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Golden Wolflord Boss Guide

Genshin Impact - Golden Wolflord Boss Guide

The Golden Wolflord is a Field Boss introduced in Version 2.3 of Genshin Impact. Learn about the Golden Wolflord Boss Info, location, how to unlock, recommended team comps, how to beat, attack patterns, item drops, and more in this guide!

Golden Wolflord Boss Information

Adventurer Handbook Information

Golden Wolflord Image
Golden Wolflord
Required Resin 40
Adventurer Handbook Description
A twisted beast from another world.
This creature is the ruler of the Riftwolves, and wields the power to command them to dissolve space itself.
Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

Lord of the Riftwolves

The Golden Wolflord is the ruler of the Rifthounds found in Tsurumi Island. Just like the Rifthounds, it can also apply stacks of Corrosion when it hits your characters.

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Golden Wolflord Location & Unlock

Found at Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

Location Tsurumi Island, Inazuma

The Golden Wolflord is a Field Boss located in Tsurumi Island, which was introduced in Version 2.3!

Tsurumi Island Guide

How to Unlock

Start the Through the Mists Questline

Genshin Impact - All Through the Mists Quest Guides

To get to the Golden Wolflord, you need to unlock Tsurumi Island! It can only be unlocked once you've completed Seirai Stormchasers and began the Through the Mists Quests. Through the Mists start with the Particularly Particular Author quest.

Once you've unlocked the waypoint near the Golden Wolflord, you can simply go back and forth fighitng it without needing to complete the Tsurumi Island Questline.

A Particularly Particular Author

Recommended Team Comps for Golden Wolflord

Recommended Characters for Repeated Runs

Character Merits
Ningguang Image Ningguang • Can smoothly destroy Rifthound Skulls.
• Able to shield against the Golden Beam attack.
• Can deal DMG from afar even when the boss is in the air.
Noelle Image Noelle • Able to destroy Rifthound Skills.
• Can counter corrosion with her healing.
• Able to heal the party while also dealing DMG on the boss.
Kokomi Image Kokomi • Can counter corrosion with her healing.
• Elemental Burst allows her to attack while also healing.
Barbara Image Barbara • Able to counter corrosion with her healing.
• Her Elemental Skill allows characters to heal even while they're attacking, and her Burst can instantly heal all party members.
• At Constellation 6, she can revive a fallen character when she's in the party.
Albedo Image Albedo • Elemental Skill deals Geo DMG and has a short cooldown.
• Able to effectively destroy Rifthound Skulls.

Use Geo Characters and Healers

During the fight, Geo characters and Healers are important. You need Geo to break the Rifthound Skulls faster, and you need healers to counter the corrosion stacks the boss will inflict on your characters!

Recommended Characters by Role

Main DPS
Genshin - Noelle ImageGenshin - Ningguang ImageGenshin - Ganyu ImageGenshin - Ayaka ImageGenshin - Yoimiya ImageGenshin - Kokomi Image
Genshin - Venti ImageGenshin - Fischl ImageGenshin - Xiangling ImageGenshin - Xingqiu ImageGenshin - Albedo ImageGenshin - Raiden Image
Genshin - Jean ImageGenshin - Barbara ImageGenshin - Bennett ImageGenshin - Qiqi ImageGenshin - Zhongli ImageGenshin - Diona ImageGenshin - Sayu Image

Recommended F2P Party

F2P Party for Golden Wolflord
Noelle Image Noelle Kaeya Image Kaeya Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo) Barbara Image Barbara

Defeat the Golden Wolflord in Co-Op Mode

Are you missing specific characters, or have you not built a full party yet? Teaming up with others from our Co-Op boards is a great way to quickly beat the Golden Wolflord and other bosses!

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Genshin - Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board Genshin - Co-Op BoardCo-Op Board

How to Beat the Golden Wolflord

Attack Rifthound Skulls to Bring it Down

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Break Shield

When the Golden Wolflord loses a certain amount of HP (70%-50%), they will summon three Rifthound Skulls and shield themselves. You need to destroy the separated Rifthound Skulls with Geo attacks which will bring the boss down. While the boss is down you can inflict damage until you defeat them!

