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All Lumenspar Locations and Interactive Map

Genshin Impact - Lumenspar Item Guide and Locations
Collect all Lumenspars in the Chasm Underground Mines to upgrade your Lumenstone Adjuvant. Check out this interactive map of all 80 Lumenspar Locations, guides for getting each Lumenspar, and how to use them here!

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All Lumenspar Locations

Full Lumenspar Interactive Map

Lumenspar Locations in The Chasm
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Lumenspar 1-15 Lumenspar 16-30 Lumenspar 31-45
Lumenspar 46-60 Lumenspar 61-75 Lumenspar 76-80

Ad Hoc Main Tunnel Lumenspar Locations

How to Get Lumenspar 1 - 15

Inside a cage on the lower level. You need to find a ''Miner's Key'' in order to open it.
Click here to go to the Miner's Key walkthrough
Hanging on the hook of a pulley. Glide or climb the pulley and jump towards it to get the Lumenspar.
On the path just ahead of the Teleport Waypoint. Taking this Lumenspar is part of the Chasm Spelunkers quest under the Chasm Delvers quest chain!
On a broken bridge, on the path further into the mines.
Just ahead of the second Teleport Waypoint inside the mines.
On top of a pulley on one of the upper platforms. Climb the pulley and walk carefully to get it!
Down below on the ground, inside a jar amongst several other jars.
On top of the waterfalls.
Closer to the Underground Waterway area, on top of a root.
In the middle of the tightrope high above. Walk carefully on the rope to get it.
Floating way up above, close to a huge amber stone on the ceiling. There will be a piece of rope you can walk on to get close to the amber stone, and climb the stone to get to the Lumenspar.
Behind a huge wooden wheel mechanism close to the Teleport Waypoint.
On top of one of the giant pulley structures higher up from the ground.
On top of a giant, broken down pulley structure on the ground level.
Above a stone platform behind a Treasure Hoarder camp.

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How to Find the Miner's Key

1 Investigate the Rusted Gears
2 Go back to the Lumenspar location and unlock the gate with the Miner's Key
3 Defeat ''Skeld,'' the Black Serpent Knight that will spawn once you open the gate.
4 Go further inside until you come across another gate. The switch to open it should just be to the side. The Lumenspar is in there!

Complete Miner's Key Guide

Main Mining Area Lumenspar Locations

How to Get Lumenspar 16 - 30

Located above the surface of the water. Just swim to get it!
Upgrade Lumenstone Adjuvant to Level 6 to unlock the level 2 version of the Blooming Light to clear the oozing concretions.
Located near the main wooden path and head right. It's near a broken wooden bridge.
From the Teleport Waypoint just glide down. The Lumenspar is floating near a ladder leading up.
The Lumenspar is right across the 19th one, it floating inside a wooden foundation on a wooden crossroad bridge.
Located inside a tunnel-like path with a trail of Starshrooms near the Teleport Waypoint.
The Lumenspar is inside a gate which can only be accessed through a Secret Entrance on the Surface.
Click here to go to the Secret Entrance walkthrough!
Located near a pulley beyond the main path.
Head towards the edge of the map, and defeat the slime enemies you will encounter which will unlock a chest. Climb the boulder across a pulley to grab the Lumenspar.
The Lumenspar sits a top another boulder right across the 24th one, just glide towards it to get it!
Located near the Teleport Waypoint by the main path surrounded by four boxes right below the large.
On the same platform near the Teleport Waypoint, the Lumenspar is located on top a pulley!
From the 27th Lumenspar, just glide towards it.
Floating above roots inside a tunnel. Find a Seelie southeast from the nearest waypoint and follow it to its perch. There will be some exploding barrels just ahead, which will destroy the wall and lead to the Lumenspar.
From the 26th Lumenspar, you can follow the railroad tracks towards it.

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How to Use the Treasure Map Fragments and Find the Secret Entrance

Treasure Map Fragment Locations

Lumberpick Valley Camp

Underground Mines Camp

Treasure Hoarder's Secret Entrance Walkthrough

1 Once you collect the two Treasure Map Fragments, you will get a complete map in your Inventory called the Treasure Hoarder's Treasure Map.
2 Go to the Treasure Hoarder Camp indicated by the map, southeast of Tiangong Gorge, and defeat all the Treasure Hoarders.
3 Burn the grass at the back of the camp with Pyro until you find a Secret Entrance on the ground.
4 Entering the Secret Entrance will lead you to a room in the Underground Mines. This room will have a Precious Chest, an Exquisite Chest and Lumenspar 22!

