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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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1515 Leon4 daysReport

server NA UID: 621932713 AR: 58 WL: 8 Hey, I'm Leon! I'm an Ayato/Alhaitham main! I'm looking for some friends to play with. I'm active everyday mostly during the evenings after 5pm CST. I'm always down to help out other people or co-op together idrc. Let's just vibe, bro.

1514 Anonymous6 daysReport

Server EU UI: 702526642 AR: 57 Language: English, Swedish and Chinese Just add me if you need help or just play around.

1513 Vampocal11 daysReport

Hi Guys, Im trying to loot ascending materials now and again woud appriciate if any one is available on the EU server to assist. My world LV56 UI: 740005158 Same time looking for mates to join on PS Network to create a freind part to jam together. Im based in South Africa.

1512 Unseen11 daysReport

If you looking for a co-op needs, I'm available at most of the time. Server : ASIA In-game UID: 807546989 AR: 60 World Level 8 IGN : Unseen

1511 Ku13 daysReport

Server: NA In-game UID: 600453451 Adventure Rank: 60 World Level: 8 Availability: I'm available every day (for now) during the evenings -- anytime after 6PM EST. Hi everyone, I am Ku. I'm looking for friends (new or veteran!) to do anything and everything with -- bosses, domains, quests, exploration, material/item farming -- you name it! If you need help gathering ascension items/farming domains/bosses or any of the above, feel free to send me a message!

1510 Anonymous13 daysReport

AR- 50 WL -6 UID -736129154 Server - Europe Just looking for some casual people to play with, the people who brought me to genshin don't play anymore or they are too busy which is fair enough. I'm active most evenings and sometimes throughout the day, just looking for someone or some people who like to chat and farm and of course help each other out in our worlds if needed.

1509 KatVChar14 daysReport

AR: 35 WL: 3 Server: America Language: English UID:658520053 Hello, giving this a try. I am a casual player mostly active on Sat/Sun during the day and evenings. Weekdays I'm on after 7pm PST, although I do check in on mobile when I'm on break. I'm mostly looking for friends since I don't have any in my time zone. Currently trying to farm and level up my team since I raised WL too soon. I'm not the strongest yet, but I'll help out as much as I can. :)

1508 Anonymous17 daysReport

AR: 55 WL: 8 Server: Europe Language: English UID: 700627450 Hey! I'm a casual player and I play quite frequently so I don't have much to do other than achievement hunting/grinding for character materials so I'm down to help people out with whatever they need if I'm free. It's be awesome if I could come to your world and fish, get the occasional local specialty, and maybe buy stuff from your teapot every now and again as this is all I'm time gated by atm :)

1507 EightBall00518 daysReport

Hey everyone. I'm a casual solo player, usually on late night (2:00am EST until around 5:am EST) on PS4. Adventure Rank 50, but I have the mission for ascending. I'm at World Rank 5, but can switch to 6 for others, 5 is easier for me solo. I'm always open to meet and game with new people. UID 610390235 Feel free to add me and message if you need help

1506 Sharon231120 daysReport

Hi I am Sharon. We can be friend but my adventure rank not so high and my most character level low so fight for the weekly/ boss enemy quite hard. I need to anyone can help me to farm items for ascend the level of character, level up talent and also some quest. What your uid so I can add you but I can tell you mine is uid 802105529 but normally I play around late night maybe mostly around 11 pm onward.

1505 Soupy21 daysReport

AR:45 WL: 5 Server:Europe Language:English/Dutch UID:736474771 Hi, I really need some genshin friends! Im a Itto/Bennet main btw!

1504 EvoEvo22 daysReport

UID 722725115 AR 59 EU FR/ENG I'm connected mainly in the evenings and sometimes in the afternoon I can help with anything, whether you need to farm bosses, domains, leylines, events or just steal in my teapot !

1503 Anonymous23 daysReport

AR:56 WL: 8 Server:NA Language:English/Spanish UID:600408557 Hi,looking for freinds to play w since I currently have none.If you need to farm anything from my world just let me know.It would also be appreciated if I could fish the mats for "The catch" in your world since its what im currently working on.

1502 Anonymous25 daysReport

Hi! are you open helping out Enkanomiya Quests?

