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Genshin Impact - Scaramouche Release Date and Details

Scaramouche, also known as Kunikuzushi, is the 6th Fatui Harbinger, "the Balladeer", in Genshin Impact. Learn more about Scaramouche's confirmed character info, voice actor, story appearances, voicelines about Kunikuzushi, and our predictions for his possible release!

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Latest News About Scaramouche

Sumeru Archon Quest Chapter 3: Act 3 or 4

Genshin - Scaramouche in Version 3.1
In the 3.1 Livestream, Scaramouche was shown in the teaser and will likely play a role in the latest Archon Quests! Chapter 3: Act 3 and Act 4 will release in Version 3.1, on September 28, 2022.

Version 3.1 Livestream Summary

Scaramouche's (Kunikuzushi) Character Information

Scaramouche's Character Profile

Balladeer, the 6th Fatui Harbinger
Genshin Impact - Scaramouche
Rating and Rarity are currently unknown.

Weapon: Question Mark

Element: Question Mark

JP Voice Actor: Kakihara Tetsuya

Scaramouche Vision and Weapon

Possible Electro Vision

There is still no confirmation as to what Scaramouche's Element and Vision is until now, even with the release of the Archon Quest in the Version 2.1 Update.

His outfit suggests that he might be an Electro user, but it also might just represent his Inazuman origins.

Weapon is still unconfirmed

Similiar to his Vision, we have yet to see Scaramouche use any weapon. We will update once we have more information.

Other New & Upcoming Characters

Scaramouche's Release Date

Release Date Unconfirmed

Although Scaramouche has appeared in different versions since Version 1.1, there has been no mention of him becoming a playable character. Kunikuzushi has been mentioned in other characters' ''About...'' voicelines, however, so it's likely that Scaramouche will release in the future as a playable character!

Version Update & Banner Schedules

Possible Future Release in Later Versions

There aren't a lot of information available about Scaramouche, and some details are still a mystery such as his rarity, and his weapon. What weapon do you think he will wield? When do you think we'll see more of him? Feel free to discuss in the comments section below!

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Scaramouche (Kunikuzushi) In-Game Information

Sixth of the Fatui Harbingers

Scaramouche, or otherwise known as either Kunikuzushi or the Balladeer, is the 6th member of the Fatui Harbingers, a group of elite soldiers and officers based in Snezhnaya serving under the Cryo Archon, the Tsaritsa.

All Members of the Harbingers

Fatui Harbingers
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Genshin - ScaramoucheScaramouche
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Genshin - TartagliaTartaglia
Genshin - DottoreDottore Genshin - ArlecchinoArlecchino
Genshin - SandroneSandrone Genshin - CapitanoCapitano

The Eleven Fatui Harbingers

Scaramouche's Real Identity

Ei's Puppet

Before creating the Raiden Shogun puppet, Ei first created a prototype puppet, resulting in Kunikuzushi. Not wanting to kill him, Ei sealed his powers instead and let him roam Inazuma freely even when he woke up from slumber.

Some time after, the Fatui discovered Kunikuzushi and unlocked the seal that was placed on him and added him to the ranks of the Fatui as the 5th Fatui Harbinger.

Related to the Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact Set

The Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact Set detailed parts of Scaramouche's past, from his creation by Ei to his travels in Inazuma, his choosing of his own name, as well as his eventual return as a Fatui Harbinger.

According to the artifacts' description, Scaramouche was meant to be a vessel for a 'heart' but was deemed too fragile due to crying in his sleep. He woke up for unknown reasons, observed humans and desired a heart, as was his original purpose.

Artifact Piece Archive Description
Genshin - Husk of Opulent Dreams - Skeletal HatSkeletal Hat Skeletal Hat
''Where are you going, wanderer?''
The roving youth was stopped by a child's shout.
That was a child of a Tatarasuna crafts-person, and while he was ill, his eyes were still clear.
The youth told the child that he was bound for Inazuma City.
''But it's raining really hard right now. They say that the people who left haven't returned!''
The youth opened and closed his mouth a few times... But at last could only give the child a small smile.
When The next time he set foot upon that island, that child was nowhere to be found.

''Where are you going, Inazuman? This boat is not for you!''
The wandering young man was halted at the harbor by a boatman.
But before the youth could draw his blade, a man in his company stopped him.
The man told the mariner that the outlander youth was with him.
''Ah, so he's your guest, sir? My apologies for my presumption.''
The man gave the youth a coat to keep the cold out, but the youth shook his head.
He had no need of such things — he only wished to know what interesting things he might find on this long journey.

