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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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Submissions: 521
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521 Pewrussabout 8 hoursReport

Done. My name is pewruss in genshin

520 Anonymous europeabout 8 hoursReport

is your UID wrong? i cant join

519 Anonymous europeabout 9 hoursReport

plz let me join

518 Aetherabout 24 hoursReport

Server: Europe UID: 724014856 AR 52 WL7 Timezone: GMT English Looking for friends who I can kill innocent hilichurls with, steal their stuff & let them steal mine. Let's enjoy Genshin together!

517 itsamemarble1 dayReport

Server: Asia UID: 833252699 AR 48 WL6 UTC 8+ oepn teapot

516 Breig2 daysReport

WL 7 my apologies

515 Breig2 daysReport

Server: NA UID: 618328699 AR: 51 WL 8 CST Open teapot

514 Harukyna3 daysReport

Oh my, sure! Its 836982440 Thank you!

513 N3rdRage4 daysReport

Server: NA UID: 600052097 AR: 42 Timezone: EST English Just a returning player looking to catch back up and enjoy the game with some new buddies . Co-op - Teapot

512 Integrity4 daysReport

Server: Americas UID: 618569222 AR: 55 WL 8 UTC-5 English fluent/Russian native Most of the people from my "friends" tab do not want to chat, ask for help, or communicate otherwise, so here I am Here is my babe enjoying amazing views of Liyue's scenery among natural habitat

511 Sythra4 daysReport

Name: Sythra Server: Amercan UID: 618102061 World Level: 7 Willing to help players with bosses, missions, etc. Teapot also open if you prefer that. All player levels welcome

510 Pewruss4 daysReport

Hello! I'm currently at AR 33. Can I get your uid?

509 Anonymous4 daysReport

Hello there. I'm also searching for friends that i can play genshin together and teach me about something that i don't know. So can you be my friends. Btw i'm currently at AR 33. Can i get your UID?

508 Anonymous5 daysReport

UID 722725115 Europe AR 54 I can help with anything ! Just looking for friends

507 mttbmr5 daysReport

uid 623113848 server na ar 51 just want new friends to talk to!

506 Anonymous5 daysReport

AR 49 Europe UID 728371900 LF just anything really, tea pot domains ect

505 Harukyna5 daysReport

Hello! I'm looking for mutual on the Asia server. I....want a friend to talk to sometimes. I'm at AR 35 but my current EXP is around one hundred thousand already. I'm a bit talkative when it comes to something that I'm concern about. I want to add Instagram too, so I'm sorry if I someday spam memes at your chat. I'm a girl and would love to befriend someone around 18 and under. I talk Malay, Indo and English too. You can reply if you want so I can give my UID yay. Ok bye Adios

504 Anonymous5 daysReport

I need help with completing the teapot mission to buy items in other player teapot AR 45 Europe UID 701377476

503 Anonymous6 daysReport

I added you. I'm Gamepad_Legend

502 Anonymous6 daysReport

UID: 727525191 Europe AR 45 LF teapot. co op friends (like doing boss rushes)

501 Anonymous7 daysReport

UID 601714768 NA AR 45 LF co op friends , tea pot , etc

500 Slt.7 daysReport

UID: 822834478 Server: Asia Just want to make some friends, to talk about game and stuff. If you just started, I also can help you in your world and give some advices. I'm 22 years old, currently studying in China on 3rd course in Shanghai University. I like to play guitar, read books, play chess. If someone is interested, feel free to add me in game.

499 Anonymous7 daysReport

Sorry guys that isn't my UID ima have to check again

498 Anonymous7 daysReport

My UID is 9186697924

497 Anonymous7 daysReport

Would like to be able to buy from another teapot's salesman please. 611514243

496 Anonymous7 daysReport

Me too! Not big on co op elsewise 611514243

495 Anonymous7 daysReport

633135154 America server Hablo español And also english, add me AR 44

494 Anonymous7 daysReport


493 Anonymous7 daysReport

hi can i add you?

492 amelskii_8 daysReport

716233024 European server, AR55 (pretty close to 56)

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