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Genshin Impact - Treasure Chest Guide

Treasure Chests are the primary way to obtain items and loot such as weapons, ascension materials, Mora, and even Primogems in Genshin Impact. Learn more about what rewards chests have, the 4 types of chests, and where to find them here!

Interactive Treasure Chest Maps

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Mondstadt Liyue Inazuma
Dragonspine The Chasm Enkanomiya

Mondstadt Treasure Chest Map

Mondstadt is part of the Initial Release in Version 1.0! For a complete guide on what to find in Mondstadt, check out our map guide:

Mondstadt Map Guide

Liyue Treasure Chest Map

Liyue is part of the Initial Release in Version 1.0! For a complete guide on what to find in Liyue, check out our map guide:

Liyue Map Guide

Dragonspine Treasure Chest Map

Full Dragonspine Map

Dragonspine is a Mondstadt Sub-region released in Version 1.6. For a complete guide on what to find in Dragonspine, check out our interactive map and guide here:

Dragonspine Map Guide

Inazuma Treasure Chest Map

Full Inazuma Map

Inazuma is the third Region in Teyvat released from the start of Version 2.0. For a complete guide on what to find in Inazuma, check out our interactive map and guide here:

Inazuma Map Guide

Enkanomiya Treasure Chest Map

Full Enkanomiya Map

Enkanomiya is a Region beneath Watatsumi Island that was released in Version 2.4. For a complete guide on what to find in Enkanomiya, check out our interactive map and guide here:

Enkanomiya Map Guide

Seals and Key Sigils

Genshin - Enkanomiya - Seals and Key Sigils

Enkanomiya is full of Key Sigils, which you can collect like other Regions' Oculi. Each Key Sigil corresponds to a Seal also found all over Enkanomiya, and unlocking a set of Seals can lead to solving puzzles and getting Treasure Chests!

Seal and Key Sigil Guides
Genshin - Enkanomiya Key SigilsKey Sigil Locations Genshin - Enkanomiya SealsSeals & Puzzle Locations

The Chasm Treasure Chest Map

The Chasm Surface

Full The Chasm Surface Map

The Chasm: Underground Mines

Full The Chasm Underground Mines Map

The Chasm is a Region Southwest of Liyue that has two areas, the Surface and the Underground Mines. For a complete guide on what to find in The Chasm and its areas, check out our our interactive maps and guides here:

The Chasm Map Guides
Genshin - The ChasmThe Chasm Region Guide Genshin - The Chasm SurfaceThe Chasm: Surface Genshin - The Chasm MinesUnderground Mines

Sumeru Treasure Chest Map

Sumeru Desert Treasure Map

The Sumeru Region is West of Liyue, just past the Chasm Mines. It is divided between the Rainforest and Desert areas. Check out our maps and guides on Sumeru's areas here:

Sumeru Map Guides
Genshin - Sumeru Rainforest AreaRainforest Area
Desert Area Maps
Genshin - Sumeru Desert AreaThe Great Red Sand Genshin - Sumeru Rainforest AreaDesert of Hadramaveth
Girdle of the Sands Desert Map Guides
Genshin - Realm of FarakhkertRealm of Farakhkert Genshin - 3.6 Desert Map AreaGavireh Lajavard

What Are Treasure Chests?

Contains Loot and Rewards

Genshin - Treasure Chest

Treasure chests can be found all over Teyvat, whether in the open world or in certain domains. They can be opened to collect rewards like ingredients, weapons, ascension materials, EXP materials, Mora, artifacts, and even some Primogems.

Types of Chest

There are 5 types of chests, with the higher rarity chests containing better loots. These are:

Starting with the highest rarity chests.

Luxurious Chests

Precious Chests

Exquisite Chests

Common Chests

Remarkable Chests

Genshin - Remarkable Chest
Remarkable Chests are a type of chests that can be found on one of Inazuma's islands, the Tsurumi Island and in the Sumeru Region. These chests contain Furnishing and Furnishing Set Blueprints, and only a certain number of these chests spawn per day.

Remarkable Chest Locations

How to Unlock Treasure Chests

Defeat Surrounding Enemies
Destroy Certain Objects
Solve Puzzles
Unlock Shrine of Depths

Some Treasure Chests are locked or hidden, and you will have to finish some kind of challenge or puzzle before you can open them.

You can easily find out how to open them by checking the surroundings (chests surrounded by enemies will most likely open after you defeat all of them).

Use the Treasure Compass to Find Chests

Genshin Impact - Anemo Treasure Compass

If you're having trouble looking for chests, you can forge a Treasure Compass that can show you the nearest treasure chest.

Treasure Compass for Each Region
Genshin - Anemo Treasure CompassAnemo Treasure Compass
Geo Treasure CompassGeo Treasure Compass
Genshin - Electro Treasure CompassElectro Treasure Compass
Genshin - Dendro Treasure CompassDendro Treasure Compass

Treasure Compass for Dragonspine and Enkanomiya

Note that there are no Treasure Compasses for Dragonspine, but the Electro Treasure Compass works in Enkanomiya!

Treasure Compass for The Chasm areas

The Geo Treasure Compass works in both the Underground Mines and the Surface of the Chasm!

Do Treasure Chests Respawn?

Treasure Chests Do Not Respawn

There are various chests in the game and none of them typically 'respawn.' Some Treasure Chests, however, may appear after your World Level increases or after a Version Update.

Do Treasure Chests Reappear?

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