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Genshin Impact - How to Defeat Childe

This is a guide on how to beat Childe in his Trounce Domain boss fight in Genshin Impact. Read on to learn Childe’s location, his boss drops and strategies, and the recommended party to defeat Childe.

11/19/2020 Difficulty Adjustment

Genshin - Childe Boss Fight Adjustment

As of the 11/19/2020 update, the Childe boss fight difficulty in the Heart of Glaze quest has been decreased.

Basic Information - Childe

Childe ImageChilde
Required Resin 30/60
Reset Time Every Monday, 4:00 AM Server Time.
Sea of Clouds, Liyue
Completion Rewards

Resin Cost Change in Version 1.5

Required Resin 30

It was announced in the 1.5 Livestream that the weekly bosses will have their resin cost reduced to 30 Resin for the first three bosses you defeat in a week!

1.5 Livestream Summary

Childe Location

Childe's Trounce Domain can be found at the Golden House which is located south of Liyue Harbor. Once you have unlocked it, you can teleport directly to it.

How to Beat Childe

Survive the 3 Phases

Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3
HydroHydro ElectroElectro
Electro + Hydro

Childe has 3 phases you must beat before you can clear the encounter. In phase one Childe only uses Hydro Elemental attacks. In phase 2 Childe switches to only Electro Elemental attacks and in phase 3 Childe uses both Hydro and Electro Elemental attacks interchangeably.

Break His Shield Twice to Knock Childe Down

Break Childe shield

In phases 1 and 2 Childe deploys a shield that reduces incoming damage. Breaking both of these shields will knock Childe down creating a perfect chance to strike. Save your Elemental Skills or Bursts for when Childe deploys his shield to quickly break it and go all out.

Use Hydro and Electro Resistance Potions

Childe's Phases Reommended Potions
Phase 1 Genshin Impact - Desiccant Potion Image Desiccant Potion
Phase 2 Genshin Impact - Insulation Potion Image Insulation Potion
Phase 3
Genshin Impact - Desiccant Potion Image + Genshin Impact - Insulation Potion Image

Since Childe's elements change depending on the phase it is recommended to prepare Elemental Resistance potions beforehand. Childe's attacks deal quite a bit of damage so being able to mitigate 25% of Hydro and Electro damage will help secure survivability.

Recommended Food

Defense Food
Genshin Impact - Fisherman Fisherman's Toast Genshin Impact - Jewelry Soup Image Jewelry Soup Genshin Impact - Golden Crab Image Golden Crab

Since potion and food effects can stack, you can maximize your defensive capabilities by also crafting and eating some defense food before engaging Childe.

Bring Your Best Healers

Recommended Healers
Qiqi Image Qiqi Barbara Image Barbara Jean Image Jean Diona Image Diona

Good heals are key to surviving all 3 phases of the fight due to Childe's high damage output, large AoE and high speed attacks. Being able to keep your character's HP topped off will ensure smooth runs through all 3 Phases.

Keep the Fight Close to the Edges

Genshin - Childe Strategy Guide

After phase 1, Childe will occasionally mark the player for a high damaging lighting strike which can easily KO a party member. This attack can by canceled by standing in the Pyro effect in the edge of the field which will remove the mark.

Recommended Characters

The following are the best recommended characters to use for the Childe.

When building your party, it is recommended to choose 1 DPS, then either 2 Sub-DPS and 1 Support or 1 Sub-DPS and 2 Support, depending on what characters you have available and built.

Free to Play Option

DPS Sub-DPS Support
Kaeya Image Kaeya
Xiangling Image Xiangling
Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo)
Amber Image Amber
Barbara Image Barbara
Noelle Image Noelle

Use Noelle's Shields

Some of Childe's attacks are hard to dodge, especially during the 2nd and 3rd phase. If you're having a hard time dodging it or still familiarizing yourself with the attack patterns, it's recommended to use Noelle's Elemental Skill to give your character a shield that will reduce incoming damage.

Burst Down Childe's Shields

Use your skills and bursts to break Childe's shields, once it's broken, Childe will be downed and vulnerable for some time giving you an opportunity to go all out with your choice of DPS.

Repeated Runs Option

DPS Sub-DPS Support
Ganyu Image Ganyu
Diluc Image Diluc
Ningguang Image Ningguang
Klee Image Klee
Jean Image Jean
Chongyun Image Chongyun
Zhongli Image Zhongli
Qiqi Image Qiqi
Bennett Image Bennett

Keep Your Distance

For the first phase, Childe will do mostly ranged attacks which can be dodged easily if you keep your distance. Use a ranged character during this time to pick him off before he starts his next attack pattern.

For the second and third phase, most of Childe's attacks will be dashing towards you to do a melee attack. Dash out of the way and pick him of again with a ranged character or take this time to hit him back with your own melee characters before dashing out of his reach.

Save Your Heals

It's a good idea to save your burst heals for when you need it the most because a lot of the attacks are enough to do substantial damage and one-hit your characters if they're low enough.

