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Overloaded Reaction Guide

Overloaded is an elemental reaction in Genshin Impact that is triggered when Electro and Pyro get in contact together. See how to trigger Overload, the best characters to trigger it, and the best teams for this elemental reaction!

What is the Overload Reaction?

Reaction Between Pyro and Electro

Overloaded Elemental Reaction
Reactive Elements
Electro ⬅︎➡︎ Pyro
Effect ・Deals Pyro damage to a wide area.
・Any hard objects in the area will break.
・Knockbacks nearby enemies.
・Damage dealt can be increased by Elemental Mastery.

Overloaded is the reaction when Pyro and Electro come into contact. When this happens, an AoE Pyro damage occurs and damages nearby enemies.

This also causes enemies to be knocked back, so make sure you don't mind the distance!

How to Trigger Overloaded

Apply Pyro or Electro First

Genshin - Elemental Reaction - Overloaded

To trigger Overloaded, an enemy must have an aura of either Pyro or Electro. An Elemental Aura can be created by either applying Electro or Pyro.

Some enemies like Slimes and bosses like the Thunder Manifestation have innate Elemental Auras, so applying the same element as their element is not needed to trigger Overload.

Apply the Other Element

Genshin - Chevreuse Overcharged
After initally applying either Pyro or Electro, apply the other element to the equation to trigger Overloaded. This will a Pyro AoE that damages all nearby enemies!

Best Characters for Overloaded


Chevreuse is the premier support for Overloaded- centric teams. She acts as an overall support, capable of boosting both Electro and Pyro Damage, as well as offer a bit of healing for the team.

When to Use Chevreuse in Overloaded

Genshin - Checkmark When you are serious in building an Overload team.
Genshin - Checkmark When you want both a healer and a damage boost support.
Genshin - Checkmark When you don't mind raising a character with limited team comps.

Chevreuse Rating and Best Builds


Yoimiya brings her explosive personality and firepower as our recommended Main-DPS for Overloaded teams.

Overloadeded covers one of her weakness, which is that she is limited to a single-target playstyle, however with Overloaded, she can now use the AoE effect to her advantage.

When to Use Yoimiya in Overloaded

Genshin - Checkmark When you want to use a ranged Pyro Main DPS.
Genshin - Checkmark When you have an Off-Field Electro Applicator.

Yoimiya Rating and Best Builds

Raiden Shogun

The Electro-Archon, Raiden Shogun sweeps the battlefield with her strong Elemental Burst, which can be very useful in Overload teams.

She is capable of acting as your Main-DPS or even as a Sub-DPS with her Elemental Skill which applies Electro periodically.

When to Use Raiden Shogun in Overloaded

Genshin - Checkmark When you want to have an Electro Main DPS with consistent application.
Genshin - Checkmark When you have an Off-Field Pyro Applicator.
Genshin - Checkmark When you have a team centered on using multiple Elemental Bursts.

Raiden Shogun Best Builds and Artifacts

Best Teams for Overloaded

Pyro DPS Overloaded

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Yoimiya Image Yoimiya Yae Miko Image Yae Miko Chevreuse Image Chevreuse Thoma Image Thoma
Yanfei Image Yanfei Beidou Image Beidou Fischl Image Fischl Chevreuse Image Chevreuse

This interchangeable team comps ceters around either Yanfei or Yoimiya as the Main-DPS. Both of these characters deal Pyro Damage through ranged attacks, which reduces the issues on Overloaded's knockback.

Off-Field Electro is Key

Having a Pyro-DPS means that they heavily focus on applying Pyro on their attacks. With this, make sure you have a constant application of Off-Field Electro to support the Main DPS.

Electro DPS Overloaded

Main DPS Sub-DPS Sub-DPS Support
Raiden Image Raiden Sara Image Sara Xiangling Image Xiangling Chevreuse Image Chevreuse
Yae Miko Image Yae Miko Fischl Image Fischl Dehya Image Dehya Chevreuse Image Chevreuse

Switching it up, an Electro DPS can lead an Overloaded team. Characters like Yae Miko and Raiden Shogun can synergize with Overloaded.

Off-Field Pyro is a Must

Similar to the Pyro-DPS Overloaded team, having a constant application for the vice-versa element to your Main DPS is needed. So, in this case, make sure your Pyro DPS is supported by Electro supports!

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