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★ 2.8: Yoimiya, Kazuha, Klee, Yun Jin, Bennett, & Xinyan

Genshin Impact - Current and Upcoming Banner Schedule - Version History (July 2022)

Check out this guide to learn all about the upcoming banners in Genshin Impact in Version 2.8 and 3.0. We also have the list of currently available banners in the game as of August 2022!

Current Genshin Banner Schedule

Official Wish Banner Schedule

Schedule Banner and Characters
Genshin Impact Version 2.8 - Summer FantasiaVersion 2.8
Ended: Leaves in the Wind
Duration: July 13 ~ August 2, 2022
Kazuha ImageHeizou ImageThoma ImageNingguang Image

Ended: Sparkling Steps
Duration: July 13 ~ August 2, 2022
Klee ImageHeizou ImageThoma ImageNingguang Image
Active: Tapestry of Golden Flames
Duration: August 2 ~ August 23, 2022
Yoimiya ImageBennett ImageXinyan ImageYun Jin Image
Genshin - Version 3.0Version 3.0
Upcoming: Viridescent Vigil
Duration: August 24 ~ September 10, 2022
Tighnari ImageCollei Image Genshin - Unknown CharacterGenshin - Unknown Character

Upcoming: Gentry of Hermitage
Duration: August 24 ~ September 10, 2022
Zhongli ImageCollei Image Genshin - Unknown CharacterGenshin - Unknown Character
Upcoming: Drifting Luminescence
Duration: September 10 ~ September 27, 2022
Kokomi ImageDori Image Genshin - Unknown CharacterGenshin - Unknown Character

Upcoming: Adrift in the Harbor
Duration: September 10 ~ September 27, 2022
Ganyu ImageDori Image Genshin - Unknown CharacterGenshin - Unknown Character

Dates are based from known information, and may change on further notice.

Klee and Kazuha's banners, and Heizou's debut, have ended. The banner for Yoimiya's rerun is the current active banner.

Accompanying Yoimiya are Bennett, Xinyan, and Yun Jin as the featured 4-star characters!

Version 2.8 Release Date and Patch Notes

Previous Banner History

Genshin - Wish Banners

For a list of all the Previous Wish Banners, take a look at our Gacha Guides! It also has our guides for the best wishes to pull, the Pity System, and Gacha Simulators.

View Wish Banner History

Upcoming Genshin Banner Schedule

Version 3.0 Upcoming Banners

Genshin - 3.0 Banners Phase 1

Collei in Tighnari and Zhongli's Banners

Tighnari is confirmed to have his own banner, which will run with Zhongli's rerun banner in Phase 1 of Version 3.0! Collei will be one of the 4-Star Characters featured in Tighnari and Zhongli's banners.

Genshin - 3.0 Banners Phase 2

Dori in Ganyu and Kokomi's Banners

It was also announced that Dori will be a featured 4-Star Character in Ganyu and Kokomi's rerun banners for the second phase of Version 3.0.

Version 3.0 Livestream Summary

Genshin Roadmap and Version History

Next Update: Version 3.0

Genshin Impact Version 3.0
Genshin Impact - Version 3.0 The Morn A Thousand Roses Brings
Release Date August 24, 2022

The Version 3.0 Update will go live on August 24, 2022. Version 3.0 will feature the new Sumeru nation along with its characters and more!

Version 3.0 Release Date and Patch Notes

Current Update: Version 2.8

Genshin Impact Version 2.8
Genshin - Summertime Fantasia
Release Date July 13, 2022

Shikanoin Heizou has finally entered the scene in Version 2.8, which went live on July 13, 2022!

Version 2.8 Release Date and Patch Notes

Banners in Version 2.8

Genshin - 2.8 Banners

Kaedehara Kazuha and Klee's rerun banners ran during the first phase of the Version 2.8 Update. These banners also featured the debut of the Tenryou Comission's Detective, Shikanoin Heizou, the newest 4-star Anemo character.

Yoimiya's first rerun is currently live for the second phase of Version 2.8.

