Genshin Impact

Bedtime Story Archon Quest Guide

Genshin Impact - Bedtime Story Archon Quest Guide

Bedtime Story is Act 6 of the Chapter 4 Archon Quest in Genshin Impact 4.7. See its release date, how to unlock this quest, all known info about it here in this guide!

How to Unlock Bedtime Story

Complete 4 Act 4 Archon Quest

Quest Unlock Requirements
Genshin - Bedtime Story
Reach Adventure Rank 40+
Genshin Impact - Masquerade of the Guilty  Archon Quest Chapter 4: Act 5
Masquerade of the Guilty
Genshin Impact - Caribert  Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act VI

You can unlock Chapter 4, Act 6 - Bedtime Story by completing the Chapter 4, Act 5: Masquerade of the Guilty, as well as Chapter 3, Act 6: Caribert! You must have also reached Adventure Rank 40+ to unlock the Bedtime Story!

All Archon Quests Guide

Bedtime Story Archon Quest Walkthrough

Cold Case Commission

Genshin Impact - Cold Case Commission Archon Quest Guide

Cold Case Commission is the first subquest of Bedtime Story Archon Quest which starts in Sumeru City, after talking to Katheryne of the Adventurer's Guild. The residents of Vimara Village have apparently reported a missing person, and commissioned the Guild to locate this person.

Cold Case Commission Quest Guide

Cold Case Commission Steps

  • Go to the Sumeru Adventurers' Guild
  • Go to Vimara Village
  • Talk to Bahram
  • Talk to Amadhiah
  • Go to the place indicated by Atossa
  • Defeat the Abyss Order monsters
  • Talk to Atossa

Memories That Should Not Exist

Genshin Impact - Memories That Should Not Exist Archon Quest Guide

Memories That Should Not Exist is the second subquest of Bedtime Story, where we go to the Place of Revelations, the place where Dainsleif supposedly hid the eye of the Field Tiller.

Memories That Should Not Exist Quest Guide

Memories That Should Not Exist Steps

  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Talk to Dainsleif
  • Go to the place where the Eye is
  • Enter the depths of the ruin
  • Defeat the Abyss Herald
  • Talk to Dainsleif

World-Order Narration

Genshin Impact - World-Order Narration Archon Quest Guide

World-Order Narration is the third and last subquest of Bedtime Story, where we go directly inside Atossa's Memory from when she still knows Caribert, after heading out of the Place of Revelations. The Traveler and Paimon also realizes that the previously-agitated Hilichurls are now surprisingly calm.

World-Order Narration Quest Guide

World-Order Narration Steps

  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Check on the hilichurl
  • Talk to Amadhiah
  • Talk to Bahram
  • Deduce your current situation
  • Go to the place Atossa once indicated
  • Enter the realm of consciousness
  • Talk to Caribert
  • Talk to your sibling
  • Return to Vimara Village
  • Look for Atossa

Bedtime Story Archon Quest Information

Act 6 of Archon Quest Chapter 4

Genshin - Act 6 of Archon Quest Chapter 4

Bedtime Story is Act 6 of Chapter 4 of the Archon Quests, where we pick up where we left off from the Caribert Quest. Uncover the Five Sinners of Khaenri'ah, the true purpose of the completed Loom of Fate, and help Dainsleif thwart the plans of the Abyss Order in Bedtime Story!

List of Archon Quests

Bedtime Story Release Date

Released in Version 4.7

Genshin Impact Version 4.7
Genshin Impact - Version 4.7
Release Date June 5, 2024

Bedtime Story was released at the same time as Version 4.7 last June 5, 2024!

Version 4.7 Release Date, and Details

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1 Prelude of Blancheur and Noirceur 2 As Light Rain Falls Without Reason
3 To the Stars Shining in the Depths 4 Cataclysm's Quickening
5 Masquerade of the Guilty Bedtime Story
List of Temples
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