Genshin Impact

List of Weapon Ascension Materials

Genshin - List of Weapon Enhancement Items

This is a list of items used to Ascend, Level Up, or Refine weapons in Genshin Impact!

List of Weapon Enhancement Items

Weapon Level-Up Materials

Enhancement Ores are used to upgrade weapons to the next level. Enhancement Ore can frequently be obtained as a reward from quests or events, or through forging at blacksmith shops.

List of Items
Enhancement Ore ImageEnhancement Ore Fine Enhancement Ore ImageFine Enhancement Ore Mystic Enhancement Ore ImageMystic Enhancement Ore

Weapon Ascension Materials

Weapon Ascension Materials from Challenge Domains have specific days during which they become available to farm! These materials can also sometimes be obtained through Events.

All Weapon Ascension Materials in Challenge Domains can be farmed on Sundays.

List of Items
Tile of DecarabianTile of Decarabian's Tower Debris of DecarabianDebris of Decarabian's City Fragment of DecarabianFragment of Decarabian's Epic
Scattered Piece of DecarabianScattered Piece of Decarabian's Dream Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Milk Tooth Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Cracked Tooth
Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Broken Fang Boreal WolfBoreal Wolf's Nostalgia Fetters of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageFetters of the Dandelion Gladiator
Chains of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageChains of the Dandelion Gladiator Shackles of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageShackles of the Dandelion Gladiator Dream of the Dandelion Gladiator ImageDream of the Dandelion Gladiator
Luminous Sands from Guyun ImageLuminous Sands from Guyun Lustrous Stone from Guyun ImageLustrous Stone from Guyun Relic from Guyun ImageRelic from Guyun
Divine Body from Guyun ImageDivine Body from Guyun Mist Veiled Lead Elixir ImageMist Veiled Lead Elixir Mist Veiled Mercury Elixir ImageMist Veiled Mercury Elixir
Mist Veiled Gold Elixir ImageMist Veiled Gold Elixir Mist Veiled Primo Elixir ImageMist Veiled Primo Elixir Grain of Aerosiderite ImageGrain of Aerosiderite
Piece of Aerosiderite ImagePiece of Aerosiderite Bit of Aerosiderite ImageBit of Aerosiderite Chunk of Aerosiderite ImageChunk of Aerosiderite
Golden Branch of a Distant Sea ImageGolden Branch of a Distant Sea Jade Branch of a Distant Sea ImageJade Branch of a Distant Sea Jeweled Branch of a Distant Sea ImageJeweled Branch of a Distant Sea
Coral Branch of a Distant Sea ImageCoral Branch of a Distant Sea Mask of the Kijin ImageMask of the Kijin Mask of the One-Horned ImageMask of the One-Horned
Mask of the TigerMask of the Tiger's Bite Mask of the Wicked Lieutenant ImageMask of the Wicked Lieutenant NarukamiNarukami's Valor
NarukamiNarukami's Affection NarukamiNarukami's Joy NarukamiNarukami's Wisdom
Copper Talisman of the Forest Dew ImageCopper Talisman of the Forest Dew Iron Talisman of the Forest Dew ImageIron Talisman of the Forest Dew Silver Talisman of the Forest Dew ImageSilver Talisman of the Forest Dew
Golden Talisman of the Forest Dew ImageGolden Talisman of the Forest Dew Oasis GardenOasis Garden's Reminiscence Oasis GardenOasis Garden's Kindness
Oasis GardenOasis Garden's Mourning Oasis GardenOasis Garden's Truth Echo of Scorching Might ImageEcho of Scorching Might
Remnant Glow of Scorching Might ImageRemnant Glow of Scorching Might Dream of Scorching Might ImageDream of Scorching Might Olden Days of Scorching Might ImageOlden Days of Scorching Might
Golden Goblet of the Pristine Sea ImageGolden Goblet of the Pristine Sea Silver Goblet of the Pristine Sea ImageSilver Goblet of the Pristine Sea Wine Goblet of the Pristine Sea ImageWine Goblet of the Pristine Sea
Broken Goblet of the Pristine Sea ImageBroken Goblet of the Pristine Sea Essence of Pure Sacred Dewdrop ImageEssence of Pure Sacred Dewdrop Spring of Pure Sacred Dewdrop ImageSpring of Pure Sacred Dewdrop
Sublimation of Pure Sacred Dewdrop ImageSublimation of Pure Sacred Dewdrop Dross of Pure Sacred Dewdrop ImageDross of Pure Sacred Dewdrop Echo of an Ancient Chord ImageEcho of an Ancient Chord
Movement of an Ancient Chord ImageMovement of an Ancient Chord Chapter of an Ancient Chord ImageChapter of an Ancient Chord Fragment of an Ancient Chord ImageFragment of an Ancient Chord

