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This is a guide about Constellations, a character skill system for Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock constellations, what benefits drawing duplicate characters provides, how to get Stella Fortunas, and the best way to do so.

How to Unlock Constellations

Use a Character's Stella Fortuna

Stella Fortuna.jpg

You'll be able to unlock a Constellation by using that character's Stella Fortuna. Stella Fortunas are hard to come by but they only have one use which is to unlock constellations (at the time of writing) so don't hesitate to use one if one arrives on your hands.

Unlocking Constellations Steps

1 Choose the Menu and Select Character
2 Constellation.jpgChoose the character whose Constellation you want to check then choose Constellation.
3 Constellation Slot.jpgSelect the constellation you wish to unlock
The first constellation you can unlock starts at the topmost side going bottom but you can check their effects anytime.
4 Stella Fortuna.jpgUse the Stella Fortuna to activate the chosen constellation

How to Get Stella Fortuna

Main Character
  • Obtain by progressing the story
  • Purchasable in the Souvenir Shop
  • Obtained through Adventure Rank rewards
Other Characters Obtained through wishes

Stella Fortunas Are Obtained Via Wishes

Genshin Impact - Best Wishes to Pull.jpg

When wishing, there is a chance (depending on the wish chosen) to obtain a character. The first character you obtain will be added to your roster as a playable character. But the following duplicates you get from wishes automatically turns to Masterless Starglitters and a Stella Fortuna for that character.

Main Chararacter's Constellation

Memory of Roving Gales
The main character's constellation items called “Memory of Roving Gales” can be purchased at a hefty price from the Souvenier shop. It can also be obtained by progressing the story and as a reward by increasing your Adventure Rank.

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

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