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This is Game8's Friend Request Board for Genshin Impact. Use this board for making new in-game friends to play together, including both joining other players' adventures and finding players to join yours!

Genshin Impact Friend Request Board

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1268 Anonymousabout 1 hourReport

Hi I'm American and need help leveling Itto UID: 633842024

1267 Anonymousabout 1 hourReport

Same here UID: 633842024 I've got Noelle and Goro but I'm not very good lol

1266 Anonymousabout 5 hoursReport

heyy!! I need help to build itto too. UID:723130145. I dont have a builded geo character so i cant farm golden wolflord

1265 Anonymousabout 6 hoursReport

Heydo! Looking for genshin friends to help with whatever AR52, im not on 24/7 but i am on daily. Still suck at building so no hate there plz. Uid:739752691 Eu

1264 ZADCHE 1 dayReport

I need help developing itto UID: 737143433 EUROPA

1263 Anonymous2 daysReport

Hi need help with challenge my uid is 740632599 server Europe

1262 1257 uwurai 2 daysReport


1261 Anonymous3 daysReport

Europe 717806448 I'm not very active and I'm shy also bad at communicating with people I will just put this here and you can add me to your friends We can spend some time in each other's worlds

1260 Anonymous4 daysReport

621313502 (NA) need friends for teapot furnishing acceleration (willing to do the same for you upon notifications) Also, world level 7 (AR 54), main qiqi (i like heal), kazuha and ayaka. notify me if you need some co-op help -w-

1259 uwurai 4 daysReport

AR 56

1258 Anonymous5 daysReport

NA 633735614 AR 51 World Lvl 7 Freeze Ganyu Main

1257 uwurai 5 daysReport

Hey hi hey . Teapot friends , im open … yoimiya xo main Genshin Id : 629003566

1256 Anonymous5 daysReport

America server but in NZ 615586136 AR 47 wlvl 5 (6 got too hard need to grind) Main yanfei

1255 Shadow6 daysReport

America server AR 45/World Lvl 4 (I'm holding off ascending lol) UID 648909980 Happy to help out lower level players! I mainly use lvl 80 Xiao, Kaeya, Xiangling, and Razor :) If you add me, feel free to send me a msg if you see me online and wanna co-op

1254 Anonymous6 daysReport

UID 650010805 America server AR 51 We can be a teapot friends, or friends who play with.

1253 Akito6 daysReport

hi i really need some help pls

1252 Anonymous7 daysReport

asia server ar45 world level 5 uid 850150300 Hi Iam a Traveler Main and i need some active friend to play daily online but evening only. Iam still building my characters. I will accept once iam online.

1251 Xyndie7 daysReport

ALSO I just started so once u see my acc don't come @ me TvT

1250 Xyndie7 daysReport

Hi! I'm Xyndie, but most ppl cal me Xyn. I'm friend-starved on Genshin Impact bc most of my friends irl don't play RPG games. What a bunch of losers. Jk- Aaanyway. My UID is 652193182. Add me if you can :).

1249 Anonymous8 daysReport

ar 53 uid 614589267 na hi im luca and i main ganyu and starting xiao :) i love kazuha and ayato my disc is jadeluvr#1105 if its easier to add me that way

1248 Anonymous12 daysReport

854738822 asia ar 35 an old acc of mine that i decided to use again, struggling a little bit, might need help form time to time, not really good at conversations but hey im quite friendly >.<

1247 Anonymous13 daysReport

ar 55 btw 💀

1246 Anonymous13 daysReport

616182630 na wl 8 be my friend pls cuz honestly im really bored and need someone to play with

1245 Anonymous13 daysReport

I send you a friendship request My username is Naomi

1244 Anonymous14 daysReport

UID: 742057830 Server: EU AR 49 looking for friends to play with and need some help farming things, im lowkey shy and i suck at interacting with people but i will try my best :'))

1243 Natsuki17 daysReport

Server: Asia W8 Ar60 Uid: 800207945 PLAY WITH ME!!!

1242 littlebun17 daysReport

North America UID: 646196814 AR55 WL8 Please add for help with traveling salesman. Thanks!

1241 Djonnyc17 daysReport

Needing help to complete some missions, because i don't know why but suddenly the level of the monsters has raised so much i can't beat them anymore. uid: 743763658

1240 Anonymous18 daysReport

Server: NA W8 Ar57 Uid: 628931817 I have a lot of free time as of now so hit me up and I’ll be there. I have discord if you’d like to have a quick conversation or anything. I have nothing to do in genshin so having a friend to play with or help would be appreciated.

1239 fushi18 daysReport

server: Asia WL8 AR 57 UID: 833748777 Looking for friends to chat with and farming buddies. (Small dmg btw only kazuha does a good job) Feel free to add me, I have discord if you like.

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