Full Treasure Map Fragments Guide

Serpent's Cave to Underground Waterway Locations

How to Get Lumenspar 31 - 45

Locked behind a gate that can only be opened through the Heavenly Stone's Debris quest.
Click here to go to our Heavely Stone's Debris quest guide!
Above a broken piece of wooden equipment half-submerged in the water, close to a Fatui camp with a world quest!
It's located a top of a huge tree, climb up to grab it.
Located inside a tunnel with a large decorative mushroom near it.
Close to the cavern with the huge Oozing Concretion, floating along a railroad track.
Activate the Anemo Monument with an Anemo attack to spawn an air current which you can use to get the Lumenspar!
Break the rock pile to reveal the Lumenspar underneath.
It's located near an oozing concretion blocking a cave area!
Inside some ruins, close to a Geo Monument.
On one end of a broken stone bridge.
Start the Perils in the Dark World Quest in order to access the area where the Lumenspar is. It's floating on top of a ruined pillar overlooking the puzzle.
Right beside the Teleport Waypoint near the Ruin Serpent.
In an alcove in the wall, close to some Dark Mud and a Spoutrock!
In an area full of Crystal Ores and a few exploding Geo outcrop, so be careful.
Out in the open, in an area full of spiderwebs.

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Nameless Ruins to Stony Halls Locations

How to Get Lumenspar 46 - 60

The area is blocked behind an oozing concretions so you need to upgrade you Lumenstone Adjuvant to Level 6!
Located just by the road on top of a ruined pillar.
From the nearest waypoint, just head straight until you see the Lumenspar floating above a table with jars around it.
From the waypoint, it's floating by the edge of the wall.
From Lumenspar 48th location you need to glide toward a pulley with a broken wooden bridge.
From the waypont on the Stony Halls, the Lumenspar is floating near a platform.
Complete The Heavenly Stone's Debris World Quest to access the hole, you need to glide down to get it!
From the nearest Teleport Waypoint, the Lumenspar is located above a ruin.
The Lumenspar is floating above a ruined platforms.
On top of some ruins close to the huge pile of Oozing Concretions
It's located high up near oozing concretions, you need to climb higher then glide down to grab it.
From the heart of the Nameless Ruins, it's high up on a ledge with a spider near.
Near the center of the Nameless Ruins, it located above a clif-like ledge facing the oozing concretions.
From the Teleport Waypoint near The Glowing Narrows head north. The Lumenspar is along the road.
Found at the camp nearby the Teleport Waypoint.

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The Glowing Narrows - East Locations

How to Get Lumenspar 61 to 75

Found by the puddle with multiple Starshrooms.
On a platform with 3 Geo Bombs.
The area is blocked behind an oozing concretions so you need to upgrade you Lumenstone Adjuvant to Level 6! You can find the Lumenspar beside a pressure plate puzzle.
64 Genshin - The Chasm - Lumenspar 64
Found in a small cave like opening with some Starshrooms.
Found at the edge of the broken bridge.
Found floating on top of a pillar.
Found at the top of the broken tower.
Found on the glowing mushroom.
Found on a small waterfall with Crystal Ores.
Found on top of the root wrapped stone.
Found on top of the water nearby an Electro Cicin Mage.
On top of the Mushroom.
Found on a small pillar beside some Geo Bombs.
Found after opening the door, you can also get a Lumenstone Ore nearby.
Found near the Black Serpent Knight: Windcutter.

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The Glowing Narrows - West Locations

How to Get Lumenspar 76 - 80

Found on the purple white grass.
Found on the bridge in front of the entrance near the Teleport Waypoint.
Found on the middle of the stone bridge
Found on the pillar nearby the Teleport Waypoint.
Found at the edge of the bridge.

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How to Use the Lumenspar

Used to Upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant

Genshin - The Chasm - How to Upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant

Lumenspars are used to upgrade the Lumenstone Adjuvant gadget in The Chasm. They were initially shown in The Chasm teasers from the latest livestream.

Lumenstone Adjuvant Gadget Guide

Found in The Chasm

Genshin - The Chasm - Lumenspar

You can find Lumenspars all around The Chasm area. You can collect them the same way as Crimson Agates from Dragonspine, by tracking the marked icon in the mini map.

The Chasm Map Guide and Release Date

Lumenspar Release Date

Genshin Impact Version 2.6
Genshin Impact - Version 2.6 - Zephyr of the Violet Garden
Release Date March 30, 2022

The Lumenspar and the Lumenstone Adjuvant released once Version 2.6 went live on March 30, 2022!
Version 2.6 Release Date and Details

Lumenspar Effects and Basic Information

Lumenspar Basic Information

Lumenspar ImageLumenspar Rarity -
Type Precious Items
Effect Used as material to level up the Lumenstone Adjuvant

A sky-blue crystal that glitters so brightly that it brings forth echoes of the heavens above, which cannot be seen from underground...
If you hold it up to your ear you can almost hear a soft sigh coming from within.
This might sound strange, but this crystal also gives off a faint warmth.

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