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Chenyu Vale Interactive Map and Location

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Map Guide and Release Date

Chenyu Vale in Genshin Impact is the new area in Version 4.4, located northwest of Liyue. See how to get to this region, its puzzles, and everything to know about it here in this guide!

Chenyu Vale Interactive Map

Note: You can toggle the Area drop down menu to see the underground map area!

How to Get to Chenyu Vale

Use the Chenyu Vale: Upper Vale Waypoint

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Map Guide and Release Date - How to Get to

You can get to Chenyu Vale by using the Teleport Waypoint in Chenyu Vale: Upper Vale which automatically unlocks after completing the Song of the Dragon and Freedom archon quest.

This will also unlock the introductory quest chain, Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade.

Song of the Dragon and Freedom Quest Guide

Chenyu Vale Places and Locations

Qiaoying Village

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Map Guide and Release Date - Places and Locations - Qiaoying Village

Qiaoying Village is believed to be located on the northwestern area of Liyue Harbor, a place commended by Zhongli for its relaxing vibe. Zhiqiong from The Chasm, also remarks the place fondly, and even mentions that it's a top-notch location to get tea.

As also mentioned during the 4.4 Livestream, the newest 4-star character, Gaming, is also from Qiaoying Village but spends most of his time travelling all over Liyue!

The Chasm Map Guide

Yilong Wharf

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Map Guide and Release Date - Places and Locations - Yilong Wharf

In one of Kazuha's in-game mail, he mentioned being in Yilong Wharf, located far-west of Lumidouce Harbor in Fontaine, inadvertently placing the wharf to the east of Lumidouce!

4.4 Livestream Dates and Summary

Mt. Laixin Secret Area

Genshin - Chiwang Terrace

A hidden area west of Chenyu Vale is Mt. Laixin, which is only accessible by progressing the main quest chain, Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade.

Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade Quests

Rainjade Oblation

Genshin - Rainjade Oblation Reward System
The Rainjade Oblation is the Fountain of Lucine and Frostbearer Tree of Chenyu Vale, which rewards various rewards such as Acquaint Fates and Talent Books!

This is only accessible in Mt. Laixin, which is unlocked after completing the follow-up quest to the main Fujin questline, The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose.

Rainjade Oblation How to Unlock

Other Chenyu Vale Areas

Chenyu Vale Map Previews

Lingshu Courtyard


Chenyu Vale Hidden Waypoints

Chenyu Vale Puzzles and Features

Golden Carp's Leap

Genshin - Golden Carp

Learning to resonate with adeptal energy will also allow you to interact with floating droplets in Chenyu Vale and transform into a Golden Carp that can "swim" to a specific direction!

This new exploration mechanic makes it a lot easier to scale the mountains of the new Liyue area or cover huge distances fast!

Golden Carp's Leap Puzzle Guide

Spirit Carp

Genshin Impact - Spirit Carp Locations and How to Get
The version of the Oculi of this region, Spirit Carps are floating bluish energies that you can collect by touching them in the overworld. These are used to exchange rewards for the Rainjade Oblation rewards system!

Spirit Carp Locations and How to Get

Sacred Simulacra

Genshin - Chenyu Vale Sacred Simulacra

Simulacra are totem-like mechanisms exclusive to Chenyu Vale that let you a number of things! Flightly Simulacra, for instance, make you so light, that a single jump takes you to heights you won't reach as you otherwise jump normally!

Another simulacra, the Wrathful Simulacra, shoot out droplets that let Travelers propel themselves onto to the air using Adeptal Energy, called the Golden Carp's Leap!

The third and last type of simulacra, the Carefree Simulacra, will ask for your help to move them from one spot to another and help you solve puzzles in exchange!

Chenyu Vale Simulacra Guide

Millennia of History

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Millennia of History

Ruins called Millennia of History are remnants of the past that can be temporarily fixed using Adeptal Energy! Use them to solve puzzles, and complete challenges in Chenyu Vale!

How to Solve Millennia of History

Strange Phenomenon: Miasma

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Miasma
The Strange Phenomenon - Miasma, is a map-exclusive feature that affects the nearby surrounding by empowering monsters and beasts! You can use Adeptal Energy to purify the source of this miasma, but make sure to defeat the leader of the monsters first!

Strange Phenomenon: Miasma Puzzle Guide

Scenes of Flowing Lotuses

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Scenes of Flowing Lotuses
Scenes of Flowing Lotuses are another region-exclusive puzzle in Chenyu Vale wherein Travelers can use Adeptal Energy to light them up!

Scenes of Flowing Lotuses Puzzle Guide

Jade Incense Cauldron

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Jade Incense Cauldron
Jade Incense Cauldrons are mechanisms scattered all over the mountainous parts of Chenyu Vale. Use Adeptal Energy to resonate with these cauldrons to light the censers to solve puzzles, and complete challenges!

Jade Incense Cauldron Puzzle Guide

Chenyu Vale Quests

Chenyu Vale World Quest Guides
A Wangshan Walk to Remember An Ancient Sacrifice of Sacred Brocade Chenyu's Blessings of Sunken Jade
Chili Con Cloudy Floating Jade, Treasure of Chenyu Our Chenyu Vale Trek
Qiaoying of the Sacred Mountain Qiaoying, the Village of Many Tales Scrolls and Sword Manuals of Guhua
Shrouded Vale, Hidden Hero Silently the Butterfly Crosses the Valley Temporary Acclimatization
The Cloud-Padded Path to the Chiwang Repose The Dealing Sands The Roaming Abode
Threefold Expectations

Chenyu Vale World Quest List in 4.4

Chenyu Vale Enemies

Solitary Suanni Boss

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Solitary Suanni
The newest boss in Version 4.4, the Solitary Suanni is an illuminated beast enemy that has affinity to both Anemo and Hydro! Use these elements interchangeably to make the fight against this boss a lot easier!

Solitary Suanni Boss Guide

Xuanwen Beasts

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale - Xuanwen Beast
Another adeptal beast enemy, these Xuanwen Beasts share some of the physical features of the Solitary Suanni! You can find these fierce beasts all over the mountainous region of Chenyu Vale!

Xuanwen Beast Enemy Guide & Release Date

Rulers of the Chizhang Mountains

Genshin - Rulers of the Chizhang Mountains

The Rulers of Chizhang Mountains—a pair of Geovishaps named Yiji and Tianyu—were added as the first Local Legends of Liyue. Find them near Chizhang Wall and challenge their sovereignty!

Rulers of the Chizhang Mountains

Chenyu Vale Information

Famous for Its Tea

Genshin Impact Chenyu Vale Map Guide and Release Date - Information - Famous for Its Tea

Legend has it that a particular species of tea that originally had been grown in the mountains of Chenyu Vale, made its way to the occupants of Liyue Harbor, specifically in Qiaoying Village.

As per Zhongli, the leaves are fragile, making it hard transporting them. Coincidentally, Afsoon, presumably a crew of one of the cargo ships, talks about her captain handing out fragile tea leaves, which we believe are from Qiaoying!

Release Date on Version 4.4

Genshin Impact Version 4.4
Genshin Impact - Version 4.4
Release Date January 31, 2024

Chenyu Vale was released when Version 4.4 hit the live servers on January 31, 2024! Check out the link below to know more about the new content for the newest patch!

Version 4.4 Banners and Release Date

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