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Retracing Bolide Artifact Set and Locations

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This is a page for the Retracing Bolide Artifact Set in Genshin Impact. Read on for comprehensive Artifact Set Bonus information, Individual Artifact Stats, Artifact farming locations, recommended characters, and more!

Retracing Bolide Set Bonus

Set Set Bonus
Retracing Bolide Set IconRetracing Bolide 2-Piece: Increases Shield Strength by 35%
4-Piece: While protected by a shield, gain an additional 40% Normal and Charged Attack DMG.

Retracing Bolide Rating

Rank Genshin - B Rank Icon

The 4-piece provides a solid shield buff and allows defensive characters more offensive flexibility.

Characters like Noelle and Xinyan can take full advantage of this artifact.

Retracing Bolide Recommended Characters

Noelle Image Noelle • The 4-piece effect is good for Noelle, it will strengthen her Shield, Normal Attack, and Charged attacks by a significant amount.
Tartaglia Image Tartaglia • Tartaglia with the 4-piece set would increase his Normal and Charged Attack when he's inside a shield.
• In addition, the shield strength of the shield used on him would also raise.
Xinyan Image Xinyan • Xinyan with a 4-piece set would make her a shield DPS.
• It will strengthen her Normal Attacks and Charged Attack as long as she's shielded.
Yoimiya Image Yoimiya • Yoimiya with the 4-piece would not only increase her Normal Attacks but also strengthen the shield used on her.
• Synergizes well with Yoimiya as she needs a shield to safely deal a lot of DMG.
Itto Image Itto • Itto with the 4-piece would not only increase his Charged Attacks but also strengthen the shield used on him.
• Most of Itto's best team members have the ability to generate shields.

Full Retracing Bolide Set

Retracing Bolide Set Images

}Summer Night Summer Night's Mask }Summer Night Summer Night's Waterballoon }Summer Night Summer Night's Moment
}Summer Night Summer Night's Finale }Summer Night Summer Night's Bloom

Retracing Bolide Stats

Pieces Main Stats
Genshin Artifacts - Retracing Bolide Set Icon Summer Night Summer Night's Bloom HP
Genshin Artifacts - Retracing Bolide Set Icon Summer Night Summer Night's Finale ATK
Genshin Artifacts - Retracing Bolide Set Icon Summer Night Summer Night's Moment HP%
Energy Recharge%
Elemental Mastery
Genshin Artifacts - Retracing Bolide Set Icon Summer Night Summer Night's Waterballoon HP%
Physical DMG Bonus%
Elemental DMG Bonus%
Elemental Mastery
Genshin Artifacts - Retracing Bolide Set Icon Summer Night Summer Night's Mask HP%
Healing Bonus%
CRIT Rate%
Elemental Mastery

List of Bonus Stats

CRIT DMG Elemental Mastery
Energy Recharge

Effects with a * can both be a set value and a percentage. For Example: ATK +10, ATK+10%

You can get a maximum of 4 bonus substats on any individual artifact piece by enhancing it. The bonus stats you get will be random and will not include the artifact's main stat.

Once a 5-star artifact has 4 substats, every 4 levels of enhancement will upgrade one of the available substats randomly. You can get a total of 4-5 substat upgrades.

How to Get Retracing Bolide

Retracing Bolide can be obtained from the Bosses or Domains below.


This Artifact cannot be obtained from Bosses.


Domain of Guyun
Domain of Guyun

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30 Anonymous5 months

It is possible for any DPS like Hutao and Ayato wearing 4pcs Bolide, while other units job generating shields.

29 Anonymous5 months

There are key teams needed, Form 2 Geo characters to improve more shields, while the other 2 units any DPS and etc with bolide sets will do.

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