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Genshin Impact - List of Swords

A list of all Swords found in Genshin Impact. Read on to see the rarity and base atk for all swords!

List of Swords

Weapon Base Atk Rarity
Summit Shaper ImageSummit Shaper 46 ★★★★★
Aquila Favonia ImageAquila Favonia 48 ★★★★★
Skyward Blade ImageSkyward Blade 46 ★★★★★
Freedom-Sworn ImageFreedom-Sworn ★★★★★
Primordial Jade Cutter ImagePrimordial Jade Cutter 44 ★★★★★
Royal Longsword ImageRoyal Longsword 42 ★★★★
Blackcliff Longsword ImageBlackcliff Longsword 44 ★★★★
Favonius Sword ImageFavonius Sword 41 ★★★★
The Flute ImageThe Flute 42 ★★★★
Sacrificial Sword ImageSacrificial Sword 41 ★★★★
Prototype Rancour ImagePrototype Rancour 44 ★★★★
LionLion's Roar 42 ★★★★
Sword of Descension ImageSword of Descension 39 ★★★★
The Alley Flash ImageThe Alley Flash 45 ★★★★
Festering Desire ImageFestering Desire 42 ★★★★
Iron Sting ImageIron Sting 42 ★★★★
The Black Sword ImageThe Black Sword 42 ★★★★
Fillet Blade ImageFillet Blade 39 ★★★
Cool Steel ImageCool Steel 39 ★★★
Harbinger of Dawn ImageHarbinger of Dawn 39 ★★★
Skyrider Sword ImageSkyrider Sword 38 ★★★
TravelerTraveler's Handy Sword 40 ★★★
Dark Iron Sword ImageDark Iron Sword 39 ★★★
Silver Sword ImageSilver Sword 33 ★★
Dull Blade ImageDull Blade 23

Genshin Impact Weapons

All Weapons

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List of Weapons

List of Weapons by Rarity

All Weapons by Rarity
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★★★ ★★

List of Weapons by Type

All Weapons by Type
Swords Claymores Polearms
Bows Catalysts

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