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Original Resin
This is a guide to Original Resin, an energy mechanic in Genshin Impact. Read on to know what is Original Resin, how it works, and the disadvantages of a depleted Original Resin.

How to Use Original Resin

A Pseudo-Energy System

Original Resin.png

Original Resin is a resource that gets depleted by certain activities. Upon completion, Original Resin will be consumed to avail the reward of that specific action you chose. Actions that consume Original Resin range from Abyssal Domains, and killing certain bosses. We will further update this page if more actions that consume Original Resin is found.

Can Be Used Starting At AR 8

AR (Adventure Rank) 8 is needed to start usung Original Resin. Quickly grind those AR to immediately be able to redeem nice rewards from activities that use Original Resin!

How to Restore Original Resin

Restores Overtime


Original Resin recovers at a rate of 1 per 8 minutes. This is a pretty length time but not all activities consume Original Resin and it also recovers while the game is closed. Make sure to always spend Original Resin to maximize its use!

Fully Recovers From 0 to 120 in 16 Hours

a whole 2/3rd of a day is needed to completely refill your Original Resin. It is highly recommended to prioritize those events you need to avoid wasting your Original Resin and wait a whole lot of hours.
How to Raise Your Adventure Rank

Can Be Restored Using Primogems

Original Resin

As other energy based system, Original Resin can be replenished via the in-game currency. This can be done 6 times each day and the price increases per use (also refreshes the next day). A single purchase will restore half the maximum value of Original Resin (60). Below is the table list for the Primogem price.

Primogem Cost Amount Restored
1st try 50 60
2nd try 100 60
3rd try 100 60
4th try 150 60
5th try 200 60
6th try 200 60

More details about Primogems below.
How to Farm Primogems

Recommended Use of Original Resin

Use On Leyline Outcrops

leyline outcrop.jpg

Leyline Outcrops gives juicy EXP materials and a lot more! While bosses gives great items for ascension, EXP materials is a necessity for all your characters (especially the upcoming new ones). Farm those Leyline Outcrops ASAP!

Use on Domains

Domain Banner.jpg

Domains requires Original Resin for their rewards to be redeemed. Similar to boss loots, Domains gives ascension materials and the resin needed for domains are cheaper. Get the materials from Domains first before elite bosses!

On the later stages of the game, Domains will also be your go to area in farming rare Artifacts for your team. Clear those domains to make the best team!

List of Domains

Other Info About Original Resin

Has No Effect On Story

Story can be progressed without using Original Resin. It is not a roadblock to progressing your game so no need to worry about your on-going quest. Adventure Ranks are the roadblocks to progressing quests so focus on raising your AR if you're worried about progressing the game.

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