''Lord Harbinger. Where are you headed?''
The youth, hating chatty humans the most, gave his subordinate a backhand slap.
But he also loved watching expressions of terror and helplessness play across human faces,
And it was perhaps precisely because of this imbecilic underling's expressiveness that he had kept them around.
with He told the groveling, quailing figure that they were headed east, for Mondstadt.
''I understand! I'll get your bodyguards ready right now!''
He had no need of guards, of course, but he was lazier still to barter words with cretins.
Donning his wanderer's hat, he headed eastward alone.

''Child, where are you going?''
Returning home, the youth was stopped at the roadside by an old woman.
He told her that he was going west.
''To Yashiori Island, then? What business are you on?''
She had said this thoughtlessly, knowing only that things had not been peaceful of late.
The youth thanked her for her concern with earnest smile and told her that he was bound for an appointed meeting.
As the boat gradually approached the shore, a lady in foreign garb could be seen standing by the shoreline,
And she threw a small crystal sphere at the youth from afar. Catching it with ease, he lifted it up to the dying, bloodied sun.
Genshin - Husk of Opulent Dreams - Calabash of AwakeningCalabash of Awakening Calabash of Awakening
Amenoma, Futsu, Isshin, Hyakume, Senju.
These were, once upon a time, the five branches of the Raiden Gokaden.
But today, only Amenoma still maintains its line of succession.
While the Isshin line can just barely be said to have extant descendants.
In the eyes of the people, this is just the natural result of the ravages of time.
They never once suspected that such sudden falls from grace might have some hidden mystery behind them.

The wanderer would never admit to this.
He would never admit that he had done this as an act of revenge against the bladesmith.
Nor would he ever mention the truth,
That he had abandoned his schemes half way because they had suddenly become dull.
He would only say, in that tone of voice he had learned from a certain researcher:
''It was all just a little experiment into human nature.''

In Inazuma's traditional theater, there is a certain character known as ''Kunikuzushi.''
Such characters are often schemers and usurpers of nations.
At the end of his wanderings, he chose this name as an act of his own will.
And as for the name he had once used, even he no longer remembered it.

It is a norm in Inazuma's traditional theater to join the names of a play's three acts together to form the play's name.
For example, ''Sumirezome,'' ''Sangetsu,'' and ''Kogetsukan'' come together,
Thus forming the play ''Sumirezome Sangetsu Kogetsukan.''
Perhaps a day will come when this body's adventures, its experiences,
Will become tales to be passed along by mortals, distant memories that flow through the ley lines.
But for now, his three acts are still ongoing.
Genshin - Husk of Opulent Dreams - Song of LifeSong of Life Song of Life
He was originally born to be a vessel for a ''heart.''
But he shed tears in his dreams.
His creator observed thus:
He was too fragile, whether it be as a human or as a tool.

Yet his creator would not destroy him, and so allowed him to continue slumbering.
In her latter works, she would also consign designs that might store such a heart to obsolescence.
Not long after, that noblest and most prestigious ''proof'' in the world would come to have no home,
And thus was sent to the great shrine at Mt. Yougou.

Later, the beautiful puppet awoke and began his wanderings.
He observed many a heart,
Good ones, upright ones, strong ones, gentle ones...
The puppet, too, desired a heart.

Later, the lovely puppet would finally obtain that ''heart.'' It was, after all, his purpose for being, the very reason he existed.
Yet, it was not what the puppet truly desired,
For it did not contain any blessings,
But was instead a sacrifice brimming with selfishness, hypocrisy, cunning and curses,
All wrapped in an amiable husk.

Good and evil were the song of sentient life, useless and cacophonous.
But if he were to wrench this ''heart'' out,
He would no longer be able to feel anything at all...
Genshin - Husk of Opulent Dreams - Plume of LuxuryPlume of Luxury Plume of Luxury
The long-wandering eccentric no longer thinks about this,
But when he closes his eyes, he can still see the moonlit nights over Tatarasuna and the burning furnace flames.
The kind young deputy said:
''This gold ornament is a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun,''
''But as you travel the world, please bear this in mind,''
''Never to reveal your identity to others.''
The upright Inspector said:
''This gold ornament may be a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun,''
''But you are neither man nor mechanism,''
''And so I can only deal with you in this fashion. Do not hold this against me!''

The Wanderer who has left yesterday in the dust no longer thinks about it,
But when he covers his ears, he can still hear the wild winds that roared that year.
A pair of expectant eyes said:
''This gold ornament is a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun,''
''It must surely be able to save the people.''

The intelligent, lovely shrine maiden said:
''This gold ornament is a proof of identity granted by the Almighty Shogun,''
''And she will not abandon you.''
''As for me, I shall do my best to send for help immediately...''

