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Green Breath
FEH Green Breath Icon Green Breath
FEH Colorless Tome Icon Colorless Tome

This page displays all of the heroes who wield a green breath (dragonstone) in the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read on to find information about heroes with this weapon type!

List of Green Breath Units

Move Type
Winter Sothis ImageWinter Sothis Armored IconArmored 44 51 44 30 35 9.0
Nagi ImageNagi Armored IconArmored 46 53 19 36 41 9.0
Halloween Robin (F) ImageHalloween Robin (F) lying IconFlying 40 56 17 37 38 9.0
Fallen Robin (M) ImageFallen Robin (M) Armored IconArmored 48 56 24 35 27 8.5
Myrrh ImageMyrrh lying IconFlying 42 55 28 39 34 8.5
Adrift Corrin (F) ImageAdrift Corrin (F) Infantry IconInfantry 41 47 37 32 27 8.0
Winter Fae ImageWinter Fae Armored IconArmored 45 49 26 33 41 8.0
Kana (F) ImageKana (F) Infantry IconInfantry 40 46 34 33 26 8.0
Fae ImageFae Infantry IconInfantry 46 46 28 25 30 8.0

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