Genshin Impact

How to Add and Play With Friends

Genshin Impact - How to Add and Play With Friends

Looking to play with your friends online in Genshin Impact? Learn how to send a friend request to add friends, how to access the Friend menu, how to play with Friends, and other information in this guide.

How to Add Friends

Add Friends on the Friends Menu

Genshin - Add Players to Friends List - Enter Main Menu
To add friends, enter your menu screen and go to Friends. This menu will have three tabs: My Friends, Add Friends, and Recent Co-Op Players.

Go to the Add Friends Tab

Genshin - Add Players to Friends List - Friend Request List
Add friends by entering their user ID (UID) into the bar above to search.

Send a Friend Request with Add Friend

Genshin - Add Players to Friends List - Add Friends.png
Afterwards, click on Add Friend to send a friend request. If a player and their friend are both friends on the PSN, they will automatically be added as a friend upon starting the game.

How to Play with Friends

Unlock Co-Op Mode to Enter World

Genshin - Multiplayer - Unlock at AR 16
Before you can enter other players' world, you'll need to reach Adventurer Rank 16 and unlock Co-Op Mode. For tips on how to increase your Adventure Rank quicker, check the link below for our guide!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Play with Friends by Requesting an Invite

Genshin - Add Players to Friends List - Select a Friend
On the My Friends tab of the Friends Menu, you can choose to Request to Join to join their world if they are online. You can also enter their Serenitea Pot by clicking on their icon and requesting to enter their Teapot!

Join Random People

Genshin - Add Players to Friends List - Join Other Players

If none of your friends happen to be playing Genshin Impact, simply opening the Co-Op Mode menu will allow you to join random people's games instead.

For more info on how mutliplayer works, check out our guide on the multiplayer mode!

How to Unlock and Play Online Co-Op

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