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How to Use the Gadget Quick Swap Function in 3.7

Genshin Impact - How to Use the Gadget Quick Swap Function in 3.7
Quickly swap between a set of gadgets without opening the inventory in Genshin Impact 3.7. See how to use the Gadget Quick Swap function, and which gadgets you can use it with here!

What is the Gadget Quick Swap?

Gadget Swapping Shortcut in 3.7

Genshin - What is Quickswap
After the Version 3.7 update, players are now able to select up to four gadgets to quickly swap in between, without having to go to your inventory every time!

Version 3.7 Release Date and Patch Notes

How to Use the Gadget Quick Swap

Go to Inventory

Genshin - Open inventory and go to Gadgets
Open your inventory and go to the Gadget tab, where the button for editing the Quickswap Menu is on the bottom left corner.

Select up to Four Gadgets

Genshin - Select up to Four Gadgets to Quickswap

You can select up to four gadgets to put in the Quickswap Menu, one of which will be chosen as the Default Gadget. You must have at least one Gadget selected in the Default position.

Directly Equipping from Inventory Changes the Gadget

Genshin - Directly equipping gadget
If you have four gadgets in your Quickswap Menu, and directly equip a fifth, different gadget from the inventory, it will automatically switch with whatever your Active Gadget is.

List of Gadgets

Press and Hold Gadget Button to Swap

After exiting the inventory, you can press and hold the usual Gadget button to bring up the Quickswap Menu, and select one of the four chosen gadgets to be your Active Gadget!

Which Gadgets Can I Quick Swap?

All Gadgets Available for Quick Swap

Gadgets that can Quickswap
Genshin - Kamera ImageKamera Genshin - Lumenstone Adjuvant ImageLumenstone Adjuvant Genshin - Memento Lens ImageMemento Lens
Genshin - NRE (Menu 30) ImageNRE (Menu 30) Genshin - Omni-Ubiquity Net ImageOmni-Ubiquity Net Genshin - Peculiar Pinion ImagePeculiar Pinion
Genshin - Red Feather Fan  ImageRed Feather Fan Genshin - Seed Dispensary ImageSeed Dispensary Genshin - Sorush ImageSorush
Genshin - Special Kamera ImageSpecial Kamera Genshin - The Boon of the Elder Tree ImageThe Boon of the Elder Tree Genshin - Vintage Lyre ImageVintage Lyre
Genshin - Warming Bottle ImageWarming Bottle Genshin - Wind Catcher ImageWind Catcher Genshin - Wind-Blessed Harpastum ImageWind-Blessed Harpastum
Genshin - Windblume Festival Commemorative Balloon ImageWindblume Festival Commemorative Balloon Genshin - Anemoculus Resonance Stone All Resonance Stones Genshin - Anemo Treasure Compass All Treasure Compasses

Event Gadgets Available for Quick Swap

Certain event gadgets can also be placed in Quick Swap, but this depends on what the gadget and its purpose is.

List of Events and Schedule

Gadgets that Cannot Use Quick Swap

Gadgets that are automatically in use, such as the Fishing Line Stabilizer and Fishing Rods, as well as Gadgets that are placed outside like the Serenitea Pot, cannot be used in Quickswap.

Pets are also not available for Quickswap since they can be equipped regardless of other gadgets.

Gadgets that Cannot Quickswap
Genshin - Adepti SeekerAdepti Seeker's Stove Genshin - Casket of Tomes ImageCasket of Tomes Genshin - Fishing Line Stabilizer ImageFishing Line Stabilizer
Genshin - Jinni in the Magic Bottle - Liloupar ImageJinni in the Magic Bottle - Liloupar Genshin - Launch Tube ImageLaunch Tube Genshin - Parametric Transformer ImageParametric Transformer
Genshin - Portable Waypoint ImagePortable Waypoint Genshin - Serenitea Pot ImageSerenitea Pot Genshin - Waverider Repair Toolbox ImageWaverider Repair Toolbox
Genshin - Endora Oceanid Pet Icon All Pets Genshin - Serendipity Fishing Rod All Fishing Rods

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