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Reroll Tier List 2021 Fire Emblem Heroes

This guide covers the best Heroes to roll when first starting out in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Read ahead to find explanations on which characters will make your playthrough of Fire Emblem Heroes progress more smoothly.

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How to Reroll in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)

Rerolling: Step-by-Step

  1. Begin the game without linking your My Nintendo account.
  2. Skip the movie and proceed through the tutorial.
  3. Finish the tutorial to gain 15 orbs.
  4. Summon five Heroes (the first draw is free, allowing for five total summons).
  5. Pull from other summoning focuses, all one time each.
  6. If Rerolling: Reinstall and go back to the beginning.

Other Links About Rerolling

5 Things New Players Should Know Powerful 4★ Heroes

Rerolling: Available Summoning Focuses

Current Summoning Focuses

Event Name Available Heroes
Week 1 ~ Week 19
Weekly Revival Banner
Weekly Revival
Summoning Event
Date of Installation ~
Free Summon Banner
Free Summon
Summoning Event
(Best used after rerolling is complete)
06/05/2023 ~ 06/14/2023
Bridal Bloom (Revival) Banner
Bridal Bloom (Revival)
Summoning Event
06/02/2023 ~ 06/11/2023
Bridal Belonging (Revival) Banner
Bridal Belonging (Revival)
Summoning Event
05/31/2023 ~ 06/14/2023
Hinoka: Thundering Wings Banner
Hinoka: Thundering Wings
Summoning Event
05/27/2023 ~ 06/05/2023
Bridal Beloveds (Revival) Banner
Bridal Beloveds (Revival)
Summoning Event
05/19/2023 ~ 06/19/2023
Bridal Dreams Banner
Bridal Dreams
Summoning Event
05/09/2023 ~ 06/08/2023
New Heroes & Rearmed Chrom Banner
New Heroes & Rearmed Chrom
Summoning Event
02/07/2023 ~ 08/31/2023
Free Summon: Arena Reward 2 Banner
Free Summon: Arena Reward 2
Summoning Event

Focus Hero Summoning Events are excluded

This list does not include Focus banners, as they change often and are low priority for rerolling.
To see what Focus banner Heroes to aim for, check out our List of Focus Events instead!

Focus Heroes Summoning Events (2022)

Things to Note When Rerolling in FEH

  • Aim to get Heroes that are only available as 5★ units.
  • Even if they have 5★ rarity, we do not recommend ending your reroll with only staff-wielding heroes.
  • It is possible to bring 4★/3★ units to 5★ rarity. (AKA Unlock Potential)
  • However, unlocking potential for a 4★ unit is a rather difficult process.
  • The Heroes you summon will all exhibit different Individual Values.
  • Even if you roll good Heroes, having bad IVs may be grounds for another reroll.
  • Be sure you do not finish rerolling until after you have checked your Heroes' IVs.
  • Pull from Free Summons after you have completed rerolling.

Fire Emblem Heroes Reroll Tier List 2021

SS Rank

Lilina - Firelight Leader ImageIke - Zeal Unleashed ImageSigurd - Destined Duo ImageAlm - Imperial Ascent ImageReginn - Bearing Hope ImageSigurd - Fated Holy Knight ImageChrom - Fate-Defying Duo ImageIke - Close-Knit Siblings ImageEdelgard - Sun Empresses ImageIdunn - Divine Demon ImageAzura - Vallite Songstress ImageHector - Brave Warrior ImageEirika - Pledged Restorer ImageChrom - Crowned Exalt ImagePeony - Álfar Dream Duo ImageDagr - SunCatria - Azure Wing Pair ImageDagr - New Year Jötnar ImageFjorm - Ice Ascendant ImageCorrin (F) - Nightfall Ninja Act ImageAzura - Hatari Duet ImageLyn - Ninja-Friend Duo ImageYuri - Ashen Valiant ImageClaude - King of Unification ImageEdelgard - Hegemon Husk Image

