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Genshin Impact - Archon Quests and Story Walkthrough

This is a List of all Archon Quests so far in Genshin Impact. Check the information below to find out the list of chapters, guides of each Archon Quest, and how to quickly make your way through the story.

Prologue Story Walkthrough

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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Act 1 Act 2 Act 3

Act 1: The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Walkthrough

Genshin - Prologue Act 1 Story Walkthrough

1 Choose your Main Character.
2 Follow Paimon to the Statue of the Seven. This will act as the tutorial for the basic controls.
3 Learn to use Elemental Burst and Elemental Skill, and defeat the Slime.
4 Head to the marker in the heart of the forest.
5 Pick up the Crimson Crystal then continue towards Mondstadt.
6 Meet Amber a Knight from Mondstadt.
7 Meet Amber, a Knight from Mondstadt and have her join your party.
8 Clear out the nearby Hilichurl camp.
9 Cross the bridge and enter Mondstadt.
10 Head to the location Amber marked at the top of the city.
11 Receive a Wind Glider from Amber. Use it to get down to the fountain where Amber is waiting..
12 Fight Stormterror, the dragon that you encountered earlier.
13 Head to the Knight of Favonius headquarters.
14 Meet with Kaeya, Jean, and Lisa, some of the characters involved with the Knights of Favonius.
15 Meet with Amber at the Temple of the Falcon. Enter the temple and break the stone at the peak of the temple.
16 Meet with Kaeya outside the Temple of the Wolf. Enter the temple and look for the stone at the top and break it.
17 Meet Lisa at the Temple of the Lion. Enter the temple and beat it by destorying the stone at the peak.

The Outlander Who Caught the Wind Walkthrough

Choose your Main Character

Choose Your Character!

At the beginning of the game, you will be asked to choose between two of the Traveler twins to choose from. This will only affect the looks and gender of your main character and will not affect the gameplay.

Which Main Character to Choose

Learn the Basic Controls and Battle System

Genshin - Amber Ranged Attack
This chapter is basically the tutorial for the basics and battle system of the game. You will learn all the basics, like movement and menus, but you will also learn more advanced things like the combat system's Elemental effects.

Gameplay and Battle System

Try Your Luck with Wishes (Gacha)

Rolling Noelle Gacha
After reaching Adventure Rank 5 and talking to Jean at the Headquarters, you will be able to make Wishes (Gacha). If you only do the story quests only, you will get that rank at the same moment you unlock it. Try your luck at the different types of Wishes!

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Epitome Invocation.jpgHow to Reroll Wanderlust Invocation.jpgReroll Tier List

Act 2: For a Tomorrow Without Tears Walkthrough

Genshin - Prologue Act 2 Story Walktthrough

1 Head back to Mondstadt and meet up with Jean after you have reached Adventure Rank 10.
2 Go and meet with Jean at the Knight's of Favonius headquarters.
3 After leaving the headquarters you will need to chase down the green guy you saw speaking to Stormterror.
4 Head to the big tree behind the Statue of the Seven in Windrise to meet with Venti and learn more about Dvalin, Stormterror's real name.
5 Meet with Venti back in Mondstadt at the cathedral.
6 His plan fails and you are going to have to try and steal the Holy Lyre at night (18:00-06:00).
7 Escape the guards by hiding in Diluc's tavern. Here you will be introduced to Diluc.
4 Leave the tavern and return when it is closed (0:00-6:00).
5 Head to the Fatui hideout out and go inside to Retrieve the Holy Lyre der Himmel.
6 head back to Dliuc's tavern with the Holy Lyre. .
7 Head to the Thousand Winds Temple and defeat the Ruin Guard to obtain a Teardrop Crystal
8 Head to Dadaupa Gorge and defeat the enemies to open the chest to obtain another Teardrop Crystal.
9 Go to the Ruins in the Woods and complete the Hidden Teardrop in the Heart of the Jungle Domain for the final Teardrop Crystal..
10 head to Dawn Winery and speak with Jean there..
11 Head to Starsnatch Cliff.

For a Tomorrow Without Tears

Prepare for Boss Fights

Genshin - Eye of the Storm Fight
There are going to be boss enemies you are going to have to defeat in order to complete your objectives. These boss type enemies are going to be tougher and stronger than the regular enemies. You will want to have your characters and equipment leveled up to have the best chance against the bosses.