Rifthound Skull Attacks Cause Corrosion

Genshin - Rifthound Skull Attacks Cause Corrosion

The separated Rifthound Skulls will attack with dark blue energy balls which will cause corrosion. The energy balls will also home on your characters so you need to outrun it and dodge it!

Geo Attacks are More Effective

Genshin - Geo Attacks are More Effective

While you can destroy the Rifthound Skulls with other Elemental attacks, Geo is by far, more effective in destroying the skulls faster.

Golden Wolflord Attack Patterns

All Attack Patterns & How to Avoid Them

Click to jump to an attack pattern!
Golden Beam Golden Tornado Ground Dash
Skull Homing Attack Tail Slam Rifthound Skull Attack
Ground Blast

Golden Beam

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Golden Beam

The Golden Wolflord charges up and fires a large beam. To avoid this, you can dodge at the right timing or go right beside the Golden Wolflord's head while they execute the beam to avoid getting hit! You can also attack while you're beside their head.

Ningguang's Skill Can Block It

Genshin - Ningguang

Ningguang's Jade Screen can block this particular attack giving you a chance to dodge to a safe area.

Golden Tornado

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Golden Tornado

The Golden Wolflord spins around and forms into a tornado and directly follows the characters as they run. Only a few characters can outrun it when it's in full swing.

As soon as you notice the Wolflord spinning around, run to the opposite direction then to the side to counter it!

Ground Dash

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Ground Dash

The Golden Wolflord will land on the ground and swim around the field to charge at characters. To avoid this, you need to get as far as possible away from them. Once it's done, the boss will not move for a short period of time giving you a chance to deal damage!

Rifhound Skull Homing Attack

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Rifthound Skull Homing Attack

The Rifthound Skulls in its golden state will home on the characters and explode upon contact. You need to outrun these until it's not homing on your character.

Tail Slam

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Tail Slam

The Golden Wolflord will slam their tail on the ground and deal DMG to characters. You need to run away from them as soon as you notice they will do this attack pattern.

Shielded State with Blue Rifthound Skulls

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Shielded State with Blue Rifthound Skulls

The Golden Wolflord will enter a shielded state and the Rifthound Skulls will be in a blue state. The skulls go to different sides of the arena to attack the players with dark blue energy balls that will home on your characters.

Destroy the Skulls to Bring Down the Boss

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Destroy the Skulls to Bring Down the Boss

Destroying all three Rifthound Skills will bring down the Golden Wolflord allowing you to deal damage to them.

Ground Blast

Genshin - Golden Wolflord - Ground Blast

The Golden Wolflord will slam into the ground and emerge up, with certain areas on the arena lighting up and blasting any character standing above it. You need to be at the edge of the area when this happens to avoid getting damaged!

Golden Wolflord Drops

Golden Wolflord Material Drops

Drop Level
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Lv. 60+
Lv. 75+
Lv. 30+

Golden Wolflord Artifact Drops

Artifact Set Drops
Traveling Doctor Traveling Doctor Instructor Instructor The Exile The Exile
Gladiator Gladiator's Finale Wanderer Wanderer's Troupe

Characters that Use Golden Wolflord Materials

Genshin Impact - Riftborn Regalia Image Riftborn Regalia
Genshin - Itto ImageGenshin - Yun Jin Image

These characters will need a total of 46 Riftborn Regalia each to reach ascension level 6!

Golden Wolflord Achievements

Possible Golden Wolflord Achievement?

Other Boss enemies usually come with hidden achievements, but there is currently no known Golden Wolflord achievements. Have you gained any achievements from fighting this boss? If so, tell us how in the comments!

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The section for how to reach Golden Wolflord that specifies you need to unlock and complete the island quest chain is no longer correct. You can use a waverider to navigate around the fog barrier all the way to the South tip of the island and unlock the teleport near Wolflord + fight wolflord before clearing the fog.

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