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Want to know how to get the best start in Genshin Impact? Don't fret! With our comprehensive beginner's guide, you'll be able to set your right foot on the right track! Learn all about Leveling, Adventure Rank, Priority Tasks, Daily Commissions, Original Resins, and more!

Before Playing the Game

Things to Do

Priority Checklist (Click to jump!)

Decide on a Platform

Genshin Impact is available on a variety of platforms including the PS4, Switch (upcoming), mobile, and the PC. Cross Save is available though (except for the PS4) so this isn't much of an issue but do check if your chosen device will be able to play the game smoothly.

System Requirements and Download File Size

Learn About Elements

Elemental Reactions.jpg

As an open-world action game, it might come to surprise to several players that the game actually has a somehow complex battle system. Elements play a major role in the game. Using ice attacks against an enemy that was hit with a water attack will freeze them and using fire attacks on your wind attack can turn those cold breeze into a fiery blaze. Learning about elements is a great way to get a head start into the game and will allow you to easily customize a team according to your playstyle.

Decide on a Character You Want

Qiqi 2.png

As a gacha game, the amount of RNG you'll encounter is astounding. Pulling a wish (more on this below) and resetting the game if you don't get what you want is an extremely viable choice (albeit, a long one). This process is called Rerolling.

Set a standard for what characters you want to get and learn how to Reroll in Genshin Impact! We highly recommend checking the rates first before deciding on a character. This will allow you to judge if rerolling is worth the effort or not (we do not recommend it).

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Learn the Controls


While there aren't a variety of moves you can actually use, failing to use one properly in the heat of the fight can spell you some trouble. Getting associated with the inputs early on will allow you to enjoy the game even more later on.

List of Controls

Know The Perks Of Playing Multiplayer


As an online game, it is an obvious choice that you should be able to play with other players. But playing multiplayer has its certain advantages and disadvantages. Learn about playing multiplayers with our guide below!

Changing Language Settings


An openworld online game that takes a heavy inspiration from japanese culture with anime looking characters, it's no surprise to say that they support multiple languages that are associated to the japanese and anime culture. The game comes in English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language so take your pick before starting the game!

Language Settings | Can You Change the Language?

Starter Guide

Priority Checklist (Jump to a section!)

We listed all the important things you need to know to get you started into the game!

Adventure Rank


Adventure Rank is a leveling system that is tied to your account. The higher your Adventure Rank, the more features of the game becomes accessible to you. As a game that has limited resources, it is an important thing to open up new options in the game to maximize your gains when playing!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Adventure Rank Unlockables

Aside from features, you get money and other rewards too!
Adventure Rank Content to be Released
12 Dailies
14 Dispatch System
16 Multiplayer System
Others Archon Missions
(Required Adventure Ranks may vary per mission)
Increases World Rank


Genshin Impact Wish Tierlist for Reroll.jpg

Genshin Impact is, at the end of the day, a gacha game. Wishes is Genshin Impact's gacha system where you use Fate items to get a chance to gain valuable weapons and/or characters. Learning how to use wishes is the ultimate key in getting a good headstart into the game.

Leveling Your Characters

Diluc Icon Reroll.jpeg

Even the rarest 5 star characters will lose against an enemy that has a way higher level than him/her. Leveling your characters is a necessary step to be able to progress further in the game.

Save or Spend Primogems


Primogems is a semi-premium currency in the game. It can be purchased using Genesis Crystals (which is the main premium currency of the game). There are two types of Fate items so stocking up on Primogems is a great way to choose what type of wish you would want to use. However, unlike Genesis Crystals, Primogems can be obtained in-game!

How to Farm Primogems

Upgrade Statues of the Seven

A Statue of the Seven.jpg

While playing the game, you'll encounter several statues of the seven. You can think of the statue of the Seven as a safe point in the game. They will heal all your characters (even the fallen ones!) but they have limited powers so try not to rely on them too much. Also, upgrading Statues of the Seven will reward you with several benefits such as increased Stamina, exp materials, and even adventure experience! To do so, you'll have to keep an eye on anemoculus and geocoluses.

Types of Quests


There are several quests in the game and they also vary by nature. They, however, share a peculiar similarity in which all of them offers rewards for the player upon completion. Never neglect doing quests as this will allow you to strengthen your characters, unlock new areas in the game, and even shed more light into the characters of Teyvat!