Weapon Enhancement Materials

Enhancement Materials are items mainly acquired by defeating Elite enemies throughout Teyvat. These enhancement materials are used alongside with particular ascension materials to ascend a weapon.

List of Items
HunterHunter's Sacrificial Knife AgentAgent's Sacrificial Knife InspectorInspector's Sacrificial Knife
Mist Grass Pollen ImageMist Grass Pollen Mist Grass ImageMist Grass Mist Grass Wick ImageMist Grass Wick
Chaos Device ImageChaos Device Chaos Circuit ImageChaos Circuit Chaos Core ImageChaos Core
Dead Ley Line Branch ImageDead Ley Line Branch Dead Ley Line Leaves ImageDead Ley Line Leaves Ley Line Sprout ImageLey Line Sprout
Heavy Horn ImageHeavy Horn Black Bronze Horn ImageBlack Bronze Horn Black Crystal Horn ImageBlack Crystal Horn
Fragile Bone Shard ImageFragile Bone Shard Sturdy Bone Shard ImageSturdy Bone Shard Fossilized Bone Shard ImageFossilized Bone Shard
Dismal Prism ImageDismal Prism Crystal Prism ImageCrystal Prism Polarizing Prism ImagePolarizing Prism
Chaos Axis ImageChaos Axis Chaos Gear ImageChaos Gear Chaos Oculus  ImageChaos Oculus
Concealed Claw ImageConcealed Claw Concealed Unguis ImageConcealed Unguis Concealed Talon ImageConcealed Talon
Deathly Statuette ImageDeathly Statuette Dark Statuette ImageDark Statuette Gloomy Statuette ImageGloomy Statuette
Chaos Storage ImageChaos Storage Chaos Module ImageChaos Module Chaos Bolt ImageChaos Bolt
Damaged Prism ImageDamaged Prism Turbid Prism ImageTurbid Prism Radiant Prism ImageRadiant Prism
Desiccated Shell ImageDesiccated Shell Sturdy Shell ImageSturdy Shell Marked Shell ImageMarked Shell
A Flower Yet to Bloom ImageA Flower Yet to Bloom Treasured Flower ImageTreasured Flower WandererWanderer's Blooming Flower
Alien Life Core ImageAlien Life Core Foreign Synapse ImageForeign Synapse Rift Core ImageRift Core
Newborn Tainted Hydro Phantasm ImageNewborn Tainted Hydro Phantasm Scoop of Tainted Water ImageScoop of Tainted Water Drop of Tainted Water ImageDrop of Tainted Water
Old OperativeOld Operative's Pocket Watch OperativeOperative's Standard Pocket Watch OperativeOperative's Constancy
Feathery Fin ImageFeathery Fin Lunar Fin ImageLunar Fin Chasmlight Fin ImageChasmlight Fin

Weapon Refinement Materials

Event-exclusive weapons need special Refinement Materials, unlike other weapons that require copies to be refined.

List of Items
Festering Dragon Marrow ImageFestering Dragon Marrow The Visible Winds ImageThe Visible Winds EmperorEmperor's Balsam
AkoAko's Sake Vessel Alkahest ImageAlkahest Ointment of Sight ImageOintment of Sight
Glowing Gem ImageGlowing Gem Original Fish Ointment ImageOriginal Fish Ointment Plume of the Changing Winds ImagePlume of the Changing Winds
Unfading Silky Grace ImageUnfading Silky Grace Congealed Pupa Wax ImageCongealed Pupa Wax MartensMartens' Omni-Fix
Dandelion Bookmark ImageDandelion Bookmark Surging Sacred Chalice ImageSurging Sacred Chalice Super-Duper Invincible Shining Sparkly Magic Crystal ImageSuper-Duper Invincible Shining Sparkly Magic Crystal
Exalted Earth ImageExalted Earth

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