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Select A Twin

This is a guide to selecting your first character in Genshin Impact, a Gacha game available for Android, IOS, PC, and the Playstation 4. Read on to know which of the twin to choose at the start of the game, chosen twin's effect, and the difference it makes in the game.

Select A Twin

Male Twin is Involved in the Manga

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Genshin Impact have a manga series about its world and it helps add more lore to the already existing characters in the game. If you want to make the story be highly similar to the manga's story then choose the male character as the male twin is hinted to be involved in the manga.
Genshin Impact Manga

Choice Does Not Have a Major Effect

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the starting twin you choose won't have a huge effect on the game. The main story doesn't change (aside the fact that your chosen twin will be the one standing in the cutscenes) and your goal will still be to search for your other twin. The choice simply affects the gender and look of your starting character but aside from that, everyting else plays the same.

Twin's Looks and Gender

Of course, being a different character, each twin has their own unique look. A simple fact but is often, the deal breaker when choosing among the two.

Twin's Voice

Being a different character, each character has a different voice with a feminine voice for the female twin and a masculine voice for the male voice actor.

Characters and Voice Actors

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