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This is a story walkthrough guide for Prologue: Act 1 in Genshin Impact. Here you can learn what you need to do in order to progress and what you should be doing during Act 1.

Prologue: Act 1 Story Walkthrough

The Beginning and Heading to Mondstadt

1 Choose your Main Character.
2 Follow Paimon to the Statue of the Seven. This will act as the tutorial for the basic controls.
3 Learn to use Elemental Powers and defeat the Slime.
4 Head to the heart of the forest.
5 Pick up the Crimson Crystal then continue towards Mondstadt.
6 Meet Amber a Knight from Mondstadt.
7 Meet Amber, a Knight from Mondstadt and have her join your party.
8 Clear out the nearby hilichurl camp.
9 Meet with Lynn in front of the bridge to Mondstadt and learn to cook from her.
10 Cross the bridge and enter Mondstadt.

Choose the Main Character

Choose Your Main Character.jpg
At the start of the game, you will have an option to choose between which of the Traveler Twins would you like to play. This will only affect the gender and appearance of the main character and will not impact the gameplay in any way.

Which Main Character to Choose

Find Teleport Waypoints

A Statue of the Seven.jpg
Right after you first gain control you will already be able to activate Waypoints to fast travel to. These can be used anytime as long as you are not in a Domain or combat.

Teleport Waypoints List

Learn Cooking from Lynn

Cooked Dish.jpg
On the way to Mondstadt you will have to cross a bridge, and right before the bridge is Lynn. You can learn the basics of cooking from Lynn. Cooking can turn simple food items that heal into meals that can heal and buff your characters.

Cooking Guide

Exploring Mondstadt

1 Head to the location Amber marked at the top of the city.
2 Receive a Wind Glider from Amber. Use it to get down to the fountain where Amber is waiting..
3 Fight the Dragon Stormterror.
4 Head to the Knight of Favonius headquarters.
5 Meet some of the characters involved with the Knights like Kaeya, Jean, and Lisa..

Try Making a Wish (Gacha)

Beginner Gacha Screen.jpg
After speaking to Kaeya, Jean, and Lisa at the Knight's headquarters, you should be hitting Adventure Rank 5 if you have not already. This will unlock Wishes for you, allowing you to roll gacha. There are different type of Wishes to roll from, so take your pick and goodluck!

Gacha-related Articles
BeginnerBest Wish to Pull Ballad in Goblets.jpgGacha Pull Rates
Epitome Invocation.jpgHow to Reroll Wanderlust Invocation.jpgReroll Tier List

Talk to the Blacksmith

Speak to the Blacksmith.jpg
Before tackling any of the temples, it is a good idea to head to the Blacksmith for upgrades. Here you can trade ores and other materials for crafting new weapons or for Enhancement Ores to upgrade your current weapons.

Completing the Three Temples

1 Meet with Amber at the Temple of the Falcon. Enter the temple and break the stone at the peak of the temple.
2 Meet with Kaeya outside the Temple of the Wolf. Enter the temple and look for the stone at the top and break it.
3 Meet Lisa at the Temple of the Lion. Enter the temple and beat it by destorying the stone at the peak..

Explore and Complete the Temples in any Order

Lisa Outside Temple of Lion.jpg
The temples that need to be completed can be done in any order. So do not worry about which one to headfirst and explore the surrounding area first if you want to!

Learn More About Pyro, Cryo, and Electro

Burning Obstacles Amber.jpg
The three temples are going to introduce you and expand on the Pyro, Cryo, and Electro elements. Each temple will show you their uses inside and outside of combat.

Speak to Katheryne after Completing all 3 Temples

Speak to Katheryn.jpg
After completing the three Temples, it is a great idea to talk to Katheryne, the receptionist of the Adventurer's Guild. You will be able to claim your Adventurer Rank rewards from her. You will also receive the Adventurer handbook from her. It will list the Adventurer Ranks and their rewards.

What Should You Do During Act 1

Get to Adventure Rank 10

The next Act in the prologue has an Adventure Rank requirement of 10. This will not allow you to head to the next Prologue Act right away if you do not meet the required Adventure Rank. You can try and get to rank 10 before or after completing the Activity. There are different ways of increasing your Adventure Rank.

Ways to Increase your Rank

Ways to Increase Rank
  • Opening Treasure Chests
  • Unlocking Warp Points
  • Clearing Dungeons
  • Quest Achievement Rewards (Story Quests and Dailies)
  • Reward for Unexplored Discoveries
  • Defeating Bosses
  • Gaining Adventure Rank rewards

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

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