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How to Get Crimson Agate and Effects

This is a guide to all the Crimson Agate Locations in Genshin Impact. Head out to Dragonspine and obtain all the Crimson Agate to level up the Frostbearing Tree!

Crimson Agate Map

Note: We will update the map as we find more crimson agates and change to an English version soon.

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge

We will update with guides for all Crimson Agate Locations soon!

Crimson Agates 1 to 10

1 Genshin - Crimson Agate 1 LocationEnlarge
Inside a wind barrier. Gather the 3 Anemograna around the barrier to form an Upcurrent and glide to the Crimson Agate.
2 Genshin - Crimson Agate 2 LocationEnlarge
In midair over a pond. Gather the 3 Anemograna over the pond to form an Upcurrent and glide to the Crimson Agate.
3 Genshin - Crimson Agate 3 LocationEnlarge
On top of a cliff ledge and easy to spot, no need to break it free.
4 Genshin - Crimson Agate 4 LocationEnlarge
Floating off the cliffside, climb further up and float down.
5 Genshin - Crimson Agate 5 LocationEnlarge
Under some Ancient Rime. Find some Scarlet Quartz to break it.
6 Genshin - Crimson Agate 6 LocationEnlarge
On a cliff top. It's pretty high up, so watch out for sheer cold.
7 Genshin - Crimson Agate 7 LocationEnlarge
On top of one of the large bones, climb up to take it.
8 Genshin - Crimson Agate 8 LocationEnlarge
Beside the Frostbearing Tree, on the right.
9 Genshin - Crimson Agate 9 LocationEnlarge
On top of a cliff top, climb up to get it.
10 Genshin - Crimson Agate 10 LocationEnlarge
Above a tree. We recommend gliding down from above to get it.

Crimson Agates 11 to 20

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
11 Genshin - Crimson Agate 11 LocationEnlarge
Hovering over a tree.
12 Genshin - Crimson Agate 12 LocationEnlarge
Floating mid-air close to the Statue of the Seven.
13 Genshin - Crimson Agate 13 LocationEnlarge
This can be a bit hard to find, as it's below some cliff outcrops. Follow the coastline and you should spot it.
14 Genshin - Crimson Agate 14 LocationEnlarge
Floating mid-air, so you will need to use the nearby Anemograna or float down from the Statue of the Seven.
15 Genshin - Crimson Agate 15 LocationEnlarge
Above a tree, you can reach it by climbing it.
16 Genshin - Crimson Agate 16 LocationEnlarge
Out over the sea, east of the waypoint.
17 Genshin - Crimson Agate 17 LocationEnlarge
Floating mid-air, but you can get it by jumping from a nearby mountain top.
18 Genshin - Crimson Agate 18 LocationEnlarge
Floating below one of the pillar paths in the large cave.
19 Genshin - Crimson Agate 19 LocationEnlarge
Under the spiraling steps of a cave in Skyfrost Nail. Accessible by gliding.
20 Genshin - Crimson Agate 20 LocationEnlarge
In between a stalactite and stalagmite formation inside of a cave in Skyfrost Nail.

Crimson Agates 21 to 30

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
21 Genshin - Crimson Agate 21 LocationEnlarge
Under an ice platform at the pond in the lowest level of of a cave in Skyfrost Nail. Step on the plaform and wait for it to shatter.
22 Genshin - Crimson Agate 22 LocationEnlarge
On top of a ledge. It can be hard to spot, but you can use the nearby Anemograna to reach it.
23 Genshin - Crimson Agate 23 LocationEnlarge
On top of the Hilichurl building. There's a Frostarm Lawachurl nearby, so watch out for that!
24 Dragonspire_24_Genshin_Impact.jpgEnlarge
Mid-air over a ruin's pillar ring near the Teleport Waypoint in Starglow Cavern. Reach it by gliding down.
25 Genshin - Crimson Agate 25 LocationEnlarge
On top of a cliff top.
26 Genshin - Crimson Agate 26 LocationEnlarge
Above the pillar archway of some ruins. Located in the southern coast of Dragonspire.
27 Genshin - Crimson Agate 27 LocationEnlarge
On top of a mountain top, but by a spot that can be hard to climb so watch your stamina or use the nearby Anemograna.
28 Genshin - Crimson Agate 28 LocationEnlarge
On top of a cliff top.
29 Genshin - Crimson Agate 29 LocationEnlarge
Hidden behind a gate, so you need to access from the opposite side. See the guide below!
30 Genshin - Crimson Agate 30 LocationEnlarge
At the top of a broken bridge by two Hilichurls.