S Rank

Duma - Strength and Love ImageMicaiah - SummerAltina - Cross-Time Duo ImageEirika - Twin Refulgence ImageFreyr - Estival Dreams ImageDorothea - Twilit Harmony ImageVeronica - Princess Rising ImageEmbla - God of Closure ImageKris - Unknown Hero ImageLarcei - Keen Kin ImagePlumeria - Lewd Dream ImageLinde - Bound by Fate ImageHenriette - Overflowing Love ImageIdunn - Dragonkin Duo ImageSevera - Bitter Blossom ImageMarth - Legacied Hero ImageCaeda - Princess of Talys ImageIgrene - Nabata Protector ImageMareeta - Sword of Stars ImageYuri - Underground Lord ImageByleth - Proven Professor ImageByleth - Tested Professor ImageAlear - Dragon Child ImageLíf - Arcane Blade ImageIshtar - ThunderEliwood - Pledged Friend ImageMirabilis - Daydream ImageFelix - Lone-Wolf Blade ImageMorgan - Fated Darkness ImageByleth - Vengeance Vessel ImageTiki - Awakened Blood ImageChrom - Fell Exalt ImageOphelia - Starlit Maiden ImageNailah - Hatari Scorcher ImageSeliph - Enduring Legacy ImageIngrid - GalateaMarianne - Adopted Daughter ImageShez - Sharpest Blades ImageTiki - Harmonic Hope ImageOphelia - Dramatic Heroine ImageTana - Frelian Starlight ImageKatarina - Torchlit Wanderer ImageKris - Unsung Hero ImageJulia - Crusader of Light ImageChrom - Fated Honor ImageThórr - Sun-Kissed Gods ImageCordelia - Unyielding Snow ImageNótt - MoonPalla - Sisterly Trio ImageSurtr - Pirate of Red Sky ImageGuinivere - Princess of Bern ImagePeony - Sweet Dream ImageIshtar - Echoing Thunder ImageAlfonse - Askran Duo ImageMark - Winds of Hope ImageSeiros - Saint of Legend ImageDimitri - King of Faerghus ImageMyrrh - Guardian Dragon ImageLilina - Beaming Bride ImageDimitri - Savage Boar ImageIngrid - Beacon of Honor ImageIngrid - Solstice Knight ImageLaegjarn - Flame and Frost ImageKarla - Sun-Piercing Steel ImageCorrin - Starry Seer ImageDuessel - Obsidian ImageSelena - Fluorspar ImageTiki - Fated Divinity ImageBernadetta - Frosty Shut-In ImageSothis - Silver Specter ImageCelica - Queen of Valentia ImageHel - Death Sovereign ImageLaevatein - Ninja of Múspell ImageLyon - Demon King ImageFreyja - Lady of Nightmare ImageTriandra - Nightmare ImageBlack Knight - The NightSurtr - Ruler of Flame ImageGustav - Majestic Love ImageNagi - Dragon Avatar ImageMerric - Changing Winds ImageEphraim - Sacred Twin Lord ImageJill - Fiery Dracoknight ImageRinkah - Scion of Flame ImageHilda - Helping Hand ImageLucina - Future Fondness ImageIke - Brave Mercenary ImageThórr - War God ImageReinhardt - LightningHector - Sworn Friend ImageVeronica - Harmonic Pirates ImageAlm - Lovebird Duo ImageDimitri - Sky Blue Lion ImageEdelgard - Adrestian Emperor ImageRoy - Blazing Bachelors ImageMorgan - Devoted Darkness ImageGanglöt - Death Anew ImageKarla - Spring Reveries ImagePent - Mage General ImageYmir - Life-Mother ImageSeiðr - Goddess of Hope ImageWolf - CoyoteMicaiah - Dawn WindRobin - Fall Vessel ImageAshera - Order Goddess ImageCorrin - Child of Dusk ImageLRobin - Fell Tactician ImagePlumeria - Temptation Anew ImageFreyja - Fleeting Summer ImageLeila - Rose Amid Fangs ImageLaegjarn - Flame Ascendant ImageBramimond - The Enigma ImageFomortiis - Demon King ImageElincia - Devoted Queen ImageElise - Sweetheart Royals ImageElimine - Scouring Saint ImageCamilla - Light of Nohr ImageJoshua - Resolute Tempest ImageRhea - Immaculate One ImageAlm - Saint-King ImageCorrin - Wailing Soul ImageTiki - Torpid Dragon ImageFjorm - Bride of Rime ImageVeronica - Brave Princess ImageLysithea - Gifted Students ImageMyrrh - Spring Harmony ImageTiki - Bridal Reflections ImageShinon - Scathing Archer ImageFlorina - Azure-Sky Knight ImageBernadetta - Eternal Loner ImageTibarn - Shipless Pirate ImageFaye - Drawn Heartstring ImageMicaiah - Wavecrest Maiden ImageClaude - AlmyraAskr - Renewed Gods ImageAsh - Retainer to Askr ImageAskr - God of Openness ImageTriandra - Sunlit Nightmare ImageSara - Lady of Loptr ImageCelica - ValentiaLyn - Brave Lady ImageFlayn - Playing Innocent ImageByleth - Sublime Light Image

