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Nymph's Dream Artifact Set Effects and Best Characters

Genshin Impact Nymph

Nymph's Dream is an Artifact Set for Genshin Impact 3.6. See its set bonus, recommended characters, location, and all known info about it here!

Nymph's Dream Set Bonus

Nymph's Dream Artifact Set

Set Set Bonus
NymphNymph's Dream 2-Piece: Hydro DMG bonus +15%
4-Piece: After Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts hit opponents, 1 stack of Mirrored Nymph will be triggered, lasting 8s. When under the effect of 1, 2, or 3 or more Mirrored Nymph Stacks, ATK will be increased by 7%/16%/25%, and Hydro DMG bonus will be increased by 4%/9%/15%. Mirrored Nymph stacks created by Normal, Charged, and Plunging Attacks, Elemental Skills, and Elemental Bursts exist independently.

Nymph's Dream Rating

Rank Genshin - S Rank Icon

Nymph's Dream is Great for Tartaglia

Nymph's Dream is slightly better compared to the Heart of Depth. However, keep in mind that this only applies if both Artifacts are compared with equal Sub-Stats. Some players may find it to be not worth the Resin grind just for marginally better damage.

Nymph's Dream is Good for Ayato in Certain Cases

Nypmh's Dream performing better than the Heart of Depth for Ayato highly depends on whether or not his watery illusion from his Elemental Skill hits an opponent. The water illusion will help provide the final stack needed to maximize the effect of Nymph's Dreams.

Nypmh's Dream also performs slightly worse than Heart of Depth for Ayato if he is receiving multiple damage buffs such as from Bennett or Yun Jin's Elemental Bursts.

Not the Best Substitute for Heart of Depth

The only time that Nymph's Dream outperforms Heart of Depth is when a character using it can maintain the 8 second buff it requires. There are currently not a lot of Hydro characters who can do this, making the artifact not an efficient way to burn Resin.

Nymph's Dream Recommended Characters

Best Characters for Nymph's Dream

Tartaglia Image Tartaglia • Tartaglia can fully utilize the 4-piece effect of Nymph's Dream through his Normal Attack, Charged Attack, and Elemental Skill.
• Tartaglia's Hydro infusion and Mirrored Nymph's duration synergize well for maximized effect.
Ayato Image Ayato • Great for Ayato in Teams where he cannot get multiple damage buffs from supports.
• Requires Ayato's Illusion from activating his Elemental Skill to hit an enemy in order to get the 3 stack effect.

How to Get Nymph's Dream

Nymph's Dream Domain

Molten Iron Fortress

Nymph's Dream can be farmed in the Molten Iron Fortress Domain that's found between the Desert of Hadramaveth and Gavireh Lajavard.

Nymph's Dream Info

Nymph's Dream Set

}Fell Dragon Fell Dragon's Monocle }Heroe Heroe's Tea Party }Nymph Nymph's Constancy
}Wicked Mage Wicked Mage's Plumule }Odyssean Flower Odyssean Flower

Nymph's Dream Stats

Pieces Main Stats
Genshin Artifacts - Nymph Odyssean Flower Image Odyssean Flower HP
Genshin Artifacts - Nymph Wicked Mage Wicked Mage's Plumule ATK
Genshin Artifacts - Nymph Nymph Nymph's Constancy HP%
Energy Recharge%
Elemental Mastery
Genshin Artifacts - Nymph Heroe Heroe's Tea Party HP%
Physical DMG Bonus%
Elemental DMG Bonus%
Elemental Mastery
Genshin Artifacts - Nymph Fell Dragon Fell Dragon's Monocle HP%
Healing Bonus%
CRIT Rate%
Elemental Mastery

List of Bonus Stats

CRIT DMG Elemental Mastery
Energy Recharge

Effects with a * can both be a set value and a percentage. For Example: ATK +10, ATK+10%

You can get a maximum of 4 bonus substats on any individual artifact piece by enhancing it. The bonus stats you get will be random and will not include the artifact's main stat.

Once a 5-star artifact has 4 substats, every 4 levels of enhancement will upgrade one of the available substats randomly. You can get a total of 4-5 substat upgrades.

Nymph's Dream Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 3.6
Genshin Impact - Version 3.6 A Parade of Providence
Release Date April 12, 2023

Nymph's Dream was released on April 12, 2023 during Verison 3.6 of Genshin Impact.

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