All Quests and Quest Types

Prioritize Archon Quest

Prologue Act 2 Story Walktthrough.jpg

Despite the name, Archon Quest is actually the main story quests (not the story quests itself). Completing Archon Quests will open up new areas for you to explore! More areas to explore means more items and other goodies! It is tempting to go around and explore the moment you can but doing archon quests will greatly enhance the exploration aspect of the game.

Don't Neglect Daily Commissions!

Upon unlocking, make sure to accomplish daily commission ahem... daily. They offer great benefits, specailly for raising your adventure rank.

Activate Teleport Waypoints

Waypoints are initially colored red but upon activation, they will show a lighter blue color.

You'll notice several markers on the maps that says waypoints. As the name suggests, these are areas in the map where you can freely teleport to if you desire to do so. But it's impossible to warp to a waypoint without reaching it first! There are waypoints that are far away and surrounded by strong enemies so we do not suggest going after those at the start but do activate all waypoints you encounter during your main missions.

Teleport Waypoints List

Set a Birthday

Setting a birthday in a game will (most of the time), reward you with a specific goodie on your special day. This holds the same for Genshin Impact where you can recieve a special cake from the devs. Make sure to set it ASAP, specially if your birthday is near.

Birthday Setting | What Happens on Your Birthday?

Create a Custom Team

When you start gaining more characters than your initial four pokemons starters, you'll want to organize your party for specific purposes. It can be making certain combos that utilize elemental reactions, or a specific team for searching for loots on the field, it depends on your wishes but don't neglect using this handy feature! It makes switching teams to accomplish certain roles much easier.

How to Switch Characters

Intermediate Guides

Priority Checklist (Jump to a section!)

Here we discuss the options you need to consider to maximize your gains later on in the game. We also discuss about things to not do to avoid sabotaging yourself in the future.

If you're already an advanced player looking for other neat tricks or new info, check out our secrets and exploits page!
Secrets, Exploits, and Tricks

Pick Up Materials

Fallen Fruits.jpg
Enemies will often drop items which may seem disposable at first glance. It might be tempting to ignore these drops since you have a healthy stock in your inventory, until you see that when crafting the materials or using them for Character Ascension, these items which you may have overlooked are needed for the process.

Items like Character Development Items and Materials will prove to be necessary in the long run, so grab them every chance you can get.

Farm Those White Iron Chunks and Crystal Chunks

Crystal Chunk.jpg

These lumps of irons are needed for several craftable materials in the blacksmith. Similar to what was said above about picking up items, not neglecting these ores will allow you to craft nifty items for your team.

Ore Chunks and Crystals Farming Guide

Master Your Cookable Dishes But Don't Cook Many

Cooking Banner.jpg

Mastering all the dishes you can cook can save you a lot of time in the future. But bulk cooking immediately is not recommended until you get characters that can get bonus effects by cooking certain dishes. Noelle for example, can obtain 2 items in one cooking when cooking defensive meals.

Don't Distribute EXP materials Evenly

Genshin Impact Characters to level.jpg

EXP materials might seem plentiful at a first glance, until you discover later in the game that you'll need hundreds of them just to level your characters by 1. Don't waste them on characters you won't likely play in the future.

Don't Just Hunt Bosses Blindly

Geo Hypostasis.PNG

What we mean is each boss' loots are associated to their element. Electro Hypostasis, for example, will drop lightning related materials for your character's ascension. Choose a specific character you want to strengthen and focus on a boss with that element so you can funnel the resources you get for your chosen main character.

Be Mindful Of Your On-Hand Currencies


Mora, Primogems, Stardust, and Starglitters are among the spendable currencies you can get in the game. Genesis crystals are also spendables but chances are if you have Genesis Crystals, saving up will not be an issue for you since you can buy more resources. But for our dear F2P users, being mindful of your current resources is a must! Don't just throw your Mora and especially don't just mindlessly convert those Stardust and Starglitters!

Buy Fate Items on the Wish Menu


The icons for Acquaint Fate and Intertwined Fate looks so similar and it might cause you to buy the wrong fate item for the wish you want. When wishing without the necessary amount of fate items, you'll be automatically prompted to purchase more of that fate item. This is a safer option than trading fate items in the shop.

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