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Weapon Refinery Tier List

This is a tier list based on how useful each weapon's upgrade/evolution is in the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you are unsure of which weapon to spend your materials on in the Weapon Refinery, read on and see which ones are worth it!

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4 Star Hero Unlock Potential Tier List Updates 2021

Date Changes
3/09 's Ayra's Blade Added to S
's Naglfar Added to S
's Mjölnir Added to A
's Ivaldi Added to A
2/09 Massive revisions to Weapon Refinery Tier List
's Giga Excalibur Added to A

Weapon Refinery Tier List

SS Rank - Absolutely Refine

Weapon Skill Hero With This Skill

The weapons in the SS Tier are weapons that you should definitely refine if you have the materials for. Each one of them has an extremely powerful effect that gives a huge advantage to its wielder, so prioritize the refinement of these weapons before doing any others.

S Rank - Highly Recommended

Weapon Skill Hero With This Skill

The weapons listed in the S Tier have very powerful effects that can be gained in the Weapon Refinery, granted that they are not quite as powerful as the ones listed in the SS Tier. Every one of them has an effect that is easily used in battle and can be equipped by a versatile hero, giving them a high priority in the Weapon Refinery.

A Rank - Worth Refining

Weapon Skill Heroes With This Skill
(Special Effect Refine, not Evolution)

The weapons listed in the A Tier are very powerful if used correctly. If you use any of the heroes listed above very often then we recommend taking their weapon to the refinery, but if not, you do not need to worry about refining their weapon.

B Rank and Below - Low Priority

The weapons not listed in this page are either in the B Tier or below. These weapons should mainly only be refined if you have already done so for all of the heroes you frequently use the the higher tiers and you still have some refining materials to spare. Of course you should refine the weapons in this tier if you use a hero that appears here very often, but if not, you should only do so when you have plenty of extra materials.

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