.

What Happens on Your Birthday?

Create a Custom Team

Once you have more characters outside of the ones you get from the start of the game, it's a good idea to start making custom teams. You'll want to organize your teams for specifc objectives, whether it's to combo different character's elements and skills or a special team to maximize loot gathering and exploration.

Best Team Comp

Intermediate Guides

Intermediate Guides Checklist

Priority Checklist (Click to jump!)

Here we discuss the options you need to consider to maximize your gains later on in the game. We also discuss things NOT to do to avoid sabotaging yourself in the future.

If you're already an advanced player looking for other neat tricks or new info, check out our secrets and exploits page!

Secrets, Exploits, and Tricks

Pick Up All Materials

Genshin Impact - Fallen Fruits

Although it's tempting to not pick up every item that you see, you must absolutely do so. You'll never know when you'll need that item in the future and having a healthy stock of each item is great especially when you start leveling up your characters and weapons. Having a lot of the items collected from the start of the game will save you time and effort from having to go back and farming those items again when you need it.

Mine Ores and Cystal Chunks

Genshin Impact - Crystal Chunk

These lumps of irons are needed for several craftable materials in the blacksmith. Similar to what was said above about picking up items, not neglecting these ores will allow you to craft nifty items for your team.

Ore Chunks and Crystals Farming Guide

Master Cooking Dishes

Genshin Impact - Cooking

Mastering all the dishes you can cook can save you a lot of time in the future. But bulk cooking immediately is not recommended until you get characters that can get bonus effects by cooking certain dishes. Noelle for example, has a chance to obtain 2 items in one cooking when cooking defensive meals.

All Cooking Guides
How to Cook How to Process Ingredients

Don't Distribute EXP Materials Evenly

Genshin Impact - Characters to Level

EXP materials might seem plentiful at a first glance, until you discover later in the game that you'll need hundreds of them just to level your characters by 1. Don't waste them on characters you won't likely play in the future.

During the early game, only level up characters as needed. Once you have better characters, you can use the saved up materials to level them up higher to unlock their potential. Check out our Character Tier List to get an idea on which characters are worth leveling up!

Character Tier List

Don't Hunt Bosses Blindly

Genshin Impact - Geo Hypostasis

What we mean is each boss drops loot that can be used to level up and ascend certain characters. Plan out which characters you need or want to level up and only farm the bosses that drop their needed materials to save on time and resources.

Be Mindful of your Currencies

Genshin Impact - Mora

Mora, Primogems, Stardust, and Starglitters are among the spendable currencies you can get in the game. Genesis crystals are also spendables but chances are if you have Genesis Crystals, saving up will not be an issue for you since you can buy more resources. But for our dear F2P users, being mindful of your current resources is a must! Don't just throw your Mora and especially don't just mindlessly convert those Stardust and Starglitters!

Wish Directly on Banners

Genshin Impact - Wish Banner

The icons for Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate looks so similar and it might cause you to buy the wrong fate item for the wish you want. When wishing without the necessary amount of fate items, you'll be automatically prompted to purchase more of that fate item. This is a safer option than trading fate items in the shop.

It is also highly recommended not to use your precious Primogems on the Standard or Permanent Banner, instead opt to use it only on the Character Limited Banners.

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