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This is a page about the Brave Heroes that are available from the Free 5 Star Summons that starting players get in the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you want to who from the Brave Heroes you should pull from, read on!

Free 5★ Summons for Starters
4th Anniversary Hero Fest BannerWho Should You Pull From 4th Anniversary Hero Fest?
Summon Categories
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The Best Summons to Pull From and Release Dates

Who Should You Pull From The Free 5 Star Summons?

CYL4 - A New Future

A New Future FEH 2021 CYL5

Lysithea - Earnest Seeker Icon Brave Lysithea
Dimitri - King of Faerghus Icon Brave Dimitri
Edelgard - Adrestian Emperor Icon Brave Edelgard
Claude - AlmyraBrave Claude

Pull for Brave Edelgard!

Edelgard Avatar Fire Emblem Heroes FEH 2021

Brave Edelgard, in our opinion, is the best pick in this banner. Even though she is an armored unit, her weapon grants her so much mobility that she does not feel like one. Her exclusive skill grants her guaranteed follow-up attacks and damage reduction against enemies. Access to Distant Ward makes her very strong against magic units too. All these make her an all-around unit that is strong on both offensive and defensive ends.

Who Should You Pull From CYL4?

CYL3 - Brave Echoes

Brave Echoes Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Alm - Imperial Ascent Icon Brave Alm
Eliwood - Marquess Pherae Icon Brave Eliwood
Micaiah - Queen of Dawn Icon Brave Micaiah
Camilla - Light of Nohr Icon Brave Camilla

Pull for Brave Camilla!

Brave Camilla Fire Emblem Heroes FEH size:600x440

Camila is the best pick for this banner since she can provide lots of utility a new player needs. Not only can she heal, and restrict enemy movement as a supporting unit, but she can also deal lots of damage through Sanngriðr, Atk/Spd Push 4, and Wrathful Staff 3.

She is also of flying movement. This makes her very flexible when it comes to fitting into many team compositions. Because of all these, she is a perfect hero for starting players.

The page for CYL3 - Brave Echoes is currently unavailable.

Free 5 Star Summon Guidelines

List Tips and Guidelines

  • Pull from the Free 5★ Summon after you have pulled from the normal banner. That way, you are able to get what you still need from the things the gacha system did not provide you with.
  • If you are Rerolling, pull from the Free 5★ Summon after you have Rerolled. This way, you save time as pulls from Free Summons are always guaranteed.
  • All units acquired from Free 5★ Summons will always have neutral IVs. This can be changed through the use of Trait Fruits.
  • Once you enter the Free Summoning Session, you cannot go back until you have chosen a character.
  • Once Summoned, you cannot re-select a hero.
  • You can only get one Free hero from each banner.

These tips and guidelines make your first few pulling sessions worth it. Most of the time, getting multiple Brave heroes instead of multiple copies of 1 Brave hero is better for a starting player so we urge people to pull first from the non-guaranteed sessions before the guaranteed session.

Details and Dates for the Free 5★ Summons

CYL4 A New Future Pulling Picture

Brave Banner Availability

CYL 4 - A New Future 08/18/2020~
CYL 3 - Brave Echoes 08/06/2019 ~

Choose a Favorite Brave Hero

Chibi Legendary Dimitri.png

Choose Your Legends (CYL) Banners are held every mid-year, and players are gifted one of the 4 heroes of their choice. For new players, they can choose 1 hero from each of the the 2 most recent Brave banners. Since Brave heroes are usually very powerful and can be the cornerstone of a good team, a player should strategically pick their Brave heroes.

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Weekly Revival Summoning Event
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10 Days After Installing
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Spring Festival (Revival) Summoning Event
Spring Festival (Revival) Simulator
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Bond of Trust Summoning Event
Bond of Trust Simulator
Summon Simulator
Hares at the Fair (Revival) Banner
Hares at the Fair (Revival) Summoning Event
Hares at the Fair (Revival) Simulator
Summon Simulator
Regal Rabbits (Revival) Banner
Regal Rabbits (Revival) Summoning Event
Regal Rabbits (Revival) Simulator
Summon Simulator
Familial Festivities (Revival) Banner
Familial Festivities (Revival) Summoning Event
Familial Festivities (Revival) Simulator
Summon Simulator
Willful Rabbits Banner
Willful Rabbits Summoning Event
Willful Rabbits Simulator
Summon Simulator

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