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This is a guide to making the best party in Genshin Impact. Learn how to make the best party! We introduce the best party composition for each task including exploring areas, slaying field bosses, and more!

Looking for the best character list? See our guide below!

Character Tier List | Best Characters

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Best Party Compositions

Best Balanced Party

Keqing ImageKeqing Diluc ImageDiluc Venti ImageVenti Qiqi ImageQiqi
Composition Strengths
・Keqings abilities makes traversing the map way easier.
・Diluc and Venti makes hunting fishes easy.
・Qiqi's Elemental Burst allows the team to heal themselves.

Team's Strengths is Useful For all Situations

Every character has gimmicks that can be used for a wide variety of situations. Not only are they gimmicky, they can also hold off their own during tough dungeons.

They are all however, 5 star characters so they are hard to acquire but this is the team that you'll want to aim to have.

List of All 5-Star Characters

Free to Play Party

Xiangling ImageXiangling Lisa ImageLisa Noelle ImageNoelle Barbara ImageBarbara
Composition Strengths
・Xiangling's Skills partnered with Lisa's Charge Attack is strong.
・Barbara and Noelle can keep everyone's HP up.

★Story Becomes Easy to Clear

Lisa and Xianglings combo can make extremely high damage and Noelle with Barbara's heal allows you to play extremely aggressiveley (thanks to their healing).

However, this party does not have an Ice character so you might need to swap in an Ice character (Kaeya) to cross waters.

Replacable Party Members

Replacable Characters Replacement Option
Noelle ImageNoelle
Barbara ImageBarbara
Traveler (Anemo) ImageTraveler (Anemo)
  • Adding the protagonist increases speed in hunting weaker enemies.
  • Constellations are easy to unlock making it a character that requires little investment to be useful.
  • Increases team's offensive capability

  • disadvantages
  • Less healing makes it a more vulnerable team.
  • Best Party For Hunting Field Bosses

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    Anemo Hypostasis.PNGAnemo Hypostasis Electro Hypostasis.PNGElectro Hypostasis Geo Hypostasis.PNGGeo Hypostasis
    Oceanid.pngOceanid Cryo Regisvine.pngCryo Regisvine Pyro Regisvine.pngPyro Regisvine

    Anemo Hypostasis Recommended Characters

    Anemo Hypostasis.png

    Diluc ImageDiluc Fischl ImageFischl Mona ImageMona Qiqi ImageQiqi
    Chosen Character's Focus
  • Focuses on high damage output.
  • Also made to utilize elemental reactions.
  • Anemo Hypostasis is a faily easy boss once its patterns have been figured out. Focusing on high firepower allows you to end the fight faster which is the main trouble of this fight since Hypostasis type bosses hides their core which makes the battle extremely lengthy than it needs to.

    Anemo Hypostasis Weakness and Strategy Guide

    Electro Hypostasis Recommended Characters

    Diluc ImageDiluc Qiqi ImageQiqi Mona ImageMona Xiangling ImageXiangling
    Chosen Character's Focus
  • Characters that have skills that hut multiple times.
  • Increased damage from flame elemental resonance.
  • Easy elemental reactions due to DOT(damage over time) skills.
  • Characters that can cause elemental reactions are highly recommended against fighting Electro Hypostasis. This is even more important when playing multiplayer. Skills that deals multiple hits are also valuable, which is why Qiqi and Xiangling are highly recommended against Electro Hypostasis.

    Electro Hypostasis Weakness and Strategy Guide

    Geo Hypostasis Recommended Characters

    Diluc ImageDiluc Chongyun ImageChongyun Razor ImageRazor Keqing ImageKeqing
    Chosen Character's Focus
  • Two-handed weapons are a must!
  • Increased damage from flame elemental resonance.
  • Attacks are stopped by rocks when using one handed weapons.
  • During the battle with Geo Hypostasis, rocks will be summoned to prevent you from attacking him. These rocks can easily be destroyed by two-handed weapons. Focus on having two-handed weapons for your roster when hunting Geo Hypostasis.

