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Genshin Impact - Questions Board
This is Game8's Questions Board for Genshin Impact. The Questions Board is for asking questions and getting advice from experienced players. If someone else answers your question, pay it forward!

Genshin Impact Questions Board

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91 Anonymous2 daysReport

In my opinion the best option is farming (chest, secundary missions and world missions), daily missions and the abyss.

90 Anonymous gurl 3 daysReport

What would be the quickest way to earn primogems? I have been grinding and haven’t gotten anywhere yet.

89 Regalia11 daysReport

Either claymore-wielding or geo-damaging characters can bring down geo constructs from the geo cube effectively. They're also essential for quickly bringing down the rock pillars in its revival state. The geo cube is immune to geo damage so I highly recommend to go for a claymore-wielding character.

88 Anonymous11 daysReport

When fighting the geo cube I've seen some players play with geo characters, is that the right element I should bring when fighting it?

87 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Ascension Bonus Stat Hu Tao Crit dmg at 0% or 50%

86 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Also one thing viverdescent has crowd control which works really well for childe. definitely viverdescent.

85 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Only EM on Circlet

84 Ayaka and Razor mainabout 2 monthsReport

Does Circulet have EM or ER main Stats?

83 Joyeuseabout 2 monthsReport

Altho, Xingqiu instead of albedo (while you might not like it) might be something to look at

82 Joyeuseabout 2 monthsReport

Don't run barb over bennett, while vaporize is nice, barb ain't great for that job and bennett has too much to offer for your team

81 Joyeuseabout 2 monthsReport

On 4pc blizz strayer, 30//200 sounds heckin ideal, but on non-blizz, unless you have time to waste on running abyss constantly for the perfect run, defo more crit rate. I'm actually also rather curious on an ideal cr/cd ratio on freeze comp, blizz strayer 4pc ayaka

80 Ayaka and Razor mainabout 2 monthsReport

Anyone else think this ratio is good I would like to more thoughts on the 30:200 ratio. No offense tho I just want to see what people think about it

79 Sythraabout 2 monthsReport

I would go Klee, Albedo, Kazuha and Bennett because Barbara inflicts hydro constantly and will freeze easily

78 Unknown Account about 2 monthsReport

If I hit an enemy in a weak point does that count as CRIT DMG?

77 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

160 crit damage is a bit low.. i dont think you should be focusing on atk substats over crit. 68% crit rate without blizzard strayer 4p effect up is kind of overkill... like i said you only need around 30% crit rate and with cryo res and blizzard strayer it should become 85% lmao your crit ratio should be around 30:200+ because a crit build will always outdamage an atk build

76 Ayaka and Razor mainabout 2 monthsReport

I mean I am using a Freeze comp. which is Ayaka Xingqiu Chongyun and Barbara Dps 2(Batteries) Sheild and heal So the total crit rate and dmg + harbinger of dawn Is I think 68 crit rate and 160% crit dmg This way I only need to focus atk% as my sub stats

75 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

2. harbinger of dawn is crit dmg right.. if it is definitely grind for a crit rate circlet unless you have good crit rate substats.. with 4p blizzard 25-30% crit rate is good enough, even better if you have cryo resonance (diona is good and her shield will help you keep harbingers passive up) ideally a crit dmg circlet would be better since ultimately you'll hit a lot harder with one but its gonna be useless if youre never gonna crit lol

74 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

not the person you replied to but most likely next year. mihoyo is focusing on inazuma rn and the only reruns we'll get are liyue characters plus albedo (maybe not even him bc of low sales during his first banner) venti is really popular and is "meta" so i'm sure he will come back eventually after mhy starts releasing filler updates again preceding sumeru LOL

73 Ayaka and Razor mainabout 2 monthsReport

Do you mind giving me an estimate it would happen again really that is all I am asking when idc if it is not coming soon I just wanna know when

72 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Venti rerun is very unlikely to happen for a good while. He already had his second rerun while there are lots of new Inazuma characters to be released plus other first reruns.

71 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

1. I think venti rerun will be in 2022 2. definitely crit dmg cuz blizzard slayer 4 pc gives additional crit rate 3. mona, diona you can use ganyu if u have her but thats just stupid

70 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

1.When is it most likely going to most likely to be a venti rerun? 2.I am using Harbringer of Dawn for Ayaka should I grind a crit rate or crit dmg circulet? 3.In a freeze team comp for Ayaka which characters other than Xingqiu should I use?

69 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Always try to have 1 to 2 ratio between crate to cdmg, ideal would be 70% crate, then you can continue building cdmg

68 Razorbuild2 monthsReport

Question: I'm currently building my Razor with 140 phy DMG and 57 CRIT : 138 CRT DMG. Do I need to build more crit DMG or crit rate ??

67 Anonymous3 monthsReport

soon apparently for the anniversary moon eventamajiggy

66 Anonymous3 monthsReport

When will Ganyu Comeback?

65 Anonymous3 monthsReport

The crit rate substat on VH makes building Childe a lot easier, since his ascension stat is Hydro DMG instead of crit which most other 5 stars have. The passive is also very satisfying in melee mode and fun to play. Rust is still very good as well (it looks better with his colour palette, at least). The passive is also great. If you have VH, use it but if not, use Rust since it's basically his BiS 4 star.

64 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Use Bennett instead of Barbara. You can get pyro resonance with Klee which gives +25% attack and his elemental burst gives attack buff and healing, whereas Barbara just heals.

63 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I prefer Rust, mainly because I have it R3 and I don't buy BP :P Honestly, I'd still prefer Rust if I had the other one because it really suits Tartaglia and has the same color palette as Childe himself. But I bet this Crit main stat of Viridescent is sick...

62 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Question for Childe mains, which Weapon you guys prefer for DPS, Viridescent Hunt, or Rust?

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