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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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961 iro! about 10 hoursReport

You can add me on genshin if you need any help :] or just a friend ! You can also find me on Discord if you want ! server : Asia UID : 822142864 Name : Aleksi Discord : iiro#5295

960 Anonymousabout 12 hoursReport

Oh and I also added you on discord. Let me know if you need help, i'm always available

959 Anonymousabout 12 hoursReport

Hi! I added you on genshin. I'm the one who is AR56 and has a Zhongli avatar. I'm willing to help you fight with bosses or anything related to the game. Feel free to chat me anytime! :)

958 Miyamora-kun about 16 hoursReport

Hey! If you want I can add you to help with bosses and stuff! I’m not putting down my UID for personal reasons but if you want me to add you just ask! My name is Celeste and I’m AR44. And if anyone else needs help and is lower just ask!

957 Anonymousabout 21 hoursReport

AR 31 | Asia discord mikabaek56#3446 UID 849177780 Hi I'm looking for friends to farm and fight bosses. I also can help lower AR ;)

956 Anonymous1 dayReport

Hello I'm looking for someone who I can chat to about my builds. I won't need help farming or anything but I need some recommendations on team comps and what not. I suck at building characters so I'll probably spam you with questions. I'm on NA server and I'm AR 49. If you don't mind helping me out just reply with your UID. Thank You. :)

955 Dawn1 dayReport

Hi ! I'm AR50 on the EU server and looking for friends to farm with ^^ I mostly farm Geovishaps, Geo Hypostasis and Oceanids, and also artifacts (Shimenawa/Severed Fate, Viridescent Venerer and Tenacity of the Milellith), but I can do anything else you want for your characters. I play at world Level 5-6 (mostly 5). UID : 718513826 It doesn't matter if you're higher or lower level, it'll just change the world we go to and absolutely nothing else ^^ I look forward to meeting you!

954 Anonymous1 dayReport

I added u on discord and in game :3 I’m also farming for zhongli!!!!

953 Anonymous1 dayReport

Heyooo my discord is genshin whore#5701 my uid is 638823755! I’m just here to make friends and fight bosses!! I only got itto as a 5 star :,) Also farming for Zhongli!!! I always answer my genehin chat!

952 Mai2 daysReport

Hi! I'm AR 45, and my discord is 25idemai#2736. UID: 635307042 pronouns are she/her. need more active friends and some help farming for zhongli!

951 Anonymous2 daysReport

AR 54 | NA | UID 640256893 discord: jokxr#0401 im down to do anything just ask me and also friends are cool too, im the definition of chaotic so be careful. ^^

950 Komyo2 daysReport

Hello! EU UID:710480390 Looking for help about searching for and killing Unusual Hilichurls. Also maybe friends?

949 とも2 daysReport

🦋 [EU || 713771309 || AR 45] discord - とも#3340 I'm always on discord so add me if you want help or just want to talk :D

948 Baxter4 daysReport

NA UID: 608125377 Discord: Irunai Baxter#6349 Looking for people who want to do windtracer challenges in co-op or just want to do them for fun during the event.

947 Wisp4 daysReport

AR 48, UID 618507913 (NA Server) Looking for help building my Hu Tao and farming artifacts! Can help lower AR too <3 Discord: whispy♡#3518

946 Goosama4 daysReport

I added you on discord and in game!

945 HZ035 daysReport

AR 56 | WL 7/8 | NA | discord is HZ03#2225 (that's a zero-three!) Hi there!! I'm HZ03 (she/her) and I'm looking for some friends :) My UID's 616544371 and hope to see yall around (PS: I play on mobile with 250 ping so if I lag sorryyyy )

944 lemonade5 daysReport

started genshin a while ago, ar 35, NA server please help me grind stuff i need to prepare for the ar ascension btw my discord is Lemonade#7255

943 yen5 daysReport

AR 43 | WL 4/5 | NA | jaoygi#2915 Hello!! I'm looking for ppl to play with since my friends don't play genshin haha. I play on PC and mobile so I'm online almost every day. I also play other games such as osu, roblox, mcpe, mc java. ><

942 yen5 daysReport

Hi!1!1! i added u on genshin and discord, hopefully we can play sometime ^^

941 sunnyskiesv2 (again lol)5 daysReport

uhh sorry i mistyped my uid lol— but this should (hopefully) now be right!! (618359287)

940 Alicia ^^7 daysReport

Hello! I'm kind of an introvert too, and have almost no real-life friends, because my neighbors don't speak my language. I've added you and I hope we can be friends! UID:841094054

939 Anonymous7 daysReport

added you, hope we can be friends

938 Anonymous7 daysReport

hello Sunny! added you on discord!

937 sunnyskiesv2 7 daysReport

(she/her) Hello! I'm Sunny, AR 55 on the American server! As a proud Kokomi haver + Yanfei main, feel free to add me (618359297) if you need any help! I promise to try my best :D discord: actually sunny#9586

936 Sammy7 daysReport

Hey :) AR 55 on EU. Been playing for a few months now. UID is: 731327016 feel free to add me ^^ Happy to help anyone low or high level and make friends :3

935 Anonymous7 daysReport

Hello! added you to discord!

934 Anonymous7 daysReport

Happy Day, I am kind of new to Genshin, and have been playing for roughly 2 weeks. Want to make new in-game friends and if possible real life friends, to play other games. Happy to help out in domains and bosses. AR 32 WL: 3 UID: 643578509 discord: Gonzalo#3036

933 Anonymous7 daysReport

Hello!! I'm looking for new Genshin friends to hang out with and do domains/bosses! I’m Ar55 and playing on EU Server! I'm kinda introvert and i’m trying to get over that ^^ Free to help lower ARs too!! :) discord: peechymin#4295

932 Anonymous8 daysReport

added you on discord!

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