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How to Get Treasure Compass and Effects

Genshin - How to Get Treasure Compass and Effects

Anemo and Geo Treasure Compass are new Items coming to Genshin Impact. Learn where to find Treasure Compasses, how to use them, and everything you need to know about them here!

Ver. 1.1 Updates
Genshin - Version 1.1Ver. 1.1 Update Summary Anemoculus Resonance Stone IconResonance Stones Anemo Treasure Compass IconTreasure Compass
Condensed ResinCondensed Resin City ReputationCity Reputation PortableWaypointPortable Waypoint
StoveAdepti Seeker's Stove NRENRE (Menu 30) WindCatcherWind Catcher

How to Get the Treasure Compass

Treasure Compass Locations

Genshin Impact - Anemo Treasure Compass Image Genshin Impact - Geo Treasure Compass Image
Treasure Compass
Type Gadget
Location & Source Anemo Treasure Compass
Reach Lv. 6 Reputation in Mondstadt to unlock the blueprint, then craft it.
Geo Treasure Compass
Reach Lv. 6 Reputation in Liyue to unlock the blueprint, then craft it.

Unlock by Raising Your Reputation to Level 6

To unlock the blueprints for the Treasure Compasses, you have to reach Reputation level 6 in Mondstadt and Liyue. You can raise your Reputation by doing Requests or Bounties in one of the regions.

Decide on Mondstadt or Liyue

Since the amount of Requests and Bounties you can do per week is shared between regions, we strongly recommend choosing a region to focus on first.

City Reputation System Guide

Treasure Compass Crafting Materials

Treasure Compasses Materials
Genshin Impact - Anemo Treasure Compass Image Anemo Treasure Compass
Genshin Impact - Geo Treasure Compass Image Geo Treasure Compass

How to Use Treasure Compass

Displays Locations of Nearby Treasure Chests on the Map

Genshin - Using the Treasure Compass

The Treasure Compasses can detect nearby unclaimed Treasure Chests and will lead you to them with a golden wind-like effect. If you find a Treasure when using it, it has a cooldown of 30 seconds, but if no Treasure Chests were nearby it only needs 5 seconds to reset.

Each Region has its own Treasure Compass

Mondstadt Liyue
Genshin Impact - Anemo Treasure Compass Image Anemo Treasure Compass Genshin Impact - Geo Treasure Compass Image Geo Treasure Compass

Just like the Resonance Stones, each region have their own Treasure Compass as well. These devices will only work in their respective areas, so choose the region you focus on carefully.

You can also cheat a bit and use our map of Treasure Chests instead!

See our List of Treasure Chests Here

Recommended Use of Treasure Compasses

Use in Areas You Have Progress

We recommend using the Treasure Compass in an area where you have collected most of the obvious Treasure Chest, but not combed through entirely yet. Using a Compass in an area where the Treasure Chests are clearly visible would be a waste of your precious resources!

Check your Achievements

Mondstadt Area Liyue Area
Find 400 Treasure Chests Find 800 Treasure Chests

You can also decide on which region to focus on based on the number of Treasure Chests you have found so far. Especially if you're close to getting the Achivement in an area, this might be the best way to reach goal quickly!

You can see the amount of Treasure Chests you've found in the "Mondstadt: The City of Wind and Song" and "Liyue: The Harbor of Stone and Contracts" Achievement sections.

When a New Region is Implemented

Genshin - Use Treasure Compasses in New Areas (1).png

It might be a good idea to aim for reputation level 6 in entirely new areas as well, especially if you already know your way around Mondstadt and Liyue and have all of the Achievements.

However, since you probably have to get to reputation level 6 for an area before you can unlock the blueprint, it might take quite a while to get it.

How to Best Raise Your Reputation

Depends on Materials and Reputation

If getting to reputation level 6 takes a lot of time, holding off on collecting Treasure Chests till you get it will be a bad idea. Likewise, if the Compasses require rare and valuable materials, it might be better to save them and go Treasure Hunting on your own, or rely on our maps.

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Nightwind Horn ImageNightwind Horn


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