Other New & Upcoming Characters

Previous Version Updates

2021 - 2022 Version Updates

Version Release Date & Summary
Genshin - Version 2.7 Icon2.7 May 31, 2022 - Jul. 13, 2022
Yelan and Shinobu Release
Xiao and Itto Rerun
Aqua Simulacra Release
Fading Twilight Release
Perilous Trail Event and Archon Quest
Genshin - Version 2.62.6 Mar. 30, 2022 - May. 31, 2022
Ayato Release
Venti & Ayaka Rerun
Haran Geppaku Futsu Release
The Chasm Release
Hues of the Violet Garden Event
Genshin Impact - Version 2.52.5 Feb. 16, 2022 - Mar. 30, 2022
Yae Miko Release
Raiden Shogun & Kokomi Rerun
Kagura's Verity & Oathsworn Eye Release
Three Realms Gateway Event
Genshin Impact - Version 2.42.4 Jan. 5, 2022 - Feb. 16, 2022
Xiao, Zhongli, & Ganyu Banner Reruns
Shenhe & Yun Jin Release
Calamity Queller Release
Enkanomiya region release.
• The Fleeting Colors in Flight event.
Genshin Impact - Version 2.32.3 Nov. 25, 2021 - Jan. 5, 2022
Eula & Albedo Banner Reruns
Itto & Gorou Release
Redhorn Stonethresher Release
Shadows Amidst Snowstorms Event
• New Golden Wolflord boss enemy
Genshin - Version 2.2 Icon2.2 Oct. 13, 2021 - Nov. 24, 2021
Childe & Hu Tao Banner Reruns
Thoma's Release
• Inazuma's Tsurumi Island
Rifthound Enemies
• Inazuma Housing Themes
Genshin - Version 2.1 Icon2.1 Sep. 1, 2021 - Oct. 13, 2021
Raiden, Sara, & Kokomi Release
• The Fishing System Feature
• The Moonchase Festival Event
Genshin - Version 2.0 Icon 2.0 July 21, 2021 - Sep. 1, 2021
Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu's release
• The Inazuma Region
• The Gardening System Feature
• The PSN Cross-Save Feature
Genshin - Version 1.6 Icon1.6 June 9, 2021 - July 21, 2021
Klee's banner rerun
Kazuha's release
• The Midsummer Adventure Event
• Limited-time Archipelago Map
Genshin - Version 1.5 Icon1.5 Apr. 28, 2021 - June 9, 2021
Zhongli's rerun
Eula and Yanfei's release
• The Housing System release
Genshin - Version 1.4 Icon1.4 Mar. 17, 2021 - Apr. 28, 2021
Venti and Childe's reruns
Rosaria's release
• The Windblume Festival Event
Genshin - Version 1.3 Icon1.3 Feb. 3, 2020 - Mar. 17, 2021
Xiao and Hu Tao's release
Keqing's banner run
• The Lantern Rite event

2020 - 2021 Version Updates

Version Release Date & Summary
Genshin - Version 1.2 Icon1.2 Dec. 23, 2020 - Feb. 3, 2021
Albedo and Ganyu's release
• The Dragonspine subregion
Frostbearing Tree release
Genshin - Version 1.1 Icon1.1 Nov. 11, 2020 - Dec. 23, 2020
Childe and Zhongli's release
The Unreconciled Stars event
Archive and City Reputation
Genshin - Version 1.0 Icon1.0 Sep. 28, 2020 - Nov. 11, 2020
Venti and Klee's release
• Genshin Impact's official release

Future Release Predictions

Future Characters from the Preview

The Teyvat Chapter Storyline shows a rough schedule for Genshin Impact's releases, and contains spoilers! You can see Archon Quest titles and Teyvat Nations in the video.

Characters Seen in the Preview

List of Characters
Genshin - Diluc Icon from the Storyline PreviewDiluc Genshin - Ningguang Icon from the Storyline PreviewNingguang Genshin - Ayaka Icon from the Storyline PreviewAyaka
Genshin - CynoCyno Genshin Impact - Lyney IconLyney Genshin Impact - Lynette IconLynette
Genshin - IansanIansan Genshin - Harbinger Pulcinella IconPulcinella Genshin - Dainsleif IconDainsleif

All the characters in the video that have been released are playable characters, so it's likely the other characters seen in the video will be playable as well!

Other New & Upcoming Characters

Upcoming Regions in Teyvat

Element Nations and Locations
Anemo Anemo Mondstadt (1.0)
Notable Areas: Dragonspine
Geo Geo Liyue (1.0)
Notable Areas: The Chasm
Electro Electro Inazuma (2.0)
Notable Areas: Enkanomiya
Dendro Dendro Sumeru (Upcoming)
Hydro Hydro Fontaine (Upcoming)
Pyro Pyro Natlan (Upcoming)
Cryo Cryo Snezhnaya (Upcoming)
Unknown Khaenri'ah (Upcoming)

As of now, only the Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma regions have been released. Take a look at our guide on all Nations for more information:

Nations and Regions of Teyvat

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Genshin 3.0 Updates and News

Genshin Impact - Version 3.0

Version 3.0 News Guides
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Sumeru Desert Area Sumeru Characters
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Version 3.0 Release Date and Patch Notes

Genshin Impact 2.8 Updates and News

Genshin Impact - Version 2.8

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2.8 Redeem Codes Sumeru Teaser
2.8 Characters
2.8 Skins
2.8 Quests
2.8 Events
Summertime Odyssey Reminiscent Regimen
Resonating Visions Evermotion Mechanical Painting
Hidden Strife

Update 2.8 Release Date & Patch Notes

Genshin Impact 2.7 Updates and News

Genshin - Version 2.7

Version 2.7 News Guides
2.7 Livestream 2.7 Banners & Dates
2.7 Redeem Codes Delay Updates
Delay Compensation
2.7 Characters
2.7 Equipment
2.7 Quests
2.7 Events
Spices From the West Perilous Trail, Realms of Guile and War
The Arataki Drumalong Festival A Muddy Bizarre Adventure
Core of the Apparatus

Update 2.7 Release Date & Patch Notes

Past Version Updates and News

Gensin Impact Past Version Updates and News
Version 1.1 Version 1.2
Version 1.3 Version 1.4
Version 1.5 Version 1.6
Version 2.0 Version 2.1
Version 2.2 Version 2.3
Version 2.4 Version 2.5
Version 2.6

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