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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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2386 Anonymous2 daysReport

US Server AR 50 (Will raise to at least 52 once I raise world level) UID: 627591995 I'd like to finish the teapot quests requiring another player, but just having someone to farm mats with or whatever would be fun too.

2385 Anonymous5 daysReport

Eu server ar59 uid: 711936789 I love to chat and i would like to have low ar friends!!!!

2384 HiBa7 daysReport

Looking for friends to farm mats UID: 750226354

2383 Indian9 daysReport

Server: Asia UID: 893069861 AR: 565 I'm very much bored playing alone, want some players to play and share some materials.

2382 Anonymous12 daysReport

Username: Flaws Server: America UID: 644021670 AR: 34 Mainly looking to finish the traveling salesmen quest level, but I don't mind playing with people also =]

2381 Anonymous12 daysReport

I sent you a friend request, as I need the same thing. :)

2380 Anonymous13 daysReport

Username: Lavender Server: America UID: 667883879 AR: 56 I’m mostly looking for people with traveling salesmen so friend me ^^

2379 Emma15 daysReport

Username: Sienna Real Name: Emma UID: 716164174 WL: 8 AR: 60 Server: EU (UK) Languages: English Main(s): Diluc, Dendro Traveler, Kokomi, Zhongli. Online everyday / evening (London GMT), looking for friends, chat, chill, help with chests, domains, bosses, events, and achievements. Feel free to take any items you need. I’m available to help anyone out.

2378 GaL16 daysReport

Hello! I'm just starting yesterday. I may not online everyday, but feel free to join my world for fun. UID: 1801901091

2377 Lindan22 daysReport

UID894835066 , Asia server. Hello, add me if you're bored playing alone or need help okok. I don't mind chatting as long you're understand english even a little bit , we can try to understand each other language oh . Everyday online yaa sometimes I get bored playing alone but not all the time. Ya jak hehe.

2376 Anonymous25 daysReport

Can u help me in collecting primo my gmail is plz contact

2375 Anonymous26 daysReport

I'm being picked on by that person. plz report 856307952.

2374 Anonymous29 daysReport

OMG, the picture is so huge, i'm so sorry. can't delete

2373 Anonymous29 daysReport

Helloooo, can i fish in your ocean UID: 821951837

2372 chelseaabout 1 monthReport

come to my world for mats & traveling teapot salesman. i play everyday. friendship is a bonus ! NA 609888012

2371 Waliaryabout 1 monthReport

Hi, I’m playing on PS5 and I am on European server. My username is Waliary and UID is 703922809. I am AR56 and completed all quests, exploration is 100% everywhere, working on leveling up all my characters and looking for someone who is also interested in completing co-op achievements, because I have done most of the others already.

2370 Nodaabout 1 monthReport

Looking for people that will let me in to their teapot and such, if you are looking to get some materials DO NOT add me I love playing alone sorry ;-; If you need help with fighting or anything, I will help you! Just no joining me unless it is for Chubby :3 UID: 737825670

2369 Lemuriaabout 1 monthReport

Looking for anyone who'd like to help a low rank whenever 🫶 I'm on Asia server, UID 826344738. I type slow because I play on PS5 but I still love to chat!!

2368 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

I'm looking for someone who wants to get all the Meetings in outrealms achievements- basically I want to go around and fight all the bosses in co-op. Friendship is a plus! America server, I play during the day most regularly. UID 646162532

2367 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Eu Server 767502235

2366 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

uid857067130 Asia I'm Japanese. I want to learn English in Genshin.Someone pls play with me

2365 Touyaabout 2 monthsReport

NA server btw

2364 Touyaabout 2 monthsReport

Uid 664349866 Mostly want friends who I can utilize their teapot salesman and such....

2363 Anonymous2 monthsReport

EU server

2362 Anonymous2 monthsReport

UID: 701160640 AR 47, WL: 6 Looking for some kind souls to help me farm the catch by letting me fish on their world :D

2361 Arsico 2 monthsReport

UID: 887597535 Asia server Looking to make some new friends

2360 Anonymous2 monthsReport

need kalpata lotus

2359 Anonymous2 monthsReport

hello I’m desperate need for Genshin friends too😭 but I’d be happy to help you I’ll invite you!

2358 Anonymous2 monthsReport

hello! I am looking for genisn freinds too bc im very bored and i would love to help you! I will send you an invite

2357 Anonymous2 monthsReport

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