    Geo Hypostasis Weakness and Strategy Guide

    Oceanid Recommended Characters


    Fischl ImageFischl Keqing ImageKeqing Diluc ImageDiluc Qiqi ImageQiqi
    Chosen Character's Focus
  • Can easily eliminate enemies with Lightning
  • Qiqi's healing and Freezing is incredibly good for this fight.
  • Cryo Regisvine Recommended Characters

    cryo regisvine.jpg

    Diluc ImageDiluc Xiangling ImageXiangling Fischl ImageFischl Jean ImageJean
    Chosen Character's Focus
  • Skills that deal damage overtime + Diluc's High firepower easily obliterates Cryo Regisvine
  • Jean's Healing is great for the party. Can easily be replaced by other healer characters.
  • The Summoned Familiar's Combo Ensures High Damage

    The elemental reaction from Xiangling's Guoba and Fischl's Oz allows you to deal massive damage without even lifting a finger. Couple that with Diluc's massive damage and Cryoregisvine dies before it can even know what happens.

    Pyro Reisvine Recommended Characters

    pyro regisvine.jpg

    Mona ImageMona Keqing ImageKeqing Fischl ImageFischl Qiqi ImageQiqi
    Chosen Character's Focus
  • Easily stun Pyro Regisvine with Mona and Fischl's combo.
  • Qiqi's healing and ice element is great for both healing and damaging due to the elemental reaction combo.
  • Aim to Burst Pyro Regisvine After One Down

    Similar to Cryo Regisvine, use elemental reactoins to quickly take Pyro Regisvine down. With a properly leveled team, Pyro Regisvine might not even be able to resume it's fighting stance after one down with this team comp.

    Best Party For Domains

    Venti ImageVenti Xiangling ImageXiangling Lisa ImageLisa Free Slot
    Composition's Strength
    ・The combo of these three characters allows your party to lay waste to a huge group of enemies. Knock them with Venti's wind, while Xiangling's pet burns the air and Lisa uses lightning to demolish the enemy.

    Clear Domains Extremely Fast

    We highly recommend this party for exploring domains and hunting small enemy camps due to the sheer speed they have in eliminating them. For the last character, we suggest putting a fire character for increased damage or the protagonist for added mobility.

    What is Elemental Resonance?

    Best Party For Exploring

    Venti ImageVenti Mona ImageMona Jean ImageJean Diluc ImageDiluc
    Composition's Strength
    Mona allows easy traversal in water, Venti allows you to reach higher grounds and together with Jean, also reduces stamina consumption for everyone. Diluc can easily break ores and can light torches, even far ones due to Venti's ability to reach higher areas.

    Perfect Team for Mobility

    As discussed above, Keqing's skill allows you to move around the map rather easily. But what makes this team great for exploring is the elemental resonance obtained from two wind characters. In addition, it also lowers Kaeya's ice skill which allows you to traverse water faster.

    Replacable Party Members

    Replacable Characters - Replacement Option Tradeoff
    Mona ImageMona -> Kaeya ImageKaeya Kaeya's freezing skills can also freeze water but has a longer cooldown.
    Jean ImageJean -> Traveler (Anemo) ImageTraveler (Anemo) The Anemo protagonist can carry him/herself in terms of abilities so if Jean is not available, not much is lost.

    Points to Consider When Making a Party

    Prioritize Elemental Reaction Combos

    Elemental Reaction.jpg

    Elemental Reaction is the effect that happens when two elemental properties hits the same target. Things like water and ice will freeze the enemy, wind and fire will cause the wind to burn and other various effects. Combining Elemental Reactions is the ultimate key for team building.

    In particular, Water, Ice, Fire, and Lightning all enhance the damage dealt to enemies so it's wise to center your team around these 4 elements when not much characters are available for you.

    Example: Set enemies ablaze with Xiangling's skill then use Lisa's thunder on them to cause an overload that deals massive damage to the enemy!

    Elemental Resonance Increases Party's Performance

    Elements 1.jpeg

    Elemental Resonance is a team buff that is applied to the whole party. The effect varies depending on your party's elements so make sure to take your character's elements into consideration.

    This is much more important against boss battles so making a boss focused team is highly recommended.

    Best Elemental Resonance Combos

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    3 Anonymous5 days

    Ningguang has a passive that lets you see ore on the map. Not sure why she isn't listed on here for farming useage

    2 Anonymous6 days

    Hmm yeah kaeya is better than razor at exploring because of his frost elemental that is needed for crossing somethings and has also reduced stamina usage.

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