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List of Quest Items

Genshin - List of Quest Items

Quest Items are a special type of item used to complete quests that you can sometimes keep in your inventory in Genshin Impact. See their complete list here!

List of Quest Items

All Types of Quest Items
Quest Items Memento Items Event Items

Quest Items

Quest Items are items acquired during quests or discovered in the open world that can be used in order to accomplish a particular objective.

Mondstadt Quest Items

List of Items
Genshin - Handy Handbook of Hilichurlian ImageHandy Handbook of Hilichurlian Genshin - PriestPriest's Box Genshin - PrincessPrincess' Box
Genshin - Red Wolfhook ImageRed Wolfhook Genshin - ScribeScribe's Box

Liyue Quest Items

List of Items
Genshin - Realm Dispatch ImageRealm Dispatch Genshin - Shriveled Seed ImageShriveled Seed Genshin - Ancient City Key ImageAncient City Key
Genshin - Chizhang Map ImageChizhang Map Genshin - Cup of Commons ImageCup of Commons Genshin - FateFate's Yearning
Genshin - Fish Seized From a PelicanFish Seized From a Pelican's Mouth Genshin - Flower of Farsight ImageFlower of Farsight Genshin - Forgotten Key ImageForgotten Key
Genshin - Golden House Maiden ImageGolden House Maiden Genshin - Helm of Warding ImageHelm of Warding Genshin - Jade Fragment ImageJade Fragment
Genshin - MinerMiner's Key Genshin - Orb of the Blue Depths ImageOrb of the Blue Depths Genshin - Skyfeather ImageSkyfeather
Genshin - Strange Key ImageStrange Key Genshin - Sundial of Ages ImageSundial of Ages Genshin - Treasure Map Fragment ImageTreasure Map Fragment
Genshin - Valley Weaver ImageValley Weaver Genshin - WarriorWarrior's Spear

Inazuma Quest Items

List of Items
Genshin - Key of the Moon-bathed Deep ImageKey of the Moon-bathed Deep Genshin - LetLet's Go, Dodoco! Genshin - Pretty Please, Kitsune Guuji? ImagePretty Please, Kitsune Guuji?
Genshin - Shogun Almighty: Reborn as Raiden with Unlimited Power ImageShogun Almighty: Reborn as Raiden with Unlimited Power Genshin - The Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku ImageThe Serpent and Drakes of Tokoyokoku Genshin - Bag of Flower Seeds ImageBag of Flower Seeds
Genshin - Bathysmal Vishap Experimental Records ImageBathysmal Vishap Experimental Records Genshin - Before Sun and Moon ImageBefore Sun and Moon Genshin - DateDate's Key
Genshin - DateDate's Medal of Recognition Genshin - Divine Bridle ImageDivine Bridle Genshin - Dragonbone Orb ImageDragonbone Orb
Genshin - Hydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku ImageHydrological Studies in Byakuyakoku Genshin - In the Light, Beneath the Shadow ImageIn the Light, Beneath the Shadow Genshin - Star-Shaped Gem ImageStar-Shaped Gem

Sumeru Quest Items

List of Items
Genshin - Fatui Stronghold Key ImageFatui Stronghold Key Genshin - Glinting Component ImageGlinting Component Genshin - Lost Energy Block ImageLost Energy Block
Genshin - Record of the Tomb of Carouses ImageRecord of the Tomb of Carouses Genshin - Sacred Seal Auricle ImageSacred Seal Auricle Genshin - Sacred Seal Bird Head ImageSacred Seal Bird Head
Genshin - Sacred Seal Ceremony ImageSacred Seal Ceremony Genshin - Sacred Seal Chisel Hammer ImageSacred Seal Chisel Hammer Genshin - Sacred Seal Crocodile Head ImageSacred Seal Crocodile Head
Genshin - Sacred Seal Danger ImageSacred Seal Danger Genshin - Sacred Seal Dune ImageSacred Seal Dune Genshin - Sacred Seal Forest ImageSacred Seal Forest
Genshin - Sacred Seal Giant Serpent ImageSacred Seal Giant Serpent Genshin - Sacred Seal Grand Door ImageSacred Seal Grand Door Genshin - Sacred Seal Labor ImageSacred Seal Labor
Genshin - Sacred Seal Precipice ImageSacred Seal Precipice Genshin - Sacred Seal Raised Arm ImageSacred Seal Raised Arm Genshin - Sacred Seal Right to Rule ImageSacred Seal Right to Rule
Genshin - Sacred Seal Sandstorm ImageSacred Seal Sandstorm Genshin - Sacred Seal Sheep Head ImageSacred Seal Sheep Head Genshin - Sacred Seal Sunrise ImageSacred Seal Sunrise
Genshin - Sacred Seal Thunderstrike ImageSacred Seal Thunderstrike Genshin - Sacred Seal Valley ImageSacred Seal Valley Genshin - Vasmrti ImageVasmrti

Fontaine Quest Items

List of Items
Genshin - Arkhium Lumenite ImageArkhium Lumenite Genshin - Arkhium Stock ImageArkhium Stock Genshin - Mysterious Ore ImageMysterious Ore
Genshin - Credit Coupon ImageCredit Coupon Genshin - Drained Conch Cup ImageDrained Conch Cup Genshin - Energy Concentrating Component ImageEnergy Concentrating Component
Genshin - Foggy Forest Branch ImageFoggy Forest Branch Genshin - Fontaine Ancient Key ImageFontaine Ancient Key Genshin - Handwheel ImageHandwheel
Genshin - Mysterious Core ImageMysterious Core Genshin - Mysterious Xenochromatic Crystal ImageMysterious Xenochromatic Crystal Genshin - Punched Tape ImagePunched Tape
Genshin - Rainbow RoseRainbow Rose's Ideals Genshin - Rusty Iron Key ImageRusty Iron Key Genshin - Simple Vault Key ImageSimple Vault Key
Genshin - Spur Gear ImageSpur Gear Genshin - Strange Part ImageStrange Part Genshin - Teardrop Key ImageTeardrop Key

Memento Quest Items

Memento Items are typically obtained during Archon Quests or long chained quests and cannot be used for any purpose other than to remain in the player's inventory as mementos.

List of Items
Genshin - Funerary Mask ImageFunerary Mask Genshin - Monolith Fragment ImageMonolith Fragment Genshin - Silver Twig ImageSilver Twig
Genshin - Tears Among the Stars ImageTears Among the Stars Genshin - “Delightful Encounter” Image“Delightful Encounter” Genshin - Archaic Stone ImageArchaic Stone
Genshin - Dream Sakura ImageDream Sakura Genshin - Frostglaze Crystal ImageFrostglaze Crystal Genshin - Garland ImageGarland
Genshin - Tainted Blood ImageTainted Blood Genshin - Unattributed Ramen Voucher ImageUnattributed Ramen Voucher Genshin - Withered Kusava ImageWithered Kusava

Event Quest Items

Event Items are items that can only be obtained by completing the quest during limited-time events.

List of Items
Genshin - Light Realm Core ImageLight Realm Core Genshin - ThelxieThelxie's Fantastic Adventures Genshin - Aphotium Ore ImageAphotium Ore
Genshin - Husk Gem ImageHusk Gem Genshin - Tokoyo Legume ImageTokoyo Legume

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