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List of Fishing Rods | How to Get and Use All Fishing Rods

Genshin Impact - List of Fishing Rods Fishing Guide

Fishing Rods are used to catch Fish in Genshin Impact's Fishing System. Learn how to get all types of Fishing Rods, the best areas to use them in, other information in this Fishing Guide!

How to Get Fishing Rods

List of All Fishing Rods

Rod How to Get & Fish Needed
Windtangler Image Windtangler Buy from the Mondstadt Fishing Association.
Wishmaker Image Wishmaker Buy from the Liyue Fishing Association in Liyue.
Genshin - Betta Image Betta x20
Narukawa Ukai Image Narukawa Ukai Buy from the Inazuma Fishing Association.
Serendipity Image Serendipity Buy from the Sumeru Fishing Association.
Wavepiercer Image Wavepiercer Buy from the Fontaine Fishing Association.
Moonstringer Image Moonstringer Get from the Lunar Realm Event.
Wilderness Image Wilderness Get from the Exploding Population World Quest. This is the basic Fishing Rod.

Regional Fishing Rods

Where to Use Special Rods

Region Best Fishing Rod to Use

Some special Fishing Rods increase your chances of catching certain Fish when you're in the correct region. You can get a region's Fishing Rod by exchanging fish with that region's Fishing Association.

How to Use Fishing Rods

Use Fishing Rods to Catch Fish

Genshin - Fishing Reeling
Fishing Rods are used to catch Fish in Teyvat. They're part of the new Fishing System in Genshin Impact Version 2.1.
Fishing System Guide

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