Character Progression Guides
Leveling Guide Best Characters to Level Up Early

Act 3: Song of the Dragon and Freedom Walkthrough

Genshin - Prologue Act 3 Story Story Walkthrough

1 Head to Dawn Winery and speak to Diluc.
2 Head to the marked area and defeat the Abyss Mage that awaits you there.
3 Travel to the area marked as the entrance into Stormterror's Lair.
4 Defeat the Hilichurls that attack.
5 Continue into Stormterror's Lair. Use the wind currents to get into Dvalin's tower.
6 Break the seal found at the top of the tower.
7 Find and break the 3 other seals scattered around in Stormterror's Lair.
8 Head back to the top of the tower.
9 Pass through the seal and start the Storming Terror Domain.
10 Beat Stormterror in a sky battle and then in a ground battle.
11 Speak to some of the residents of Mondstadt. Speak to Cyrus, Nimrod and Grace.
12 Head to shop Good Hunter. After speaking to Kaeya, sit down and have a meal with Amber.
13 Go to the Cathedral and meet Jean and Venti there.
14 Meet with Venti at the tree behind the Statue of the Seven in Windrise.

Song of the Dragon and Freedom

Move Platforms During the Battle

Genshin - Stormterror Battle

During the ground battle against Stormterror, avoid standing on the glowing platforms. You will receive Anemo damage constantly while standing on those platforms. Use the Wind Currents on the sides to move from platform to platform.

Stormterror Strategy Guide

Chapter 1 Story Walkthrough

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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Act 1 Act 2 Act 3
Act 4 Prelude Act 4

Act 1: Of the Land Amidst Monoliths Walkthrough

Genshin - Chapter 1 Act 1 Story Walkthrough

1 Travel to Liyue Harbor.
2 Speak to 3 of the locals. You will need to talk to Guanhai, Bolai, and Linlang.
3 Head to Yujing Terrace and place incence in the 2 censer.
4 Join the crowd to watch Ningguang.
5 Escape the Millelith. Get to the objective marker without being caught by avoiding their line of sight.
6 Meet with with Childe in front of Northland Bank and speak to him.
7 Travel to Jueyun Karst and meet the adepti there.
8 Defeat 20 of the Milelith that arrive.
9 Find and speak to the 3 adepti.
10 After finding all 3 adepti above, head back to Liyue Harbor and speak to Childe.

Of the Land Amidst Monoliths

Meet the Adepti in any Order

After meeting Mooncarver you will have to find and meet with the other 3 adepti. The order you meet them will not matter, so you can meet them in any order you like.

Act 2: Farewell, the Archaic Lord Walkthrough

Genshin - Chapter 1 Act 2 Story Walkthrough

1 Wait till the next day for the quest to continue, then head to Liyue Harbor and talk to the bank staff there.
2 Find Childe in Liyue and meet with Zhongli.
3 Go to the southern part of Liyue Harbor and buy Noctilus Jade from the merchant there.
4 After receiving the samples of Noctilucous Jade, head to Dadaupa Gorge to find the giant pot.
5 Defeat the Hilichurls surrounding the pot and walk over to it to use it.
6 Return to Liyue Harbor and speak to the merchant Shitou again.
7 Head to Yujing Terrace and place the Noctilus Jade in the marked spot.
8 Head to the port to find the flower merchant and speak to him to buy the Silk Flowers.
9 Speak with Lan at the Adventurer's Guild desk. Then speak to Qiming, and then Ying'er
10 Meet with Ying'er at the nearby restaurant.
11 Bring her the needed ingredients to make the perfumes.
12 After obtaining the perfumes, head to the Statue of the Seven and speak to Zhongli there.
13 Meet with Madame Ping back at Liyue Harbor
14 Touch her teapot and find the Cleasing Bell inside.
15 Bring the perfume and Cleansing Bell to Zhongling in Yujing Terrrace.
16 Purchase a kite from Granny Shan.
17 Find and speak to 3 workers who can get you materials for a price.
18 Speak to Childe.
19 Travel to Bubu Pharmacy and speak to Qiqi there.
20 Find the Guizhong Ballista in the marked area along Mt. Tianheng and repair it.
21 Defeat the attacking Treasure Hoarders.
22 Head back to the pharmacy and talk to Qiqi again.
23 Go back to Yujing Terrace and speak to Zhongli to place the Everlasting Incense .
24 Wait until 18:00-23:00 and meet with Zhongli at the restaurant.

Farewell, the Archaic Lord

Get in Through the Window

Genshin - Enter Through Window

The supply room where the parts you will need to fix the baillista is located is locked. The only way in is through the window you can find at the top. From the platform of the ballista, you can glide into the left window of the supply room to get inside.

