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Things to Do Every Day | Daily Task List

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This guide lists all the daily tasks you need to complete in Genshin Impact.

Preparing For Daily Tasks

Unlock Daily Commissions and Dispatch Quests

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Daily Commissions Unlocked at Adventure Rank 12
Dispatch Quests Unlocked at Adventure Rank 14

After reaching Adventure Rank 12, you'll be able to unlock Daily Commisisions and at Adventure Rank 14 Dispatch Quests. Daily Commissions offer generous rewards but they have a daily limit to compensate. Dispatch Quests can be repeated but take time to complete before you can start another. Be sure to do these every day in order to obtain rare materials for ascension and to more quickly increase your Adventure Rank!

How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

What to Do Daily

Objective Reward
Complete Commissions Adventure Points
Use Original Resin Obtain Reinforced Materials
Do Dispatch Quests Obtain Materials
Buy Limited Items From Shops Supplies
Complete Daily Battle Pass Missions Battlepass EXP

Complete Commissions


  1. From the Menu, select the Adventurer's Handbook.
  2. Choose the Commission you wish to complete.
  3. Go to your destination and complete the quest.

Commissions are missions that can only be completed 4 times a day. The objective of these quests are to hunt easy marks so they should be completable in a short amount of time. It also offers a large amount of adventure points and Mora so we highly recommend prioritizing these daily.

Use Original Resin

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  1. Open the menu and select adventure.
  2. Choose from exploring unexplored regions or subjugation
  3. Complete the chosen quest.

Original Resin is similar to other games' energy resource. While it is possible to do activities without resin, the rewards that accompany these activities will not be obtained. Make sure to always use Original Resin and don't let time pass by while it's full!

Best Way to Spend Resin

The higher the star, the higher we recommend prioritizing it.

Recommended Reward
Field Boss:Electro Hypostasis ★★★ Character Ascension Materials
Field Boss:Anemo Hypostasis ★★★ Character Ascension Materials
Field Boss:Geo Hypostasis ★★★ Character Ascension Materials
Field Boss:Lupus Boreas, Dominator of Wolves ★★★ Character Ascension Materials, Artifacts, and weapon materials
Domain:Cecilia Garden ★★★ Weapon Ascension Materials
Domain:Hidden Palace of Lianshan Formula ★★★ Weapon Ascension Materials
Field Boss: Leyline Outcrops ★★☆ Character EXP materials / Mora
Domain:Hidden Palace of Zhou Formula ★★☆ Artifacts
Domain:Forsaken Rift ★★☆ Relics
Domain:Midsummer Courtyard ★☆☆ Relics
Domain:Domain of Guyun ★☆☆ Relics

Dispatch Quests Procedure

  1. Go to the Adventure's Guild in town and talk to the receptionist.
  2. Select Dispatch Quests
  3. Choose a character to be dispatched

As the name implies, dispatch quests allows you to dispatch your characters and send them away to do quests. These quests range from 4 hours to 20 hours but it will continue even if you're not playing the game. It is highly suggested to do dispatch quests before taking a break from the game.

Recommended Dispatch Quests

Recommendation 20 hours reward
Mondstadt:Whispering Forest ★★★ ・ 3 - 4 White Iron Chunk
・7- 8 Crystal Chunk 
Mondstadt : Land of the Wind ★★★ ・8-12 Meat
・8-12 Fowl 
Mondstadt:Dadaupa Mountain ★★★ ・3-4 White Iron Chunk 
・7-8 Crystal Chunk
Liyue:Yaoguang Shoal ★★★ ・3-4 White Iron Chunk
・7-8 Crystal Chunk
Mondstadt:Fertility ★★☆ ・8-12 Radish
・8-12 Carrots
Liyue:Arc Cloud Pavilion ★★☆ ・8-12 Radish
・8-12 Carrots
Liyue:帰離原 ★★☆ ・8-12 Lotus Head
・8-12 Matsutake
Liyue:遁玉の丘 ★★☆ ・8-12 Lotus Head
・8-12 Matsutake
Mondstadt:Nozomi Mountain ★☆☆ ・8-12 Sweet Flower
・8-12 Bird's Egg
Mondstadt:Wind Dragon Ruins ★☆☆ ・5000 Mora
Liyue:荻花洲 ★☆☆ ・5000 Mora
Liyue:絶雲の間 ★☆☆ ・5000 Mora

Buy Limited Items


  1. Go to the general store and restaurant
  2. Go to their product list and purchase the limited items using Mora.

Limited items restock daily so after purchasing all the available items, it can be done again the next day. These items can be used to recover your character's status in battle so it is highly advised to stock up on these items as much as possible.

Recommended Items to Buy in Mondstadt

the higher the star, the higher we recommend it.

Recommenation Price
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Teyvat Fried Egg ★★★ 200(5-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Fisherman's Toast ★★★ 1025(5-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Chicken Mushroom Skewer ★★★ 450(5-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Salt ★★☆ 60(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Onion ★★☆ 80(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Cabbage ★★☆ 120(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Potato ★★☆ 120(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Wheat ★★☆ 100(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Flour ★★☆ 150(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Pepper ★☆☆ 80(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Milk ★☆☆ 100(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(General Store):Tomato ★☆☆ 120(50-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Cream ★☆☆ 150(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Smoked Fowl ★☆☆ 900(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Butter ★☆☆ 270(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Ham ★☆☆ 630(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Sugar ★☆☆ 450(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Crab Roe ★☆☆ 1110(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Jam ★☆☆ 1470(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Cheese ★☆☆ 420(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Bacon ★☆☆ 720(10-Limit)
Mondstadt(Restaurant):Sausage ★☆☆ 840(10-Limit)

Liyue Port's Recommended Items

Recommendation Price
Liyue Port(Restaurant):Teyvat Fried Egg ★★★ 200(5-Limit)
Liyue Port(Restaurant):Fisherman's Toast ★★★ 1100(5-Limit)
Liyue Port(Restaurant):Chicken and Mushroom Skewer ★★★ 450(5-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Salt ★★☆ 60(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Onion ★★☆ 80(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Cabbage ★★☆ 120(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Potato ★★☆ 120(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Wheat ★★☆ 100(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Peeled Shrimp ★★☆ 120(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(Restaurant):Flour ★★☆ 150(10-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Pepper ★☆☆ 80(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Milk ★☆☆ 100(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Tomato ★☆☆ 120(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Rice ★☆☆ 100(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Tofu ★☆☆ 100(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(General Store):Almond ★☆☆ 120(50-Limit)
Liyue Port(Restaurant):Sugar ★☆☆ 450(10-Limit)
Liyue Port(Restaurant):Sausage ★☆☆ 840(10-Limit)

Complete Daily Battle Pass Missions

Daily Battlepass.PNG

  1. Open the Battle Pass Menu.
  2. Select the Battle Pass Quest tab.
  3. Complete the daily missions on the list.

Doing the Daily Battle Pass missions can help you level up your Battle Pass for free without having to spend Primogems. This will allow you to unlock better rewards for the current Battle Pass event.

When Does Daily Tasks Refresh?

4 AM Depending on the Server

Everything in Genshin Impact that has a daily refresh timer will all refill themselves during 4 AM of whatever timezone that server uses. See the daily reset times of each server below.

When is the Daily Reset Time?

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