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Waiting for Genshin Impact's next content update? Keep up with the update schedule and roadmap for future releases here!

When is Patch 1.1 Coming Out?

According to the official forum, the next patch for Genshin Impact, 1.1, will be releasing on November 11th. At this point in time we don't know exactly what will be included in this update, but miHoYo has confirmed that an event known as Unreconciled Stars will coincide with the patch's release. Stay tuned for more info on 1.1 as it comes in!

Confirmed Features Coming in Patch 1.1

In a Q&A with the dev team posted on Genshin Impact's Japanese Twitter, we were able to find out about some new features confirmed to appear with the November 11th update!

Equipment Lock

Some players expressed disatisfaction with the current system in place for leveling up their weapons and artifacts, as it uses excess inventory items. In 1.1, there will be an option to lock your equipment to prevent it from being used when automatically adding items for leveling!


At the moment there is no way to keep track of items you've picked up or enemies you've encountered. Currently expected to launch with the next patch is a compendium where you can review monsters, animals, plants, and more that you've come into contact with.

Treasure Finder

Another feature set to come in 1.1 is a Treasure Finder of sorts that will help players in locating the elusive Anemoculi and Geoculi! This doesn't mean some of the more difficult ones will be easier to obtain, however, so be sure to keep checking our guides on how to find them all!

Consumable Shortcut

Eating food or drinking potions can be a bit tedious in the heat of battle, but the development team is working on an item that will allow for shortcuts to be assigned making beefing yourself up even easier than before. If everything goes as planned this feature is expected to make it in time for 1.1!

Hydro-Electro Reaction Bug Fixes

While not exactly a feature, a bug fix for the way damage is calculated depending on the character that applied the final element in Hydro-Electro reactions will be implemented. Currently, this is set to deal damage based on the stats of who started the reaction but will be changed to use the stats of the final application in 1.1.

Nature Damage Bug Fixes

Currently the damage dealt by Elemental Reactions started with nature (lighting grass on fire, electrocuting or freezing enemies in rain or water) has been noted to be on the lower side. miHoYo has confirmed that in 1.1 this damage will be adjusted to scale with the player's current World Level. This means that both outgoing and incoming damage will increase so players will need to be more mindful when running into a patch of burning grass!

Genshin Impact 1.1 Patch Notes

The patch notes have yet to be revealed by miHoYo as there is still a few weeks until its release. Once we have the patch notes you can find them right here, so keep checking back!

Genshin Impact 1.1 Developers Discussion

After much feedback from players, Mihoyo has made a dev discussion about certain questions and the changes they made to address problems. (This info was obtained from Mihoyo's official news page.)

Q1: I never have enough Original Resin, which makes it difficult to complete various daily tasks and the weekly Battle Pass Missions.

A: In version 1.1, we have decreased the Original Resin requirement in Battle Pass Weeklly Missions from 1,600 to 1,200. Furthermore, Travelers will be able to store up to a maximum of 160 Original Resin.

Q2: I want to change the key bindings/controler setup.

A: We are in the process of developing a key bindings and controller setup function, part of which will go live in Version 1.1. We're firing on all cylinders to complete the remaining functionality, which will become available to players in a later version.

Q3: I wish there were more ways to filter artifacts.

A: In Version 1.1, we have added new filters for artifacts based on their basic attributes. Now, Travelers will be able to easily filter artifacts bay attributes.

Q4: Traversing the game world is time-consuming, I want to be able to set my own teleport waypoints for areas that I frequently visit.

A: We have developed an item that provides this kind of cuntion which will be available for free in a new system. Travelers can look out for this in Version 1.1!

Q5: It's annoyting yo have to select equipped artifacts and weapons to find out which character has them equipped.

A: In Version 1.1, small character avatars will appear next to the icons of equipped artifacts and weapon, allowing Travelers to know exactly which characters have which artifacts and weapons equipped at a glance.

Genshin Impact Update Schedule

Patch Release Date New Features
1.1 November 11th, 2020 ・Unreconciled Stars event
1.2 December 23, 2020 ・New area: Dragonspine
・Dragonspine related event
1.3 Feburary 2021 ・Lantern Rite event

This list will be updated as we find out more information on each patch!

Update Summary

A new content update is estimated to release once every 6 weeks on a Wednesday (subject to changes based on circumstance) according to miHoYo. These patches will include new seasonal events, locations, and more. Based on the upcoming December update, miHoYo is following through with their plan to add more areas to the game with the third of 7, Dragonspine, being introduced. Dragonspine is a sizable area to the East of Liyue and South of Mondstadt so we can likely expect new challenges and quests alongside the area specific event!

Update Content Predictions

New Banners and Characters

Xiao ImageXiao Dainsleif ImageDainsleif

Once the rate up for Venti banner ends that means it is highly likely a new banner will begin. With a new banner comes the chance of characters currently unobtainable on the current banners like Xiao, or possibly Dainsleif who was announced the day before release, or even Ayaka, who was teased with a birthday post on the official Twitter account!

★How Likely is Ayaka?


During a storyline preview video shown off before release, Inazuma was shown to be the next location aftere Liyue. During the preview Ayaka was shown off, letting us predict she will become available when Act 2 is released!

▼Chapter Storyline Preview Video

This video contains story spoilers

New Locations and Story

At the time of this article's release, there are currently two locations that can be explored in Geshin Impact: Mondstadt (Anemo) and Liyue (Geo) with two chapters of the story accessible. In a future update we will likely see additional story and locations being added to the game.

Based on the storyline preview video, the next major location we can expect to see is Inazuma (Electro). This also means there is a high chance that the Traveler will be able to unlock a new element as well.

▼Genshin Impact Locations

Area Element
Mondstadt Wind ImageAnemo (Wind)
Liyue Earth ImageGeo (Earth)
Inazuma Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning)
Sumeru Nature ImageDendro (Nature)
Fontaine Water ImageHydro (Water)
Natlan Fire ImagePyro (Fire)
Snezhnaya Frost ImageCryo (Frost)
Khaen'riah Unknown

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