Act 3: A New Star Approaches

Genshin - A New Star Approaches

1 Go to Mt. Tianheng and follow the marker to a windmill.
2 Use an Anemo skill on the windmill.
3 Head to Guizhong Ballista and defeat 3 waves of Millelith.
4 Follow the markers to find ingredients.
5 Defeat a Hydro Slime for the first ingredient.
6 While looking for the second ingredient, defeat the Treasure Hoarders and get the key to rescue the man inside the cage.
7 The second ingredient is in one of the pots of Sweet Flower.
8 Go to Minxing Jewelry in Liyue Harbor to pick up the last ingredient.
9 Follow the marker and talk to the guide to go to the Jade Chamber.
10 Go inside the Jade Chamber and talk to Ningguang again.
11 Interact with the board in Ningguang's chamber.
12 Teleport near the Sea of Clouds Statue of the Seven and follow the marker.
13 Defeat the Fatui Skirmisher and investigate what they were researching.
14 Teleport near Luhua Pool and go to Dihua Marsh to meet up with Zhongli.
15 Go to the marked area of the map to find some Glaze Lilies. Defeat the 3 Cryo Whopperflowers that appear.
16 Head to the entrance of Liyue Harbor marked on the map then talk to the Fatui agent.
17 Go to the Golden House, enter, and examine Exuvia.
18 Fight and defeat Childe.
19 After defeating Childe, protect the Adepti and hold off Osial (Overlord of the Vortex).

A New Star Approaches

Act 4 (Prelude): Bough Keeper: Dainsleif

Genshin - Bough Keeper Dainsleif

1 Go to Mondstadt and talk to Katheryne.
2 Talk to Lawrence by the Mondstadt gate.
3 Go to Angel’s Share and talk to Charles, then go to the second floor and sit by the railing above the bar.
4 Go back down to talk to Dainsleif and answer his questions.
5 Teleport to the Temple of the Falcon and talk to Dainsleif and clear the domain.
6 Go to Wolvendom to talk to Dainsleif, look around for clues, and defeat monsters.
7 Head to the marked area and defeat all opponents.
8 Finally, talk to Dainsleif and follow him, then examine the dandelion.

Bough Keeper: Dainsleif

Act 4: We Will Be Reunited

Genshin - We Will Be Reunited

1 Go to the Adventurers' Guild in Liyue and talk to Ganyu.
2 Head to the ruins near Mt. Aozang.
3 Clear the domain and Defeat the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents.
4 Once the domain is cleared, Head to the Markers and Defeat the Abyss Order in a total of three times.
5 Teleport to Mondstadt and head over to the Favonius Cathedral talk to Barbara. And then head outside to Talk to Dainsleif.
6 Teleport to Wolvendom and Defeat the Abyss Order again.
7 Head to the Boreas Area and Defeat the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents once more.
8 Teleport back to Wolvendom and Talk to Dainsleif.
9 Head to the ruins again and Defeat the Abyss Herald: Wicked Torrents one last time.

We Will Be Reunited

Chapter 2 Story Walkthrough

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Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2
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Prologue Act 1 Act 2

Prologue: Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

Genshin Impact - Archon Quest - Chapter 2 Prologue

1 Admire the view outside Liyue Harbor and talk to Paimon.
2 Head to the docks and talk to Atsuko.
3 Go to the Alcor and speak with Captain Beidou.
4 Go to the tournament grounds and size up your competition.
5 Talk to Zhuhan and fight your first opponent.
6 Talk to Kazuha and Beidou, then talk to Zhuhan again to begin your next fight.
7 Ask around about your final opponent.
8 Follow Kazuha and talk to him, then defeat some Slimes in the area.
9 Enter the arena then investigate the prize box.
10 Follow the markers and ride the wind currents to get to the next island.
11 Defeat the Treasure Hoarders blocking your way, then continue along the path and defeat the other Treasure Hoarder.
12 Talk to Kazuha and return to the arena at Guyun Stone Forest.

Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves

Act 1: The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia

Genshin Impact - A Flower Blooms in a Prison

1 Talk to Katheryne at the Liyue Adventurer's Guild, then board the Alcor and talk to Beidou.
2 Talk to Kageyama at the Border Checkpoint.
3 Talk to Yurika at the Outlander Affairs Agency to process your application.
4 Talk to Kurisu, the president of the International Trade Association then look for someone selling Crystal Marrow.
5 Ask Thoma for some intel, then head back to Werner and give him a Local Specialty from Mondstadt and Liyue.
6 Follow Keijirou without being spotted and dig at the suspicious spot, then head back to the International Trade Association with your findings.
7 Try to leave Ritou.
8 Head to the Kanjou Commissioner's Office and talk to Hiiragi Shinsuke then leave the office.
9 Wait until 18:00 - 24:00 and meet up with Hiiragi Chisato at the marked location.
10 Head to the border and escort the goods to leave Ritou. You will need to defeat enemies that will try to destroy the goods.
11 Go to the Komore Teahouse.
12 Head over to the Statue of the Omnipresent God then make your way to the Kamisato Estate.
13 Go to Konda Village and talk toMahiru and Kenjirou, then talk to Tejima.
14 Investigate the log at Tejima's house and head over to the nearby shrine and use Elemental Sight to follow the trail to a bunch of rocks then talk to Tejima again.
15 Talk to Kurosawa Kyounosuke at Inazuma City.
16 Head to the marked location and defeat the Treasure Hoarders there.
17 Talk to Aoi at the Inazuma General Store, Tsukumomono Groceries then go back Kurosawa and talk to them.
18 Head to the Dojo at the marked area then wait until 18:00 - 24:00 then talk to Junya.
19 Follow the suspicious person up the stairs then talk to them then return to the dojo.
20 Head to Grand Narukami Shrine.
21 Return to the Kamisato Estate and talk to Ayaka.
22 Go to Naganohara Fireworks.
23 Go to the back of the Police Station and use the Secret Passageway Entrance.
24 Go through the domain and find Master Masakatsu then leave the Police Station then head back to Komore Teahouse.

The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia

Act 2: Stillness, Sublimination of Shadow

Genshin Impact - Amidst Stormy Judgement

1 Go to Komore Teahouse.
2 Go to the Vision Hunt Ceremony at the Statue of the Omnipresent God. Get ready for a fight before approaching.
3 Fight against the Raiden Shogun.
4 Go to Tatarasuna and eavesdrop on the two Shogunate Samurai there, then continue on and eavesdrop on the two Inazumans.
5 Head to the front lines and rescue the surrounded resistance soldier then talk to him.
6 Head to the resistance camp and talk to Gorou.
7 Follow Teppei to check on the wounded and give them either an Onikabuto or a Wolfhook.
8 Follow Teppei again and demonstrate archery techniques by shooting the blue targets.
9 Defeat the attacking Shogunate Army squad.
10 Pick up the Plank and Rope in the area and use it to repair the wall defenses.
11 Report back to Gorou then head to the frontlines and meet up with him there.
12 Defeat the Shogunate's forces three times.

Stillness, Sublimination of Shadow

Act 3: Omnipresence Over Mortals

Genshin Impact - La Signora Pyro

1 Go to Fort Fujitou and talk to Teppei.
2 Go to the resistance camp then to the Sangonomiya Shrine.
3 Head to the marked area where Swordfish II is stationed and talk to the members.
4 Head to the next area and defeat the nearby monsters there.
5 Talk to Kokomi at Sangonomiya Shrine.
6 Head to the area and activate the three Monuments by using Electro attacks.
7 Defeat the Thunderhelm Lawachurl that appears.
8 Head back to the Sangonomiya Shrine and talk to Kokomi.
9 Go to the marked area and look for Teppei.
10 Talk to Kokomi.
11 Head to the marked area and look for the Delusion Factory then enter it.
12 Collect three Amulets to open the door and find the person running the factory.
13 Head to the training area and talk to Yae Miko.
14 Interact the mechanism to start the Anti-Raiden Shogun Training.
15 Talk to Yae Miko then intereact with the mechanism again to begin the second part of your training.
16 Go to the Grand Narukami Shrine and talk to Yae Miko.
17 Go to the Chinju Forest and investigate the "???" in the area.
18 Go to Komore Teahouse and talk to Thoma.
19 Head over to Yoimiya and ask for her help.
20 Wait until 00:00 to 05:00 then head over to the marked location and talk to Sayu.
21 Head back to near the statue and set off the fireworks.
22 Use the wind currents to escape and go back to Komore Teahouse to talk to Kamisato Ayaka.
23 Head over to the Grand Narukami Shrine.
24 Follow Kujou Sara to the Tenryou Commission Headquarters
25 Defeat the Commission Guards.
26 Follow Kujou Sara to the Tenshukaku.
27 Approach Signora and talk to her.
28 Defeat Signora.
29 Defeat the Electro Archon.
30 Talk to Yae Miko at Grand Narukami Shrine.

Omnipresence Over Mortals

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