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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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262 Anonymousabout 13 hoursReport

SERVER: America AR: 11 UID: 625522983 I just started hahah. Would appreciate it if someone could give me tips. Thank you!

261 Anonymousabout 22 hoursReport

Server: US AR: 45 UID: 608888108 Hi! I'm really just looking to do the teapot visit... I'm pretty antisocial, but if you are also looking to do the teapot thing... let's do this!

260 Anonymousabout 22 hoursReport

Hi I sent a request.... I'm really just looking to do the teapot thing

259 Anonymous1 dayReport

Server: ASIA AR: 55 UID: 813257538 Looking for some buddies to play (I don’t have friends that plays genshin) So Yeah! Let’s help each other! you can add me too in my other acc! Server: ASIA AR: 40 UID: 815406262

258 Junk3 daysReport

Server: US AR:49 UID:606117996 Looking for new friends to play with since all my friends stopped playing! Also need a teapot to visit for traveling salesman :)

257 Jao3 daysReport

Server: EU AR: 51 UID: 717277728 Add me mainly for helping in my pot to speed up creating, and to play domains and take bosses down. Thnx all ^_^

256 Joa4 daysReport

I will be so glad to help in Icy Mountain Area. Later on I will post my information, so anyone wants my friendship will be able to add me, have a nice journey, Travelers !!

255 Anonymous4 daysReport

hey!1 ive been trying to get someone to help me with domains xD we can also be friends :)) im ar 46

254 Anonymous4 daysReport

I sent you a friend request! I'm also not good with ppl but we can try ! :)

253 Anonymous6 daysReport

Server: EU AR: 55 UID: 702070359 Looking for friends and help with teapot missions. I play in EU but I live in NA, so I play at weird times

252 Anonymous7 daysReport

server: america ar: 46 wl: 6 uid: 617275006 i need friends!:) i get kinda anxious sometimes and i dont really know how to talk to pll but i try<3

251 Modiv7 daysReport

Server: EU UID 709806136 AR:21 WL:1

250 Anonymous7 daysReport

I'm going to add you - thanks

249 Dorothy8 daysReport

Server: Europe UID: 714000740 AR: 49 WL: 5 side note: pls message me sometimes I get anxious but i really need some genshin buddies >.<

248 Anonymous8 daysReport

I sent you a request my id is 714000740

247 Anonymous8 daysReport

i'll send you a friend request, my uid is 720699000

246 Anonymous8 daysReport

can i friend you? im link uid: 714809332

245 Anonymous9 daysReport

server : europe UID : 717801802 AR : 47 WL : 5 i cqn help, or get help? :) i also don't mind being friends

244 Anonymous9 daysReport

server: EU UID: 719885570 AR: 38 WL 4 looking for new friends and maybe bully random fatui enemies in that cold ass place ^^

243 Anonymous9 daysReport

ill add you, i crash a lot too ahah

242 Anonymous9 daysReport

im going to add you

241 Anonymous9 daysReport

Server: NA UID: 623419059 AR: 45 WL:6 I will help or take help thank you, plus friends

240 Anonymous11 daysReport

Server: EU UID: 713564963 AR55 WL8 if u need any help add me

239 Anonymous11 daysReport

Server: EU UID: 700909070 AR 55, WL 8 just looking some friends and help for teapot stuffs (can do grinding or co-op events together too)

238 Faylin13 daysReport

Server: NA UID: 624642863 AR 46, WL5 Active: 22:00 - 2:00 UTC -7 Daily Looking for someone who wants to farm boss material together, and co-op events

237 Bemi15 daysReport

Server: NA UID: 614 945 246 AR55, WL8 Active: 14:00-16:00 GMT+8 Daily Need friends to help me with housing system because none of my current friends care about it enough (Also I just need friends that are in time zones closer to mine to help with events and grinding)

236 Amena16 daysReport

serv: EU UID: 714600898 ar: 52 world lvl: 6 teapot; adeptal mirror & just some friends [:

235 Meiko17 daysReport

Server: sar Uid: 901246484 Ar: 45 World level: 6

234 Bastien17 daysReport

Server: EU AR: 55 UID: 710308528 Daily player, looking for friends and help with teapot or we can do some bosses/domains =)

233 Anonymous18 daysReport

UID 624940434 NA Server AR 46 Just want some genshin friends lol, also have discord if needed

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    • >>[55]
      You can only decrease your WL by 1, so if you ascend to WL5, the lowest it can go is WL4.

    • SERVER: America
      AR: 11
      UID: 625522983 I just started hahah. Would appreciate it if someone could give me tips. Thank you!

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