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Veluriyam Mirage Interactive Map and Quests

Genshin Impact - Veluriyam Mirage Interactive Map Guide

Veluriyam Mirage is an event exclusive map for the Summer event in Genshin Impact 3.8. Check out Bottleland's interactive map, and everything you need to know about the map, including events, puzzles, items, and quests!

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Veluriyam Mirage Interactive Map

This Interactive Map for Veluriyam Mirage includes the locations of all sources of Joyeux Vouchers as of Part 3 of the Secret Summer Paradise event.

To use the map, click on the icons to show the locations of each items, and you can tick the box to set it to complete. If this is your first time using this function, see a quick guide of it below:

Icon Function
Zoom Zooms in or out. You can also do this by pinching your screen (mobile) or scrolling up or down with your mouse wheel (PC).
Name Displays the name of each entries.
Pins Toggles items that have already been marked as acquired.
Full Screen Enters full screen mode.
Magnifier Enters search mode. Typing out an entry on the top right box filters a specific item.
Entries Toggles the display of the entries on the map.

What is the Veluriyam Mirage

The Summer 2023 Flagship Event Map

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage Map - Event-Exclusive Map

Veluriyam Mirage is an event-exclusive map created by Alice as a gift to her daughter Klee, located inside a bottle! This map has all sorts of wonders, ranging from railcars and treasures, to an endearing fairytale that features a Little Mage and the very legend of the bottle!

Secret Summer Paradise Event Guide

Full Map of Veluriyam Mirage

Here is the full map of the Summer Event map for 2023. The final area, Thinker's Theater, was released on July 9, 2023. Players who have unlocked the quest will be able to get all Joyeux Vouchers to get the rewards

Released on Version 3.8

Genshin Impact Version 3.8
Genshin - Version 3.8
Release Date July 5, 2023

The event-limited map went live when Version 3.8 hit the live servers on July 5, 2023! It will be available until August 16, 2023, when the next version update 4.0 (assuming Version 3.9 is skipped) is expected to be released.

Version 3.8 Banners and Patch Notes

How to Get to the Veluriyam Mirage

Complete the Secret Summer Paradise Event Quest

Genshin - Veluriyam Mirage opening
To get to the Veluriyam Mirage map, complete the first Secret Summer Paradise event quest, An Invitation from Afar. The quest takes you to the map via a conspicuous bottle in the Sumeru Desert.

Open Areas by Completing Quest Parts

Quest Areas Unlocked Date
An Invitation from Afar • Silver Bottle Courtyard
• Overgrown Valley
Mirage Paradise in Crisis! • Pavilion of Hermits 07/07/2023
Dreams and First Encounters! • Thinker's Theater 07/09/2023

Upon getting to the region, you can only explore the first area, Silver Bottle Courtyard. Progressing throught the main event quest will unlock the rest of the areas, but they are time-gated.

Server Reset Times and Timezones

All Veluriyam Mirage Quests

Main Quests in Veluriyam Mirage

Main Quests
An Invitation From Afar! Mirage Paradise in Crisis! Dreams and First Encounters!

Three main quests are required to open the rest of the Veluriyam Mirage. Each of them have at least one sub quest, which details the story of Idyia and the lochfolk in the area.

World Quests in Veluriyam Mirage

World Quests
A Starry Night, as Remembered Capturing Light and Shadow Daiya's Three-Day Reverie
Petrifying Gaze Returning Curios Skycastle Saviors
The Black Nacre and the All-Devouring Kraken

There are three standalone quests and one minor quest chain in the map. The Daiya's Three-Day Reverie chain also contains three sub quests, all unlocked in the very last region.

Veluriyam Mirage Travel Guide

Secret Summer Paradise Event

Genshin - Secret Summer Paradise Event Details

Secret Summer Paradise is the Version 3.8 Flagship event set in the Veluriyam Mirage map. The event has four minigames, all of which you can earn different prizes such as Primogems, Mora, and more!

Secret Summer Paradise Event Guide

Spino Blaster

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage Map - Spino Blaster Minigame

The Spino Blaster Minigame is a canon minigame where travelers can shoot Target Balls with Hydro Bullets fired using the Crococannon. Each Target Balls trigger different effects when hit, that could either make or break your combo so better watch out!