21. Step on the Ice Platform


The Crimson Agate is under an ice platform. Step on it and wait for it to shatter for you to grab the Crimson Agate underneath.

29. Use the Mechanism and Destroy the Wall

Down the western path from the Teleport Way point by the Starglow Cavern text you can find one of the floating Ruin Turrets. Defeat it and find the nearby Cryo-activated pillars to unlock the mechanism needed to lower the water by the bridge.

Once lowered, you can glide down and destroy the wall at the end of the cavern to get the Crimson Agate. You can also open the door from there and make a shortcut!

Crimson Agates 31 to 40

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
31 Genshin - Crimson Agate 31 LocationEnlarge
Located near a mountain slope. Accessible by climbing.
32 Genshin - Crimson Agate 32 LocationEnlarge
Hidden in a small dip in the mountain top.
33 Genshin - Crimson Agate 33 LocationEnlarge
Hovering above a tree in the Entombed City Outskirts. Watch for the Mitachurl and its allies.
34 Genshin - Crimson Agate 34 LocationEnlarge
Find a nearby Scarlet Quartz and destroy the Ancient Rime to get it.
35 Genshin - Crimson Agate 35 LocationEnlarge
Fly down from above to get this Crimson Agate floating high above ground.
36 Genshin - Crimson Agate 36 LocationEnlarge
In a chest after solving the puzzle and defeating the Ruin Grader above.
37 Genshin - Crimson Agate 37 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the nearby Hilichurls to unlock the Treasure Chest. The Agate is inside it.
38 Genshin - Crimson Agate 38 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the nearby Ruin Grader to unlock the Chest and get the Agate.
39 Genshin - Crimson Agate 39 LocationEnlarge
Clear the puzzle to the Chest containing a Crimson Agate.
40 Genshin - Crimson Agate 40 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the nearby Hilichurls to unlock the Chest with the Agate.

Crimson Agates 41 to 50

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
41 Genshin - Crimson Agate 41 LocationEnlarge
On a small island some ways out, hidden in some Ancient Rime and a Chest. See the guide below for tips!
42 Genshin - Crimson Agate 42 LocationEnlarge
Floating mid-air, glide down from a higher point to get it.
43 Genshin - Crimson Agate 43 LocationEnlarge
Found in a chest unlocked by finding the Warming Seelie and defeating a Ruin Grader.
44 Genshin - Crimson Agate 44 LocationEnlarge
In the same spot as 29. Use the nearby Scarlet Quartz to free a mechanism, then use the mechanism to free the Chest the Agate is hidden in.
45 Genshin - Crimson Agate 45 LocationEnlarge
Follow the leads from the Ragged Records found by Agate 29 and 44. You will find a Chest with another Crimson Agate inside.
46 Genshin - Crimson Agate 46 LocationEnlarge
In the cave below where you got Agate 36.
47 Genshin - Crimson Agate 47 LocationEnlarge
On a clifftop.
48 Genshin - Crimson Agate 48 LocationEnlarge
You need to have cleared the three Ancient Rime Shard needed for In the Mountains to reach this cave.
49 Genshin - Crimson Agate 49 LocationEnlarge
Above some frozen water in a cave.
50 Genshin - Crimson Agate 50 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl and open the Treasure Chest.

41. Nearest Scarlet Quartz is south of Dadaupa Gorge

Genshin - Scarlet Agate closest to Crimson Agate 41

There's a Scarlet Quartz located on the coast north of the small island for Crimson Agate 41 that is considerably closer than the one to the west.