...But in the end, the golden arrow-feather were covered in dust,
And all tales were incinerated in karmic flames till nothing remained.
Genshin - Husk of Opulent Dreams - Bloom TimesBloom Times Bloom Times
What he saw in his dream was a phantom dancing to the music under the moonlight,
Just like the young man in the distant past, who was akin to a blank sheet of paper,
And like a pure yet fragile persona,
Emerging once the resentment and suffering had dissipated.

The wanderer did not know that he had any faculties for dreaming,
Thinking that this must have been the researchers' little trick,
Or perhaps it was the infinitesimal resistance of that bygone heart.

''You once acquired the 'heart' that you always dreamed of,''
''But it was but a mere prop for lies and deception.''
''Now, you will finally obtain what belongs to you,''
''And this false construct of a body can at last aspire to power over this world.''

''Yet, this is all but a fleeting dream of glory.''
''And it will all one day drift away amidst the sighs of a suffering, earth...''
Was it a ''him'' from the past who said this? Or ''him'' from the future?
The vagrant cared not, for when he awakened
It was not he, but that ethereal future that dissipated.

In-Game Appearances & Mentions

Hues of the Violet Garden

Genshin - Scaramouche - Hues of the Violet Garden

Scaramouche doesn't appear during this event, but he was shown during flashbacks and was painted as Albedo's fifth model for Kunikuzushi.

According to Ayato, Scaramouche snuck into the Police Warehouse in Inazuma City to search for something related to the Kaedehara clan. Unfortunately for Scaramouche, he couldn't find what he was looking for, forcing him to leave Inazuma.

Relation to Kazuha's Past

During the event, it was revealed that Kunikuzushi was one of the reasons for the decline in wealth and status of Kazuha's family in the past, as well as the loss of three other prominent clans of Inazuma. Kunikuzushi crippled the head of the Kamisato Clan at the time, and nearly destroyed the Kaedehara Clan.

This is further alluded to in the Calabash of Awakening Piece of the Husk of Opulent Dreams Artifact Set, where it is mentioned that Kunikuzushi destroyed the clans as an act of revenge. It was not made clear what, or who, he was doing it for.

Hues of the Violet Garden Event Guide

Labyrinth Warriors Event

Genshin - Tartaglia (Childe) on Scaramouche
Scaramouche doesn't appear during the event, but fellow Fatui Harbinger Tartaglia does show up mysteriously in Inazuma.

Tartaglia explained why he was in Inazuma to the Traveler during the third event quest in Labyrinth Warriors. According to him, Scaramouche had successfully taken the Electro Archon's Gnosis, but did not report back to the Harbingers and mysteriously disappeared with it.

Labyrinth Warriors Event Guide

Omnipresence Over Mortals

Genshin Impact - Scaramouche In Version 2.1

Scaramouche appears again in Inazuma during the third act of the Archon Quest. He oversees the Delusion factory in Inazuma where he confronts the Traveler, his plan is foiled when Yae Miko steps in to help you. His plan ultimately succeeds with this however, as in order to spare the Traveler's life, Yae Miko gives Scaramouche Ei's Gnosis.

Chapter 2: Act III Quest Guide

Unreconciled Stars Event

Unreconciled Stars

Scaramouche first appeared in the Star of Deceitful Dreams part of the Unreconciled Stars event, during the The Crisis Deepens quest.

He was located on the road near Wangshu Inn, near one of the Dawn Winery staff you need to find. If you commented that his clothes are beautiful, he will say that he is from Inazuma.

He appeared friendly at first, but it was revealed that it was just a ruse to lower the Traveler's guard so he can kill them. This was ultimately stopped by Mona who sensed his intent and teleported the group to safety.

Unreconciled Stars Event Guide

Character Thoughts on Scaramouche

All Available Lines on Scaramouche as Kunikuzushi

Character In-Game Thoughts
Genshin Impact - Raiden ImageRaiden About Kunikuzushi
He came about as a byproduct of creating the Shogun. Perhaps it's because I feel like I owe him something, but I do not wish to assert control over him.
Genshin Impact - Tartaglia ImageTartaglia About The Balladeer: After he took the Gnosis, we lost all contact with him. Now comes the task of trying to hunt it down and get it back... I actually don't mind it — it means I get to travel all over. Wonder if I'll run into you somewhere along the way?
Genshin Impact - Yae Miko ImageYae Miko About Kunikuzushi
I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen at the time, but she insisted that she wasn't going to lift a finger against the object of her own creation. Had I known how things would unfold, I would have simply disposed of it without her knowing. Hmm? What about now? Hehe... Well, we're no longer waiting for the disaster to happen, are we?

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