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Genshin Impact - How to Defeat Geo Hypostasis

This is a guide on how you can beat the Geo Hypostasis boss in the game Genshin Impact. Read on to learn strategies, location, drops, and the recommended party to defeat Geo Hypostasis.

Basic Information - Geo Hypostasis

Geo Hypostasis Image
Geo Hypostasis
Required Resin 40
Adventurer Handbook Description
Code name: Gimel. A high-purity Geo entity. Elemental hypostases are ultra-compact structures with a high mass. Concentrated elemental energy forms a solid shell around the core of the hypostasis, leaving only the core reactive to elemental stimuli. The glyphic pattern on the shell remains an unexplained mystery to this day.
Guyun Stone Forest, Liyue

Geo Hypostasis Location

Genshin - Map - Geo Hypostasis

The Geo Hypostasis can be found in Guyun Stone Forest, in the Sea of Clouds area of Liyue.

You can use the nearby waypoint and either swim to the area or pass through the connecting islands.

How to Beat Geo Hypostasis

Geo Hypostasis Video Walkthrough

Attacking with Noelle

How to Beat - Geo Hypostasis 1

Attacking with a one-handed weapon will not deal much damage on the rock pillars. It is highly recommended that you use Noelle while the Geo Hypostasis is invulnerable, this will allow you to protect yourself from its attacks using your elemental skill and since Noelle is using a two-handed weapon, you can break the rock pillars easily.

Opportunity to Attack

How to Beat - Geo Hypostasis 2

The Geo Hypostasis is invulnerable when the yellow cubes are present around its body. Wait for it to finish its attack before it becomes vulnerable.

Breaking the Rock Pillars

How to Beat - Geo Hypostasis 3

If you manage to break the rock pillars while the Geo Hypostasis is on top of it, this will stagger the Geo Hypostasis and make it vulnerable for a few seconds giving you an opportunity to attack.

Low Health

How to Beat - Geo Hypostasis 4

Once you have dealt enough damage to the Geo Hypostasis, it will summon 3 rock pillars in the area. Failing to destroy these pillars will recover some of the Geo Hypostasis' health. Focus on destroying these immediately once you enter this phase to defeat the Geo Hypostasis.

Recommended Characters

The following are the best recommended characters to use for the Geo Hypostasis.

When building your party, it is recommended to choose 1 DPS, then either 2 Sub-DPS and 1 Support or 1 Sub-DPS and 2 Support, depending on what characters you have available and built.

Free to Play Option

DPS Sub-DPS Support
Noelle Image Noelle
Xiangling Image Xiangling
Amber Image Amber
Lisa Image Lisa
Barbara Image Barbara

Destroying the Rocks

Use Noelle to break all of the rock pillars that the Geo Hypostasis summons to defeat the Geo Hypostasis. Breaking these rock pillars will not only prevent the Geo Hypostasis from recovering its health but also limit the range of some of its attacks.

Time to Attack

Since Noelle has low attack damage, it is best that you use Xiangling, Lisa, and Kaeya instead to deal damage when the Geo Hypostasis is vulnerable. Try to mix up their elemental skill to maximize your damage output.

Repeated Runs Option

DPS Sub-DPS Support
Klee Image Klee
Diluc Image Diluc
Razor Image Razor
Zhongli Image Zhongli
Chongyun Image Chongyun
Ningguang Image Ningguang
Qiqi Image Qiqi
Diona Image Diona
Bennett Image Bennett

Using Claymore

It is highly recommended that you use claymore weapons when fighting against the Geo Hypostasis since this type of weapon can break obstacles much faster than the rest.

Some catalyst users such as Ningguang and Klee are able to deal damage that breaks obstacles like this quickly too.

When to Switch Weapons

Claymores are powerful but can be slow compared to the other weapon types. Switching characters of a different weapon type while the Geo Hypostasis is vulnerable will allow you to deal more attacks.

Attack Patterns

Pattern 1 - Stone Launcher

Geo Hypostasis 1.gif

An attack that shoots multiple small rocks that can easily be avoided by moving around.

Pattern 2 - Geo Shockwave

Geo Hypostasis 2.gif

A single shockwave is emitted from the rock pillar when the Geo Hypostasis is on top of it. It only deals minor damage and it has no follow-up attack.

Pattern 3 - Geo Pulse

Geo Hypostasis 3.gif

The most dangerous attack of the Geo Hypostasis. It can be countered by destroying the floating cube near the center rock pillar. This will create a shield in a small area that can protect you from the shockwaves.

Pattern 4 - Meteor Shower

Geo Hypostasis 4.gif

Falling rocks from the sky. It can be avoided by moving away from the yellow circles on the ground or the sky.

Items Dropped By Geo Hypostasis

Geo Hypostasis Material Drops

Drop Level
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+
Lv. 60+
Lv. 75+
Lv. 30+

Geo Hypostasis Artifact Drops

Artifact Set Drops
Traveling Doctor Traveling Doctor Instructor Instructor The Exile The Exile
Gladiator Gladiator's Finale Wanderer Wanderer's Troupe

Characters That Use Geo Hypostasis Materials

Characters Geo Mats
Noelle ImageNoelle Ningguang ImageNingguang Zhongli ImageZhongli
Albedo ImageAlbedo Gorou ImageGorou Itto ImageItto
Yun Jin ImageYun Jin

Geo Hypostasis Achievements

Juggernaut Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementJuggernaut 10 Primogems
Objective : Crush all of a Geo Hypostasis' Rock Pillars of Revival before it can be revived.

A House Ill-Founded Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementA House Ill-Founded 5 Primogems
Objective : Cause the same Geo Hypostasis to fall three times by destroying the Basalt Column that it is on.

None Stand Secure Achievement

Achievement Rank Primogem Reward
Completed AchievementNone Stand Secure 5 Primogems
Objective : Force the Geo Hypostasis into its revival state without destroying any basalt columns.

Achievement List and Rewards

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