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Genshin Impact -How to Get to the Aeonblight Drake Location - Boss Fight Guide

The Aeonblight Drake is a field boss in Genshin Impact. See how to get to the Aeonblight Drake's location, how to unlock it, how to defeat it, and its material drops in this guide!

Aeonblight Drake Location

Where to Find the Aeonblight Drake

Enter the Cave Inside Devantaka Mountain

The Aeonblight Drake is a Field Boss located in Devantaka Mountain, found to the south of Sumeru's Rainforest area. You can find a time-trial challenge in front of the cave entrance that leads to the Aeonblight Drake.

Find the entrance southeast of the waypoint

Genshin - Aeonblight Drake Waypoint

To the side of the nearest Teleport Waypoint, apply Dendro to the Clusterleaf of Cultivation and summon a trail of Four-Leaf Sigils that will lead you right to the entrance of the cave.

Sumeru Region Map Guide

How to Get to the Aeonblight Drake

Aeonblight Drake Location Guide
Teleport to the waypoint north of Devantaka Mountain.
Hit the nearby Clusterleaf of Cultivation and use the Four-leaf Sigils it spawned to easily access the entrance of Aeonblight Drake's lair.
Just head straight towards the cave to enter the lair of the Aeonblight Drake.

Aeonblight Drake How to Unlock

You can immediately fight the Aeonblight Drake field boss without any prerequisite aside from unlocking the Rainforest Region of Sumeru.
Sumeru Rainforest Guide

Recommended Characters for the Aeonblight Drake

Recommended Characters for Repeated Runs

Character Merits
Ganyu Image Ganyu • Dependable Cryo DPS that deals a lot of damage with her Burst.
• Can aim at enemy weak spots.
Yoimiya Image Yoimiya • Pyro DPS who deals a lot of single target damage.
• Can aim at enemy weak spots.
Tighnari Image Tighnari • Dendro DPS who deals a lot of damage.
• Can aim at enemy weak spots.
Tartaglia Image Tartaglia • A good Hydro DPS who can both use melee and ranged.
• Can aim at enemy weak spots.
Diona Image Diona • Can provide both healing and shields.
• Can aim at enemy weak spots.
Fischl Image Fischl • A good Electro Sub-DPS and Support.
• Can aim at enemy weak spots.
Zhongli Image Zhongli • Provides excellent Shields with his Skill and the Crystallize reaction.

Character Tier List

Recommended Characters by Role

Main DPS
Genshin - Amber ImageGenshin - Ganyu ImageGenshin - Yanfei ImageGenshin - Yoimiya ImageGenshin - Tighnari Image
Genshin - Fischl ImageGenshin - Xiangling ImageGenshin - Xingqiu ImageGenshin - Sara ImageGenshin - Raiden ImageGenshin - Collei Image
Genshin - Jean ImageGenshin - Bennett ImageGenshin - Zhongli ImageGenshin - Diona ImageGenshin - Kokomi ImageGenshin - Yelan Image

Recommended F2P Team

F2P Party for Aeonblight Drake
Kaeya Image Kaeya Traveler (Geo) Image Traveler (Geo) Noelle Image Noelle Amber Image Amber

Best Team Comps

Defeat the Aeonblight Drake in Co-Op Mode

Are you missing specific characters, or have you not built a full party yet? Teaming up with others from our Co-Op boards is a great way to quickly beat the Aeonblight Drake and other bosses.

Genshin Co-Op Boards
Genshin - Friend Request BoardFriend Request Board Genshin - Co-Op BoardCo-Op Board

How to Beat the Aeonblight Drake

Interrupt its Attacks as much as Possible

You can interrupt the Aeonblight Drake's attacks if it's core is exposed. Aim and shoot at the glowing cores on the head or at the center of the Aeonblight Drake's body.

This interrupts their attack, stuns them for a short time, and removes the Elemental Resistance it obtained during the battle!

Use Bow Characters

All Characters
Yelan ImageYelan Tighnari ImageTighnari Venti ImageVenti
Fischl ImageFischl Sara ImageSara Gorou ImageGorou
Tartaglia ImageTartaglia Diona ImageDiona Faruzan ImageFaruzan
Ganyu ImageGanyu Collei ImageCollei Yoimiya ImageYoimiya
Aloy ImageAloy Amber ImageAmber

Before fighting the Aeonblight Drake, you should bring at least one Bow user to be able to hit its core from a distance. You can also hit the gears on its wings to bring it down!

Aeonblight Drake Resistances

Gains Elemental Resistance Based on the Last Attack Received

Like other Ruin Drakes, the Aeonblight Drake will gain Elemental Resistance depending on the last element it was affected by. You will know which element the Aeonblight Drake is currently resistant to, by checking the color of its canisters. Switch to a different element until its resistance is removed!

Shoot Its Core to Remove Resistances

The Aeonblight Drake's elemental resistances will return to normal after hitting its core. This will also weaken the drake and make it vulnerable to attacks, before switching forms.

Aeonblight Drake Drops

Aeonblight Drake Material Drops

Drop Level
Lv. 75+
Lv. 60+
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.
Lv. 75+
Lv. 60+
Lv. 40+
Any Lv.
Lv. 40+

Aeonblight Drake Artifact Drops

Artifact Set Drops
Berserker Berserker The Exile The Exile Lucky Dog Lucky Dog
Gladiator Gladiator's Finale Wanderer Wanderer's Troupe Prayers to Springtime Prayers to Springtime

Characters that Use Perpetual Caliber

Genshin Impact - Perpetual Caliber Image Perpetual Caliber
Genshin - Wanderer ImageGenshin - Nilou ImageGenshin - Layla Image

Nilou and Layla use the Aeonblight Drake's drops as their ascension materials. Each character will need a total of 46 Perpetual Calibers to reach ascension level 6!

Amount of Drops Needed per Character

Level Increase Item Amount Needed
40 → 50 x2
50 → 60 x4
60 → 70 x8
70 → 80 x12
80 → 90 x20
Total Amount Needed x46

Aeonblight Drake Enemy Information

Aeonblight Drake Details

Aeonblight Drake Image
Aeonblight Drake
Required Resin 40
Adventurer Handbook Description
This dragon-shaped combat machine is a being that inspires fear, much like the lord who once ruled these vast lands.
It is said that the now-destroyed realm once sought forbidden knowledge and attempted to create perpetual-motion machines that could match or even surpass primordial lifeforms. This mysterious, tireless mechanical monstrosity seems to be proof that they did indeed reach heights that mortals should never have attained.
Devantaka Mountain, Sumeru

Release Date in Version 3.1

Genshin Impact Version 3.1
Genshin Impact Version 3.1
Release Date September 28, 2022

The Aeonblight Drake was first introduced in the 3.1 Livestream and officially released in the Version 3.1 update on September 28, 2022.

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