1501 Ehe25 daysReport

AR : 55 WL : 8 Server : Asia Language : English UID : 837019712 HIIII!! I'm just a Xiao main looking for some buddies to hang with. IM MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP OUT WIT ANYTHING :D

1500 Anonymous26 daysReport

AR : 58 WL : 8 Server : AMERICA Language : English UID : 617646990 I need farming buddies/friends, I hate artifact farming but I need to farm. I don't mind helping newer players or any other players.

1499 Anonymous26 daysReport

AR : 57 WL : 5 Server : AMERICA Language : English/Japanese/French UID : 644987340 Need some friends for teapot achievements! I am mostly playing solo but happy to help if you need.

1498 Kelly - Nickname : Dreux28 daysReport

AR : 35 *Ad Exp : 184637 / 7475 WL : 3 Server : AMERICA Language : English UID : 653315218 Hey y’all, forgive me for I’ve yet to Co-Op due to explorin’ and just tryin’ to catch up in general..but I’ve reached the point where in order to progress my Adeptal Mirror Rounds I must purchase an item from another traveler’s realm…and this is where you come in, my young padawan😋 Who knows, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship that lives thru the ages😉lol Thx!

1497 Anonymous28 daysReport

AR : 42 WL : 5 Server : AMERICA Language : English UID : 647886152 Hello ! <3 trying to build albedo and qiqi, im kinda bad at building characters, but i hope i can make some friends

1496 LOPHIUSUS28 daysReport

AR: 55 WL: 8 Server: America Language: English UID: 658168905 Currently hunting unusual hilichurls but other than that happy to make friends and help out when I can! uwu

1495 Anonymous29 daysReport

AR: 57 WL: 8 Server: North America // NA UID: 611358604 Hiiii I'm a Xiao and Hu Tao main with a former anemo obsession... :) I just need Kazoo kid 😎 I love to cook and explore on Genshin. I almost have 100% exploration in most regions! 😱 Join me if you want and we can fight things together in your world too! 😳 Discord: Noor ♡#0001 if you need comms outside of Genshin!🤞😁 Happy New Year y'all! 💖がんばって!

1494 Anonymous30 daysReport

AR: 57 WL: 8 Server: North America UID: 617527671 Keqing main :) looking to complete some of my last achievements. Kill stuff with me and let me kill your unusual hilichurl? Down to help newer players and come farm whatever in my world teapot, fish, etc if you need!

1493 Soraabout 1 monthReport

AR: 57 WL: 8 Server: Europe Language: English, Finnish (+ basic Swedish and not very fluent Japanese) UID: 740681251 About: I'd love to find someone to share the game with: goof around, help with quests etc. and just have a good time in general while maybe fangirling a bit over our favorite characters~

1492 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

AR: 43 WL: 5 Server: EU Language: EN New-ish player. Hoping to visit someones teapot for the BP and also trying to get The Catch. Haven't played co-op so I'm not completely sure how it works but it looks fun 745680665

1491 Luabout 1 monthReport

AR: 55 WL: 7 Server: America Language: English UID: 622433578 Just need more active friends for a variety of things, visiting other teapots for the merchant, bosses and domains, pretty much anything and everything. I love helping new players too!

1490 Weirdlyabout 1 monthReport

Ofc I forgot the most important thing, UID: 754290691

1489 Weirdlyabout 1 monthReport

AR: 41 WL: 4 Server: EU Language: EN New player looking to farm out The Catch and grab the teapot merchant for the BP weekly. Also I have a ton of questions about the game, so if anyone want's to play sensei, you're welcome to :O

1488 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

835561924 Asia New here ar 35 . Want help for character Ascension, tea pot and domain challenge. Basically everything lol. Please do add . Thanks for your help

1487 Zataria Knightfellabout 1 monthReport

AR: 56 WL: 8 Server: EU UID: 745870039 Language: English, Danish and very little German Thought it would be fun to make some friends while playing. I pretty much play every day, and I'm pretty familiar with genshin at this point that I should be able to help if that's needed. I'm also looking to finally get the adeptal mirror done, so if you don't mind me absolutely robbing your traveling merchant blind, I would be much obliged.

1486 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

AR: 55 WL: 8 Server : Asia UID: 863759511 Language: English & 中文 Just want some friends for teapot visit and stuff. You can fish in my world (also please R5 your catch). Also can help with low AR exploring on the weekends or when I'm bored.

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