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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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Note: If you violate any of these conditions, your submission may be deleted and you may be banned from posting.

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Submissions: 1591
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1591 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

come visit any time you are welcome 859028565

1590 Comicabout 2 monthsReport

ps4 player , requesting only kind ppl. Must be willing to chat 639064002

1589 gashishinaabout 2 monthsReport

Hey fellow players! Let's goof around, farm recourses, complete domains, and just chat :) I'm 25 y.o., so you can also ask me for life advice hahaha ID 735371866 Europe server AR 57 world lv 8

1587 TinyHoomanabout 2 monthsReport

Server: America AR: 43 (at the moment) World Lvl: 4/5 UID: 647160667 Mainly here 4 friends, but if anyone can be bothered I rlly need help w/ bosses cause my builds are ... ...

1586 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

here's my ID: 661923741. I need the same thing.

1585 Courtesan2 monthsReport

758600021 europe looking for friends to help each other in the serenitea pot gl & hf everyone

1584 Anonymous2 monthsReport

UID: 742074108 Just add friends, help if needed

1583 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Server: NA AR: 57 World lvl: 7 UID: 654481341 All I need is to buy an item from someone else’s traveling salesmen, that’s all :(

1582 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Server NA AR 46 World Lvl 6 UID 662879077

1581 Anonymous2 monthsReport

For those unaware please do not click on links where websites offer to pay you. These are often unsafe and cannot be trusted. These people are just targeting vulnerable people and attempting to scam you. This message is intended to spread awareness so you do not fall victim yourself.

1579 Anonymous2 monthsReport

hey just sent u a request

1578 Boo2 monthsReport

Server EU AR 35 World lvl 3 16f pretty new Trying to get ready for Ascension level 2 Uid 758680768

1569 Anonymous2 monthsReport


1567 Shindu2 monthsReport

Server: EU AR: 57 UID: 743640488 Discord: Shindu#8626 Hi, I can help with bosses, I can share my resources and help in pretty much every way except for exploration (especially In The Mountains). I'm in Genshin every day, but the times I'm in-game vary, so if you want my help just hit me up on Discord :)

1566 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Hi, I've sent you a request. My UID is 742003703

1565 Tony2 monthsReport

Server: America UID: 657658955 A-Rank: 56 Name: Tony ------- Hello! Looking for some friends to add. I can help in either worlds. I have plenty of resources that I don't mind sharing, just tell me what you need. I can also help you in your world with some things. Quests, trial chests, most bosses, etc. I won't help with most of the exploration though, sorry. Only you know what you're missing (like oculus) and where. But anything else, let me know. Thanks!

1564 Sythe2 monthsReport

Ar:9 UID: 663920736 Server:NA Looking for friends to play with and I am newer I just started today if you can add me It would be appreciated :) thank you

1563 Anonymous2 monthsReport

i'll add you

1562 Anonymous2 monthsReport

SERVER: EU UID: 750043344 AR: 55 Online pretty much every day, bored. Willing to help if you need it <3 DISCORD: Lilla#2890

1561 Anonymous2 monthsReport

SERVERS: ASIA UID : 861820826 AR : 55 add me if you are Indonesian or from another country and play on the Asian server, I'm usually online at 1 am WIB, add me if you need help or anything...

1560 Anonymous2 monthsReport

added :)

1559 Anonymous2 monthsReport

I love your website!

1558 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Server: EU UID: 700439900 AR: 60 Day 1 Player looking for pals to enjoy genshin with I love theorycrafting and coming up with fun builds and comps Genshin can be tedious and annoying so why not make it fun together? I'm also on discord: Zir'Kan#7435

1557 Anon3 monthsReport

Server: NA UID: 600453451 AR: 60 Looking for new friends (preferably adults) to do anything and everything with! To chat with, co-op, do domains, quests, bosses, etc. Hope to meet you soon ~ I'm Ku#4696 on Discord

1556 Anonymous3 monthsReport

UID - 614886743 AR - 48 America world 5

1555 Anonymous3 monthsReport

UID - 749868693 EU AR 55 Hi, I'm Bunbraids (He/Him). Looking for hangout/chats with players around my age - 28+ I'm bored since I've 100% almost every area :/

1554 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Oops I put it in wrong UID - 614886743 America world 5

1553 Anonymous3 monthsReport

UID 614886742 America world 5

1552 Anonymous3 monthsReport

UID# 661925054 America World 5 Hi how are you

1551 Anonymous3 monthsReport

UID# 661925043 America World 5 Lets have fun

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