Genshin Impact

How to Revive Characters

Genshin Impact - How to Revive Characters

Characters fell in battle after fighting a strong enemy? Accidentally fell off a mountain? Don't worry! Learn how to revive fallen characters in Genshin Impact.

How to Revive Characters

Use Food with Revival Effects

Using items that have revival properties can get your ally in a condition to join the fray again. On the downside, revival items usually restores minimal HP so another item that heals your character or a different ability to get them healed up may be necessary to guarantee that they don't fall again after getting revived.

Revival Food
Genshin Impact - Mora Meat Image Mora Meat Genshin Impact - Crab, Ham and Veggie Bake Image Crab, Ham and Veggie Bake Genshin Impact - Golden Shrimp Balls Image Golden Shrimp Balls
Genshin Impact - Tea Break Pancake Image Tea Break Pancake Genshin Impact - Vegetarian Abalone Image Vegetarian Abalone Genshin Impact - Teyvat Fried Egg Image Teyvat Fried Egg
Genshin Impact - Steak Image Steak Genshin Impact - Mondstadt Grilled Fish Image Mondstadt Grilled Fish Genshin Impact - Stir-Fried Filet Image Stir-Fried Filet

Use Statue of the Seven's Healing Properties

Genshin - Statue of the Seven Healing

By getting near a Statue of the Seven, all your characters will slowly regenerate health. This includes fallen party members! When your party's in a pinch, make sure to teleport to the nearest Statue of the Seven to get your party patched up!

Use Character Abilities

Characters with Revival Abilities
Genshin Impact - Barbara ImageBarbara Genshin Impact - Qiqi ImageQiqi

Characters like Qiqi and Barbara have the ability to completely revive characters after reaching Constellation Level 6. This is crucial during boss battles and Spiral Abyss, where characters can get knocked out after a few hits.

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