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Genshin Impact - Questions Board
This is Game8's Questions Board for Genshin Impact. The Questions Board is for asking questions and getting advice from experienced players. If someone else answers your question, pay it forward!

Genshin Impact Questions Board

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135 Anonymous8 daysReport

i have these characters currently c0 keqing,c2 xiangling, c2 xinqiue and c1 bennett, this is my main team. my other characters are kujou sara,diona,barbara,chongyun,fischl,gorou,noelle,kaeya. so do i need to do any changes

134 Anonymous16 daysReport

You can purchase on the official website instead.

133 Anonymous16 daysReport

Whenever I try to buy Genesis crystals for Genshin it tells me to "pay on the account I registered my account on" which was on my phone. And my phone is broken and won't let me do anything on it. What should I do?

132 Anonymous16 daysReport

hitting a weak point will be a critical hit. not because it changes your crit rate or anything, but a weak point is guaranteed to be a crit hit.

131 Anonymous16 daysReport

try waiting until ar 45!! when the highest level of artifact domains unlock that would be a great time to start farming, because at least one 5 star artifact will drop every time. save up some fragile resin too and you'll be all good. work with what you have for now but go for it when you can :)

130 Anonymous22 daysReport

Is it okay to farm artifacts at AR 41 or i should use common artifacts? What should i do

129 ..about 1 monthReport


128 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Of course a 5-star weapon is better than a 4-star; the passive skills of the polar star are also very good for Amber.

127 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

The reason your burst is low is because your base damage is also low. White Tassel (or any 3 star weapon) is not the best option if you want high damage output, even if your crit ration is high. Deathmatch or Blackcliff Pole are your best options for 4-stars. Also, the majority of Hu Tao's damage is focused on her E-Skill and charged attack. I honestly reccomend a full set of crimson witch or shimenawa.

126 ..about 1 monthReport

I use 2P noblesse + 2P crimson witch

125 ..about 1 monthReport

Hi, I am Hu Tao main , I have a good ratio for thethe crit but I don't get that insane dmg with her Burst my highest dmg was 50K my talents :7/7/7 And my crit ratio: 40R/220D Btw I use white tassel R5

124 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

How do percentage of artifacts on weapons work? Do they scale off base attack or base hp or after other artifacts?

123 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Nevermind! I solved my issue!

122 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Hello! I'm attempting Orobashi's Legacy quest Part 3,however, to collect the warding pearl, I've already defeated the three abyss mages long ago as I randomly encountered them before doing Orobashi's legacy quest. Is there any possible way to reset the challenge? Or is the another place to find the second item needed for the Ward?

121 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

is polar star okay for amber? or should i keep prototype crescent? i don't have any other bows for her...

120 Anonymous2 monthsReport


119 Anonymous2 monthsReport

should i use thoma or diluc as main pyro dps, i need to pick one to level up but im not sure

118 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Hello! Can someone explain enemy level colors to me? When I tried fighting Level 90 domain enemies with a mostly Level 80 team, I see their level in Red colour. I do have rather underleveled weapons, around Level 6 talents, only barely to medium built artifacts. However, I saw videos on Youtube where the characters are Level 80 but the Level 90 enemies appear as Green. Does anyone know what factor(s) determine this? Is it character Level or others? TY very much!

117 Celeste 2 monthsReport

Ok, thanks for the tips! 😁

116 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Here's my tip to increase your luck: Try to pull when the banner is ending. Maybe H-1 or H-2 before the banner end. And do the wish on Venti's statue on Mondstats at 00:00 o'clock. My sis did this and she got Kazuha and Jean, not in one pull but she got soft pity. This is only for the limited banner characters. I don't know about the limited banner weapon or standard banner.

115 Celeste 2 monthsReport

Hey yall’, How many of you been blessed by the MIHOYO gods and got a 5 star in their first 10 pull. (And does anyone know why I’m so unlucky?)

114 Anonymous3 monthsReport


113 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Hu Hao is amazing with Xingqiu but not with Bennett, due to Hu Tao needing to stay under 50% HP to deal more Pyro dmg, and Bennett would just heal her all the way up which would be a big DPS loss for Hu Tao. You would also like to use a shielder 'cause Hu Tao is on constant life support and it would be smart roaming around with no shielder of any kind in your team.

112 Anonymous3 monthsReport

I just pulled Hu Tao. Is a good team comp Xingqiu, Fischl, and bennet?

111 Anonymous3 monthsReport

if u want off field damage, then xiangling.. if u want a shielder, with some damage then thoma

110 Anonymous3 monthsReport

i want to wish for thoma but i have xiangling.which is better xiangling or thoma?

109 Anonymous3 monthsReport

oh, okay. thanks!

108 Anonymous3 monthsReport

It is random

107 Anonymous3 monthsReport

Is there a pattern to the items dropped by field bosses? Say, if I fight the same hypostasis twice in a row, is it likely that I'll get less rewards the second time or is it completely random?

106 Anonymous gurl3 monthsReport

You got Raiden! That’s nice, i kept wishing and only got Yanfei. Wanna play online co-op sometime?

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