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Genshin Impact - Local Specialties in Mondstadt
Mondstadt Local Specialties are materials that you can only find in Mondstadt. Keep reading for a list of all Mondstadt Local Specialties, their best farming locations, and all ways to use them in Genshin Impact!

Local Specialties by Region
Genshin - Local Specialties in MondstadtMondstadt Genshin - Local Specialties in LiyueLiyue Genshin - Local Specialties in InazumaInazuma

List of Mondstadt Local Specialties

Mondstadt Local Specialties
Genshin - Calla Lily ImageCalla Lily Genshin - Cecilia ImageCecilia Genshin - Dandelion Seed ImageDandelion Seed
Genshin - Philanemo Mushroom ImagePhilanemo Mushroom Genshin - Small Lamp Grass ImageSmall Lamp Grass Genshin - Valberry ImageValberry
Genshin - Windwheel Aster ImageWindwheel Aster Genshin - Wolfhook ImageWolfhook

You can click on an Mondstadt Local Specialty above for a full guide on each item!

Mondstadt Local Specialty Locations

Best Farming Spots for All Mondstadt Local Specialties

Specialty Best Farming Spots
Calla Lily Image Calla Lily
Cecilia Image Cecilia
Starsnatch Cliff
Dandelion Seed Image Dandelion Seed
Mondstadt City
Philanemo Mushroom Image Philanemo Mushroom
Small Lamp Grass Image Small Lamp Grass
Valberry Image Valberry
Stormbearer Mountains
Windwheel Aster Image Windwheel Aster
Wolfhook Image Wolfhook

Mondstadt Local Specialty Farming Tips

Use Klee's Mondstadt Local Specialty Passive

If you have Klee, bring her with you when you're farming Mondstadt Local Specialties because her passive skill let's you see Mondstadt Local Specialty locations on the minimap.

How to Use Mondstadt Local Specialties

Use Mondstadt Local Specialties to Ascend Mondstadt Characters

Mondstadt Local Specialties are mostly used to ascend characters from the Mondstadt region. There are however some Mondstadt Local Specialties that are used for crafting and cooking.

Characters Who Use Mondstadt Local Specialties

Local Specialty Characters Who Use It
Genshin - Calla Lily Icon Calla Lily
Genshin - Wolfhook Icon Wolfhook
Genshin - Valberry Icon Valberry
Genshin - Cecilia Icon Cecilia
Genshin - Windwheel Aster Icon Windwheel Aster
Genshin - Philanemo Mushroom Icon Philanemo Mushroom
Genshin - Small Lamp Grass Icon Small Lamp Grass
Genshin - Dandelion Seed Icon Dandelion Seed

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Genshin Impact - Local Specialties

List of Local Specialties

All Local Specialties

Local Specialties in Mondstadt
Genshin - Calla Lily ImageCalla Lily Genshin - Wolfhook ImageWolfhook Genshin - Valberry ImageValberry
Genshin - Cecilia ImageCecilia Genshin - Windwheel Aster ImageWindwheel Aster Genshin - Philanemo Mushroom ImagePhilanemo Mushroom
Genshin - Small Lamp Grass ImageSmall Lamp Grass Genshin - Dandelion Seed ImageDandelion Seed
Local Specialties in Liyue
Genshin - Jueyun Chili ImageJueyun Chili Genshin - Noctilucous Jade ImageNoctilucous Jade Genshin - Silk Flower ImageSilk Flower
Genshin - Glaze Lily ImageGlaze Lily Genshin - Qingxin ImageQingxin Genshin - Starconch ImageStarconch
Genshin - Violetgrass ImageVioletgrass Genshin - Cor Lapis ImageCor Lapis
Local Specialties in Inazuma
Genshin - Sea Ganoderma ImageSea Ganoderma Genshin - Sakura Bloom ImageSakura Bloom Genshin - Naku Weed ImageNaku Weed
Genshin - Dendrobium ImageDendrobium Genshin - Onikabuto ImageOnikabuto Genshin - Crystal Marrow ImageCrystal Marrow
Genshin - Sango Pearl ImageSango Pearl Genshin - Amakumo Fruit ImageAmakumo Fruit Genshin - Fluorescent Fungus ImageFluorescent Fungus

All Items and Materials

Genshin - Items and Materials

List of Items and Materials

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