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Genshin Impact - Questions Board
This is Game8's Questions Board for Genshin Impact. The Questions Board is for asking questions and getting advice from experienced players. If someone else answers your question, pay it forward!

Genshin Impact Questions Board

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159 Anonymous15 daysReport

are there characters that can be built as healers that aren't promoted/showed as healers? in my low ar days, my kaeya used to heal but i never figured out how he was doing it and i can't remember what set of artifacts i had on him :(

158 O*********3 monthsReport

Help i need help 4 fire flower

157 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Itto geo-mc gorou bennet (geo based team) Chongyun kaeya kokomi jean (some sort of freeze team) Ningguang xiangling yun Jin sayu/bennet (geo-pyro)

156 Anonymous4 monthsReport

I need help creating a party. 5 Stars: Itto, Kokomi, Jean, C1 Diluc, Mona 4 Stars: C2 Bennett, C2 Kaeya, C2 Yanfei, C2 Xingqiu, C2 Ningguang, C6 Noelle, C3 Chongyun, C3 Kujou Sara, Razor, C1 Sayu, C2 Xiangling, Aloy, Fischl, Diona, C3 Gorou, C1 Barbara, C1 Rosaria, C1 Beidou, Lisa, Amber, Sucrose, Yun Jin, Xinyan. What would be a good team comp?

155 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Ok hi again, so followup, I think I’m going to be running a Ganyu melt team with bennet and xiangling and maybe sucrose, taser team definitely sounds like fun, should I prioritize Ayato, Yelan, or Kazuha? Also,?if I lose 50/50 to qiqi or keqing(perfer to lose to one of these if luck turns after loss of 50/50), would it be worth it to build a physical dps comp? Possibly qiqi, fischl, yunjin, flex or keqing, kaeya, beidou, yunjin?

154 MY NAME IS CAMMI5 monthsReport


153 YourlocalQiqi5 monthsReport

Is there any easy method for getting your characters to higher constellations? Like a method of increasing your chance to get a character? Sorry, I’m a very new player and is trying to max out my Qiqi.

152 Mew25 monthsReport

Uh I have kujou Sara, Bennett, Jean, qiqi, sucrose, xingqiu, diona, and yanfei. Any recommendations for team comps? I want yanfei or Jean in it tho

151 Anonymous5 monthsReport

She placed many different trees and removed everything out of the serenitea pot still nothing. We even placed in another area after expanding.

150 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Is she placing 20 of them? Are they in the same realm layout? Are they all actually placed? Are they all on the same area? (It might not count if you place some in one "room", and some of them in another "room") Maybe try to remove them all, save the layout, and place them all again? If none of that works, maybe try doing 20 different types of trees or 20 different types of shrubs?

149 Cinnamonsnail 5 monthsReport

Hey there. My friend is currently trying to improve their serenitea pot but she seems to be stuck. The place 20 tree or shrub furnishings adeptal mirror mission has been on 17 for months. She's using landform to place trees as well. Any help is appreciated 🙏

148 Anonymous5 monthsReport

I would suggest a Taser team with sucrose as its driver, especially with your Beidou at C6, comp would likely be Sucrose(driver), Beidou(sub-dps/sheild), fischl(energy/sub-dps), and Xingqiu(sub-dps/hydro applicator). As for investments, you could try and get Kokomi or potentially Ayato or yelan to take place of driver or dps. Kokomi is recommended since there are little to no heals outside of Xingqiu in this comp

147 Anonymous5 monthsReport

Hi, I need some help with teams and investments. Lvl character constellation, 90 raiden, 80 Xingqiu 3, 80 xiangling 2, 80 Jean, 80 Ganyu, 80 Diluc 1, 80 Diona 2, 80 Xinyan 1, 80 Beidou 6, 75 Yae, 75 Kaeya 4, 73 Barbara 4, 70 Sara 3, 70 fishcl, 70 yanfei 5, 60 Rosaria 2, 60 Lisa, 55 sayu 2, 50 alloy, 50 yunjin, 50 noelle 1, 50 ninguang 1, 50 razor 1, 50 Thoma 2, 50 amber, 20 Chongyun. Weapons: skyward harp, primordial jade, Aquila favonia. Current plan is one raiden yae sara Jean, thoughts?

146 Anonymous5 monthsReport

i still don't know which elements is better for pyro slimes hydro or electro or maybe cyro btw the charecters i am using are lisa, xingque and chongyun

145 Alice6 monthsReport

Ok, thanks. That's good to know.

144 Anonymous6 monthsReport

If you're in a certain radius of the boss location after you defeat them, they wont respawn. If you're outside that radius, you can challenge it again once the timer in the adventure handbook is up.

143 Alice6 monthsReport

Hi! I've noticed that sometimes the bosses spawn right away when I teleport near them after defeating them, and sometimes it takes longer (5+ minutes). For example, during the Lantern Rite, I used the waverider to get to the Geo Hypostasis, and it would be there every time. The electro hypostasis doesn't always do this, but the cryo regisvine does sometimes. What determines the spawn time? Does it matter if I use domains vs waypoints to teleport away? Thanks.

142 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Is it just me, or does Baizhu look a lot like Kamisato Ayato’s art from Genshin JP twiter?

141 Anonymous6 monthsReport

jean i part of xiao's best team comp and xiangling is one of the best sub dps so those would be worth investing in

140 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Guys i need advise last month i got xiao and now he is at level 60 and my electro traveler is at level 50. And barbera is at level 40. And now i got jean and also unlocked xiangling so suggest team of xiao,jean,xiangling and electro traveler is worth considering or not ?

139 Anonymous7 monthsReport

get more EM artifacts

138 Anonymous7 monthsReport

how do I get a higher level of element mastery on the traveler character(Anemo)?

137 Anonymous7 monthsReport

That's celestia!

136 Anonymous7 monthsReport

When I climb to the top of the teleport waypoint building that’s next to the cathedral in monstadt, to the left of the cathedral is a floating island sort of thing, is this a glitch or does anyone else see it? If so, do you know what it is?

135 Anonymous7 monthsReport

i have these characters currently c0 keqing,c2 xiangling, c2 xinqiue and c1 bennett, this is my main team. my other characters are kujou sara,diona,barbara,chongyun,fischl,gorou,noelle,kaeya. so do i need to do any changes

134 Anonymous7 monthsReport

You can purchase on the official website instead.

133 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Whenever I try to buy Genesis crystals for Genshin it tells me to "pay on the account I registered my account on" which was on my phone. And my phone is broken and won't let me do anything on it. What should I do?

132 Anonymous7 monthsReport

hitting a weak point will be a critical hit. not because it changes your crit rate or anything, but a weak point is guaranteed to be a crit hit.

131 Anonymous7 monthsReport

try waiting until ar 45!! when the highest level of artifact domains unlock that would be a great time to start farming, because at least one 5 star artifact will drop every time. save up some fragile resin too and you'll be all good. work with what you have for now but go for it when you can :)

130 Anonymous7 monthsReport

Is it okay to farm artifacts at AR 41 or i should use common artifacts? What should i do

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