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How to Get the Best Artifact Stats and Substats

Genshin Impact - How to Get Best Artifact Stats and Substats

This is a guide on how to get the artifacts with the best stats in Genshin Impact. Keep reading to know the best places to find artifacts and when to choose the right one for your character.

Picking the Best Artifacts

Farm Artifacts Until You Get the Right Stat

Stats and Substats

The best way to pick the right artifacts is to keep on getting new ones from domains and enemy/boss drops. Keep in mind that stats are randomly generated and every artifact has specific main stats and substats assigned to it. This means that you might not get your ideal stats straight away.

Same artifacts can have different stats

Artifacts with the same name and rarity can have completely different stats. It's worth noting that substats also vary, which is why you need to keep finding new artifacts with the desired stats.

Here are the number of substats each artifact has when you get them, based on rarity:

Rarity Number of Substats
★★★★★ 3~4
★★★★ 2~3
★★★ 1~2

When Can You Get The Best Artifacts?

From Adventure Rank 45 Onwards

Domain Level 6.jpg

The best time to get the right artifacts is when you reach AR45 onwards, where clearing domains guarantee you get 5-star artifacts.

You can also get 5-star Artifiacts at Adventure Rank 40

Domain Level 5.jpg

You can also obtain 5-star artifacts from domains when you reach AR40. However, the chances of getting 5-star artifacts is not guaranteed, unlike at AR45.

Don't Worry if You're Adventure Rank 35

Domain Level 3

Chances of getting a 5-star artifact at AR35 or below are very rare, which means you might not be able to find your preferred artifacts early in the game.

How to Get the Best Artifacts

1 Clear domains and beat Boss enemies to get 5-star artifacts
2 Raise artifact level to 4 to add new substats (If you have at least 4 substats, proceed to 3)
2 Check if you have the right substats for your build.
4 If the stats do not fit your build, go back to 1

1. Go Around Artifact Locations

Explore and Clear Domains

Genshin - Domains

Each domain allows you to obtain artifacts from a specific set. This is why it is best to repeatedly clear a specific domain to get the best artifacts for your build. When viewing your map, change your markers to Domains only to find the nearest domains to clear.

List of Domains

Defeat Boss Enemies

Boss Encounter

Clearing Boss encounters allows you to get some of the best artifacts in the game. Unlike artifact domains, however, most 5-star artifacts cannot be obtained until reaching World Level 6. The Gladiator artifact set can only be obtained from Boss enemies.

Take a Look at the Stats

After defeating a boss, you will receive high rarity artifacts. You can also repeat the same encounter if you want to obtain more artifacts if the main stat is not what your character needs.

2. Enhance Artifact By 4 Levels

Artifact Level 4.jpg

All artifacts receive a new substat after enhancing them by 4 levels, until you get 4 substats. Once you have 4 substats, each one can be upgraded after enhancing it by 4 more levels. This helps you increase a new stat, which can improve your overall build.

3. Check if You Have the Right Substats

After enhancing and receiving new substats, check if they complement your character. If the substats fit your needs, keep enhancing your artifact!

4. If the Substats Do Not Match, Repeat from 1.

While new substats give you a great boost in certain categories, they still might not match your ideal artifact build. If you still don't have the right substats, repeat the process all over again.

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5 star artifacts have higher EXP value but if resin is more valuable to you, consider picking a desired set from an alchemizable artifact set and synthesizeing all your 5* artifacts with bad stats there. This way when grinding domains you can be rolling stats for artifacts of two characters at once- the domain set for one character, and any that don't have the right stats you recycle into rolls for a different set. It is a 3:1 loss but that still saves you resin and domain runs in the long run!

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