Attack Patterns

Phase 1 - Childe, 11th of the Fatui Harbingers

Attack Patterns How to Dodge
Genshin - Celestial Voyager
Celestial Voyager
Childe summons a Hydro whale. Be sure to stand outside of the AoE when the whale is summoned then quickly move towards Childe just before it crashes into the floor to avoid the second larger AoE.
Genshin - Hydro Arrow Rain
Hydro Arrow Rain
Childe fires 8 consecutive Hydro shots that create AoEs and tracks the player. Simply walk out of the AoEs.
Genshin - Hydro Wave Shot
Hydro Wave Shots
Childe jumps and fires 5 large wave shots in a straight line. They can be dodged through if you're about to be hit.

Phase 2 - Childe, Delusion Unleashed

Attack Patterns How to Dodge
Genshin - Rush
Childe rushes across the field up to 5 times with his Electro glaive.
Genshin - Electro Spear
Electro Spear
Childe charges up and sets a lock on ring around the player before jumping and crashing down. If you get locked on you'll need to dodge through before just Childe lands or use invincibility frames from an Elemental Burst
Genshin - Electro Combo
Electro Combo
Childe unleashes a 5 hit melee combo. As the attacks have a very wide range its best to dodge by simply backing away and creating distance.

Phase 3 - Childe

Attack Patterns How to Dodge
Genshin - Crescent Slash
Crescent Slash
Childe changes stance before unleashing a wide crescent slash. Its best to stay close to Childe to effectively dodge.
Genshin - Rush Attack 2
Childe rushes up to 4 times across the field but slower than Phase 2. You can dodge by moving in a circular motion around the field.
Genshin - Double Slash
Double Slash
Childe slashes twice, on the left and right. The range is rather short so its best to stay back.
Genshin - Cross Slash
Slice/Cross Slash/Spinning Blade
Childe does a 3 hit combo. Once you see the cross slash, dodge left or right.
Genshin - Empowered Arrow Rain
Empowered Arrow Rain
Childe fires a volley of arrows into the sky. The field will be covered with 4 massive AoEs, leaving only the center of the field and 4 outer edges as safe zones.
Genshin - Hydro Wave Slash
Hydro Wave Slashes
Childe launches 3 Hydro slashes. These can be dodged through if you're about to be hit.
Genshin - Hydro Pillars
Hydro Pillars
Childe summons a volley of Hydro pillars in a straight line. You can safely approach diagonally during this attack.
Genshin - Hydro Dragon
Hydro Dragon
Childe charges energy before firing a Hydro dragon in a straight line. Once you see the charge animation quickly dodge out of the way.
Genshin - Hydro Shots
Hydro Shots
Childe fires Hydro arrows in a straight line. Dodge by moving in a clockwise direction.
Genshin - Lightning Strike
Lightning Strike
Childe targets the player with an AoE before several Electro pillars crash down. Quickly step out of the AoE circle.
Genshin - Lightning Ring
Lightning Ring
Childe backs away and throws a spinning blade around the field. Since this blade continuously spin around the edge of the field, its best to stay towards the center.
Genshin - Celestial Voyager 2
Celestial Voyager
Childe summons a Hydro whale. Be sure to stand outside of the AoE when the whale is summoned then quickly move towards Childe just before it crashes into the floor to avoid the second larger AoE.

Items Dropped By Childe

Childe Material Drops

Drop Level
Lv. 70+
Lv. 70+
Lv. 70+
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Lv. 60+
Any Lv.
Lv. 75+
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.
Any Lv.
Any Lv.
Lv. 60+
Any Lv.
Lv. 75+
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Lv. 60+
Any Lv.
Lv. 75+

Use Dream Solvent to Convert Material Drops

You can use Dream Solvent to convert Childe's Material drops.

Item How to Get
Genshin Impact - Tusk of Monoceros Caeli Image
Genshin Impact - Dream Solvent Image  +  Genshin Impact - Shard of Foul Legacy Image or Genshin Impact - Shadow of the Warrior Image
Genshin Impact - Shard of Foul Legacy Image
Genshin Impact - Dream Solvent Image  +  Genshin Impact - Tusk of Monoceros Caeli Image or Genshin Impact - Shadow of the Warrior Image
Genshin Impact - Shadow of the Warrior Image
Genshin Impact - Dream Solvent Image  +  Genshin Impact - Shard of Foul Legacy Image or Genshin Impact - Tusk of Monoceros Caeli Image

How to Get Dream Solvent and Effects

Childe Artifact Drops

Artifact Set Drops
Berserker Berserker Instructor Instructor The Exile The Exile
Gladiator Gladiator's Finale Wanderer Wanderer's Troupe

Characters That Use Childe Materials

Genshin Impact - Shard of Foul Legacy Image Shard of Foul Legacy
Tartaglia Image Diona Image Hu Tao Image
Genshin Impact - Shadow of the Warrior Image Shadow of the Warrior
Xiao Image Ganyu Image Rosaria Image
Genshin Impact - Tusk of Monoceros Caeli Image Tusk of Monoceros Caeli
Zhongli Image Xinyan Image Albedo Image

Childe Achievement

Outlander Vs. Outlander Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementOutlander Vs. Outlander 10 Primogems
Objective : Defeat Childe without any party member being marked and then hit by his follow-up attack.

Achievement List and Rewards

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