Crimson Agates 51 to 60

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
51 Genshin - Crimson Agate 51 LocationEnlarge
On the pillar next to the Warp Point.
52 Genshin - Crimson Agate 52 LocationEnlarge
On a tilted pillar close to the wall.
53 Genshin - Crimson Agate 53 LocationEnlarge
In a Treasure Chest. Defeat a Frostarm Lawachurl to get it.
54 Genshin - Crimson Agate 54 LocationEnlarge
In a Treasure Chest behind a gate. You need to activate two nearby mechanisms to unlock it, but one is hidden under Ancient Rime. You can find a Scarlet Quartz to break it further up or down the path and will probably need to sprint to make it.
55 Genshin - Crimson Agate 55 LocationEnlarge
Floating mid-air over some ruins.
56 Genshin - Crimson Agate 56 LocationEnlarge
Mid-air close to Agate 55, in the middle of the air stream.
57 Genshin - Crimson Agate 57 LocationEnlarge
In a Treasure Chest in front of the new Domain.
58 Genshin - Crimson Agate 58 LocationEnlarge
Close to the very top of Dragonspine.
59 Genshin - Crimson Agate 59 LocationEnlarge
In a Treasure Chest close to the top of Draginspine.
60 Genshin - Crimson Agate 60 LocationEnlarge
At the very top of Dragonspine.

Crimson Agates 61 to 70

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
61 Genshin - Crimson Agate 61 LocationEnlarge
On top of the floating pillar. You reach it, you first need to active the leading to it.
62 Genshin - Crimson Agate 62 LocationEnlarge
In the Chest from clearing the Time Trial.
63 Genshin - Crimson Agate 63 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the nearby Hilichurls and open the Treasure Chest.
64 Genshin - Crimson Agate 64 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl and open the Treasure Chest.
65 Genshin - Crimson Agate 65 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the Fatui and open the Treasure Chest.
66 Genshin - Crimson Agate 66 LocationEnlarge
Hidden in a hard to spot Treasure Chest.
67 Genshin - Crimson Agate 67 LocationEnlarge
On a clifftop. It's high up, so keep an eye on your Sheer Cold gauge!
68 Genshin - Crimson Agate 68 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the Boar King and open the Treasure Chest.
69 Genshin - Crimson Agate 69 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the nearby Hilichurls and open the Treasure Chest.
70 Genshin - Crimson Agate 70 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the nearby Fatui and open the Treasure Chest.

Crimson Agates 71 to 80

Genshin - Crimson Agate MapEnlarge
71 Genshin - Crimson Agate 71 LocationEnlarge
Stand on the 8 platforms in the correct order to get a Treasure Chest. Claim the Agate from it.
72 Genshin - Crimson Agate 72 LocationEnlarge
Clear the Time Trial and open the Treasure Chest.
73 Genshin - Crimson Agate 73 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the Frostarm Lawachurl and open the Treasure Chest.
74 Genshin - Crimson Agate 74 LocationEnlarge
Defeat the Ruin Turret and activate the mechanism. You can get the Agate in the Chest after the water disappears.
75 Genshin - Crimson Agate 75 LocationEnlarge
Clear the Time Trial and open the Chest.
76 Genshin - Crimson Agate 76 LocationEnlarge
Floating mid-air near a clifftop above Agate 39.
77 Genshin - Crimson Agate 77 LocationEnlarge
In the Secret Room accessible after finding all three Dragonspine boxes.
78 Genshin - Crimson Agate 78 LocationEnlarge
Treasure Chest awarded for solving the 8 Stone Tablet puzzle.
79 Genshin - Crimson Agate 79 LocationEnlarge
Close to the very top of Dragonspine. Glide down from the top to reach it.
80 Genshin - Crimson Agate - 80.jpg
After completing the Lost in the Snow world quest, you will need to feed the fox in Joel's last camp for 5 days to receive the chest.

Crimson Wish Guide

How to Unlock Crimson Wishes

Genshin - Frostbearing Tree - Crimson Wishes

After gathering enough Crimson Agates to level the Frostbearing Tree to level 8, you will unlock Crimson Wishes, which will be the only way to get Agates once you have found the ones spread out in the Dragonspine area.

Crimson Wishes reset every Monday and Friday

At the server reset time on Mondays and Fridays, the Frostbearing Tree will renew the Crimson Wish, allowing you to find 5 new Crimson Agates to level it up.

Once the Tree is at max level, the Crimson Wishes also stop appearing.

How to Use Crimson Agate


Similar to offering an Anemoculus or a Geoculus to a Statue of the Seven, Crimson Agate can be offered to the Frostbearing Tree to obtain rewards.

Frostbearing Tree Rewards

Crimson Agate Effects and Basic Information

Crimson Agate ImageCrimson Agate Rarity -
Type Precious Items
Effect Coming soon.

A type of crystal formed from the combination of concentrated life force with an energy unique to Dragonspire. Makes for an ideal nutrient for growing Frostbearing Trees.

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