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Genshin Impact - A Lone Ship in Guyun World Quest

A Lone Ship in Guyun is a World Quest in Genshin Impact. Learn how to unlock this Quest and where it is found, as well as its rewards and a full walkthrough for completing the Quest.

A Lone Ship in Guyun Basic Information

Quest Details

Quest Type World Quest
Location Sea of Clouds, Liyue
Required AR -
Quest Giver Event

How to Unlock

A Lone Ship in Guyun How to Unlock.jpgEnlarge

Board the lone ship east of Guyun Stone Forest.

A Lone Ship in Guyun Walkthrough and Rewards

A Lone Ship in Guyun

A heavily armed ship of unknown origins has stopped outside of Guyun Stone Forest. You hop right on board to investigate.

A Lone Ship in Guyun Objectives

Quest Objectives
  • Talk to Suling
  • Talk to Sea Drake
  • Talk to Xu Liushi
  • Talk to Furong
  • Talk to Mora-Grubber
  • Talk to Yinxing
  • Talk to Little Yue
  • Talk to Juza
  • Give 3 portions of meat to Juza
  • Report back to Juza
  • Get 3 Starconches
  • Talk to Little Yue
  • Give the present to Changchang
  • Talkt to Little Yue
  • Give the letter to Bolai
  • Report Back to Yinxing


1 Speak to the people marked as an objective. Only 3 of them will give you objectives that will complete the quest:
  • Juza
  • Little Yue
  • Yinxing
2 Talk to Juza.
2.a Speak to Juza.jpg
Give Juza 3 pieces of meat. You can give any type of meat as long as you give 3 in total.
2.b Talk to Juza again after giving him the meat.
3 Speak to Little Yue.jpg
Speak to Little Yue.
3.a Find and obtain 3 Starconches.
3.b Give Little Yue the Starconches.
3.c Talk to Changchang back in Liyue Harbor.
3.d Go back to the ship and talk to Little Yue.
4 Speak to Yinxing.jpg
Speak to Yinxing.
4.a Head to Liyue Harbor and speak to Bolai there.
4.b Go back to the ship and speak to Yinxing.


Adventure EXP Image Adventure EXP ×100 Mora Image Mora ×16000 Hero Hero's Wit ×2
Black-Back Perch Stew Image Black-Back Perch Stew ×5

A Lone Ship in Guyun Tips & Strategies

How to Get onto the Ship

How to Get onto the ship.jpg
You can glideall the way to the ship. This can be done by climbing the highest cliff nearest to the ship. Gettting to the highest point of the cliff will allow you to glide all the way onto the ship!

Geoculus Location

Geoculus Location.jpg
At the top of the Crow's nest is a Geoculus. Climp up the mast and get to the top to obtain it!

Geoculus Locations and Map

Speak to Everyone in Any Order

Speaking to Juzu.jpg
There is no set order of the objectives and can be done in any order you would like. It is best to speak to everyone who will give you an objective first before leaving the ship to minimize coming back to the ship.

Where to Find Starconch

Startconces can be found on the shores of Liyue. Keep your eyes open as you walk along the beaches of Liyue.

How to Get Starconch and Effects

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