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Welcome to game8's latest ranking for rerolling in Genshin Impact. Here, we list the best results you can get from rerolling as well as a bottom line for a good roll. We also explain the type of Wish you should do each time you reroll, so read on for all the details.

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Reroll Tier List Latest Updates

Klee Available from October 20th

Character Ranking Change
Klee ImageKlee Added to SS Rank
・Only available in limited-time banner
・Can KO groups of regular enemies with wide-range attacks
・Fire + Catalyst makes it easy to set up Elemental Reactions
・Set-and-deploy Elemental Skill allows her to support other characters

Tier List Changes

Character Ranking Change
Venti ImageVenti SS→Unranked
・Limited-time banner has expired
・Currently unavailable in any wish banner

Reroll Tier List Summary

SS Limited Gacha Klee ImageKlee Gacha Only Diluc ImageDiluc Gacha Only Keqing ImageKeqing Gacha Only Qiqi ImageQiqi
S Gacha Only Jean ImageJean Gacha Only Mona ImageMona Gacha Only Fischl ImageFischl Gacha Only Chongyun ImageChongyun
A Gacha Only Ningguang ImageNingguang Gacha Only Razor ImageRazor Gacha Only Xingqiu ImageXingqiu Gacha Only Bennett ImageBennett
B Gacha Only Sucrose ImageSucrose Gacha Only Beidou ImageBeidou Available In-Game Barbara ImageBarbara Available In-Game Xiangling ImageXiangling
N/A Guaranteed Pull Noelle ImageNoelle

Should I Reroll?

Rerolling is Not Recommended

Rerolling in Genshin impact is extremely slow and the rates for the top tier character is low as well. There are characters that you'll be able to obtain just by playing the game so aiming for a great roll is unnecessary.

We don't recommend you spend time rerolling in Genshin Impact as just one attempt takes 30 minutes on a good run, and high rarity characters have a low chance of appearing. With the PS4 version requiring you to make a whole new PSN account we highly recommend you don't reroll on PS4.

That said, the 5-star characters are unarguably stronger than the 4-star characters obtained via normal play. If you're looking for the creme of the crop but want to avoid monetary investment, look no further than our top-speed rerolling guide.

Fastest Way to Reroll

Gacha (Wish) Banner Recommendations

If you're interested in rerolling, check out the Wish banners below as your first options. Be sure to consider which character you're interested in drawing when choosing your Wish.

Best Wish to Pull

Get the Beginner's Wish First!


One of the current banners, Beginner's Wish, will net you 4★: Noelle from your first 10 pull. On top of that, there is a sale that takes 20% off the cost of Acquaint Fates, making this the best choice for drawing. This banner is limited to 20 pulls, however, so once you pull 20 times it will disappear forever.

Go for Sparkling Steps Next

Klee Banner Sparkling Steps.jpg

Once you've run out of pulls on Beginner's Wish and it goes away, you should put all of your currency into Sparkling Steps next to try and get some 5★ characters. This banner is the only way currently available to obtain the 5★: Klee, who we ranked as an S-Rank Character on our strongest character Tier List, so if you're looking for someone to reroll for, she's the one!

Character Tier List | Best Characters

Full Reroll Tier List

Vote for Your Favorite Character!

SS Rank Character (You Are Blessed By the Gacha Gods!)

Character Element Rarity Weapon
Klee ImageKlee Fire ImagePyro (Fire) ★5 Catalyst
・Can KO groups of regular enemies with wide-range attacks.
・Fire + Catalyst makes it easy to set up Elemental Reactions.
・Set-and-deploy Elemental Skill allows her to support other characters.
Keqing ImageKeqing Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) ★5 Sword
・Lightning attacks can be used to cause Elemental Reactions with high damage output.
・Melee Attacks are easy to use, and powerful.
・Capable attacker from short or long range, and perfectly suited for battle.
Diluc ImageDiluc Fire ImagePyro (Fire) ★5 Claymore
・Fire Elemental attacks are also great for exploration.
・Elemental Burst can hit hard on a wide area in a single blow.
・Charged attacks unleash a flurry of hits for massive damage.
Qiqi ImageQiqi Frost ImageCryo (Frost) ★5 Sword
・Easy-to-use melee attack sets her apart.
・Frost attacks can create Elemental Reactions to freeze enemies' movement.
・Skills are easy to use together with other characters.