Spino Blaster Event Guide

Sojourns of the Barking Fox

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage Map - Sojourns of the Barking Fox

Collect Adventure Coins while maneuvering the Barking Fox within the time limit in this minigame! Take note there are Disruptor Orbs in each course that emit Disruption Waves, which can decrease your score and the time-left, so stay away from them!

Sojourns of the Barking Fox Event Guide

Dance of Flashing Thought

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage Map - Dance of Flashing Thought
Dance of Flashing Thought is a combat minigame where you're tasked to defeat enemy mobs within a time-limit to collect enough Honed Will to obtain the Honed Focus buff!

Honed Focus provides different effects that can help you defeat more enemies more efficiently and effectively!

Dance of Flashing Thought Event Guide

Bing-Bang Finchball

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage Map - Bing-Bang Finchball
Bing-Bang Finchball is a tabletop minigame where you will launch Finchballs into the high-scoring zones of the game! Each zone corresponds to a fixed number of points, namely 4 points for the Red Zone, 2 for the Yellow Zone, and 1 point for the Blue Zone!

Bing-Bang Finchball Event Guide

Veluriyam Mirage Items

Joyeux Vouchers

Genshin - Joyeux Voucher - Voucher Box

Joyeux Vouchers are limited items exclusive to Veluriyam Mirage which can be exchanged for rewards such as Kaeya's new skin, Sailwind Shadow. You can complete some challenges and collect Voucher Boxes, which are floating in the map, to collect them!

How to Get Kaeya Skin for Free in 3.8

Flowing and Felicitous Joyspar

Genshin - How to Use Flowing Joyspar and Felicitous Joyspar
As you gain more Joyeux Vouchers, you can get gadgets that can help you find the remaining vouchers on the map! Flowing Joyspar can show the sources of the vouchers within an AoE and the Felicitous Joyspar can show all the remaining vouchers.

Flowing and Felicitous Joyspar Gadget Guide

Veluriyam Mirage Puzzles

Preprint Worlds and Streaming Projectors

Preprints are two-dimensional images scattered across the Bottleland which can be operated with, using the Streaming Projectors.

The contents within the Preprint Worlds can be moved around and changed by interacting with external objects outside the world!

How to Solve Preprints

Choo-Choo Carts and Stations

Genshin Impact Veluriyam Mirage Map Guide - Choo-Choo Carts
Choo-Choo Carts are vehicles created by Klee in Bottleland which the Traveler can use to move around the map easily! You can board these carts in various Choo-Choo Cart Stations located within the Veluriyam Mirage map!

How to Use the Choo-Choo Cart

Destroy Bloatty Floatties While Riding Choo-Choo Carts

The Choo-Choo Cart can be used not just for transportation, but also to participate in an open-world mini-game. Ride the Choo-Choo cart and smash Bloatty Floatties along the path until you reach your destination!

Gleaming Lamp Puzzles

Genshin Impact How to Solve Gleaming Lamps - Illuminating Mechanism in Bottleland

Gleaming Lamps are lighting puzzles where you must match the light of the lamp's beam with the lamp gem to activate it and get the rewards!

Gleaming Lamp Locations and Solutions

Hydro Eidolons (Bubble) Puzzles

Genshin - Hydro Eidolons

Interact with the bubble-like beings called the ''Hydro Eidolons'' so they can aid you with puzzles, play hide-and-seek with you, and lead you towards a chests!

Hydro Eidolon (Bubble) Puzzle Guide

Hydro Monument Puzzles

Genshin Impact - Hydro Monument Puzzle Locations Guide

There are various Hydro Monuments in the Veluriyam Map, solve them to get rewards!

Hydro Monument Puzzle Locations

Time Trial Puzzles

Genshin Impact - Time Trial Puzzle Locations in Veluriyam Mirage

Time Trial Puzzles in the form of collecting particles are scattered across the Veluriyam Map. Completing them will get you rewards and vouchers!

Veluriyam Mirage Time Trial Puzzles

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Veluriyam Mirage Events

Events in Veluriyam Mirage
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Veluriyam Mirage Items

Items in Veluriyam Mirage
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Veluriyam Mirage Quests

Secret Summer Paradise Quests
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Veluriyam Mirage Puzzles

Puzzles in Veluriyam Mirage
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All Genshin Impact Events

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when you open the map, there will be a few lines of text in the bottom right corner, listing the area and its exploration progress. if you click on the text, a menu listing all nations (and current maps) will pop up. just click the veluriyam mirage from there :)

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How do I get back to this area if I hae telepprted out?

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