S Rank Characters (Great!)

Character Element Rarity Weapon
Jean ImageJean Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) ★5 Sword
・Unique melee attack serves as a powerful main weapon.
・Wind Element can easily combo to create Elemental Reactions.
・Able to draw enemies near, limiting their actions and allowing for easy cleanup.
Mona ImageMona Water ImageHydro (Water) ★5 Catalyst
・Unique movement style allows for high-speed actions.
・Catalyst weapon allows for Elemental damage in standard attacks.
・Elemental Skill can be set in place, allowing for easy Elemental Reaction setup.
Fischl ImageFischl Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) ★4 Bow
・Can use powerful Lightning attacks with Oz, her raven.
・Elemental Burst can deal damage to a wide area.
・Can hit from a distance with the Bow.
Chongyun ImageChongyun Frost ImageCryo (Frost) ★4 Claymore
・Elemental Skill changes his attacks to the Frost Element, allowing for easy Elemental Reaction setup.
・Charged spinning attack can take out foes easily.
・Elemental Skill allows him to move across water.

A Rank Characters (Good Characters)

Character Element Rarity Weapon
Ningguang ImageNingguang Earth ImageGeo (Earth) ★4 Catalyst
・A character specializing in defense.
・Strong shield provides protection against ranged attacks.
・Useful for fighting from a long range.
Razor ImageRazor Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) ★4 Claymore
・A character specialized for melee combat.
・Charged spinning attack can take out foes easily.
・Elemental Burst powers up Razor to provide a unique advantage.
Xingqiu ImageXingqiu Water ImageHydro (Water) ★4 Sword
・Melee attacks are easy to use.
・Elemental Burst allows her to easily cover enemies with Water.
・Attacks multiple times in sequence, resulting in a high total damage output.
Sucrose ImageSucrose Wind ImageAnemo (Wind) ★4 Catalyst
・Elemental Skill creates a scatter reaction across a wide area.
・Catalyst weapon allows for Elemental damage in standard attacks.
・Keeping an ideal distance from foes takes some getting used to.

B Rank Characters (Continue Rerolling)

Character Element Rarity Weapon
Bennett ImageBennett Fire ImagePyro (Fire) ★4 Sword
・Fire Element is easy to combo for Elemental Reactions.
・Has a unique and powerful attack style.
・Fire element is useful for exploration.
Beidou ImageBeidou Lightning ImageElectro (Lightning) ★4 Claymore
・Specializes in melee attacks.
・Charged attack provides invulnerability frames.
・Charged spinning attack can take out foes easily.
Barbara ImageBarbara Water ImageHydro (Water) ★4 Catalyst
・Elemental Burst heals full party for a large amount of HP.
・Catalyst weapon allows for Elemental damage in standard attacks.
・Can cover a wide area with Water, allowing for easy setup of Elemental Reactions.
Xiangling ImageXiangling Fire ImagePyro (Fire) ★4 Polearm
・Melee attacks are easy to use.
・Has access to strong and wide-ranged Elemental Burst
・Fire Elemental attacks are also great for exploration.

Guaranteed Pull

Because Noelle is a Guaranteed Pull in the Beginners' Wish banner, you'll get her whether you reroll or not as long as you pull ten times at once from the Wish.

Character Element Rarity Weapon
Noelle ImageNoelle Earth ImageGeo (Earth) ★4 Claymore
・Charged spinning attack can take out foes easily.
・Has an Elemental Skill that specializes in defense.
・Elemental Skill can recover HP for all characters.

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4 Anonymous6 days

>>3 Diluc is better for Boss Fight,while Keqing is better bcs her boobs :)

3 Anonymous7 days

On my 5th reroll, i got keqing and on my 6th,i got diluc. Should I continue diluc or keqing? I'm confused now since keqing seemed to be better than diluc based on this thread.

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