A Rank

Malice - Deft Sellsword ImageShinon - Sharptongue Ninja ImageMyrrh - Spooky Monster ImageIdunn - Dark Priestess ImageCatria - Mild Middle Sister ImageKiria - Cool Façade ImageShez - Rising Mercenary ImageHector - Dressed-Up Duo ImageDheginsea - Harvest Goldoan ImageOlivia - Sky-High Dancer ImageIke - Stalwart Heart ImageFir - Swordmaiden ImageReinhardt - ThunderGregor - Swell Sword ImageTibarn - Lord of the Air ImageRoy - Brave Lion ImageShannan - Wielder of Astra ImageVolke - Man of Mysteries ImageZephiel - WinterLethe - GalliaLucia - Tireless Advisor ImageKeaton - Lupine Collector ImageJoshua - Tropical Gambler ImageJulia - Heart Usurped ImageNino - Spirited Sorcerer ImageDorothea - Yuletide Dancer ImageCelica - Caring Princess ImagePhina - Roving Dancer ImageCelica - Imprisoned Soul ImageCelica - Warrior Priestess ImageMareeta - The BladeLilith - Silent Broodling ImageTiki - Beachside Scion ImageConstance - Fallen Noble ImageMúspell - Flame God ImagePalla - Kind Eldest Sister ImageSothis - Girl on the Throne ImageSeliph - Scion of Light ImageMareeta - Astra Awakened ImageZelgius - Jet-Black General ImageMercedes - Unfussed Basker ImageEirika - Graceful Resolve ImageAltina - DawnShanna - Bridal Novice ImageNah - Little Miss ImageMidori - Reliable Chemist ImageFáfnir - Fresh Ambition ImageHríd - Icy Blade ImageHugh - Worldly Mage ImageIke - Vanguard Legend ImageNanna - Beloved Princess ImageLysithea - Child Prodigy ImageHinoka - Thundering Wings ImageMia - Budding Blade ImageBrigid - Orgahil Pirate ImageEliwood - Blazing Knight ImageNeimi - Tearful Archer ImageMarth - Prince of Light ImageLysithea - Earnest Seeker ImageSaySophia - Prescient Bride ImageFlavia - Feroxi East-Khan ImagePriam - Radiant Hero ImageByleth - Fell StarLeila - Keen Lookout ImageRoy - Blazing Lion ImageCatherine - Thunder Knight ImageCamilla - Midnight Bloom ImageAzelle - Youthful Flame ImageMarth - Hero-King ImageForsyth - Loyal Lieutenant ImageNerþuz - God of the Land ImageTsubasa - Madcap Idol ImageDimitri - Savior King ImageIlyana - Treat Harvester ImageVelouria - Renewed Wolfpup ImageNils - Bright Bard ImageCaeda - Beloved Queen ImageNailah - Unflinching Eye ImageLyn - Blazing Whirlwind ImageUllr - The Bowmaster ImageNino - Flower of Frost ImageEphraim - Dynastic Duo ImageCorrin - Bloodbound Beast ImageNavarre - Scarlet Ninja ImageByleth - The Fódlan Light ImageByleth - Fount of Learning ImageQuan - Lightfoot Prince ImageEliwood - Marquess Pherae ImageSirius - Mysterious Knight ImageNinian - Frozen Heart ImageTiki - Legendary Dragon ImageEst - Springtime Flier ImageHapi - Drawn-Out Sigh ImageLyn - Lady of the Beach ImageZeke - Past Unknown ImageAshe - Fabled Sea Knight ImageNaga - Dragon Divinity ImagePerceval - Knightly Ideal ImageMelady - Crimson Rider ImageEphraim - Legendary Lord ImageGilliam - Wall of Silence ImageFae - Childlike Dragon ImageGatrie - Armored Amour ImageDimitri - The Protector ImageLilith - Astral Daughter ImageLaegjarn - Burning Sun ImageAlfred - Floral Protector ImageHardin - Dark Emperor ImageChloé - Fairy-Tale Flier ImageMonica - Favored Vassal ImageReginn - Bearing Dawn ImageDelthea - Prodigy in Bloom ImageSain - Green Lance ImageBerkut - Debonair Noble ImageRudolf - Emperor of Rigel ImageAsh - Earnest Greetings ImageNifl - God of Ice ImageClaude - Tropical Trouble ImageAnna - Secret Seller ImageSothis - Bound-Spirit Duo ImageRonan - Villager of Iz ImageCath - Caper Captain ImageBernadetta - Late Hibernator ImageFarina - The Great Wing ImageHardin - The Coyote ImageLucina - Brave Princess ImageAnankos - Seething Silence ImageLucina - Glorious Archer ImageDeirdre - Fated Saint ImageEst - Sweet Baby Sis ImageCaeldori - Perfect Angel ImageErinys - Earnest Knight ImageNailah - Blessed Queen ImageDedue - DimitriRobin - ExaltMyrrh - Great Dragon ImageMamori - MicrowavinXander - Gallant King ImageEitri - Youthful Sage ImageThrasir - Omnicidal Witch ImageHeiðr - Innocent Goddess ImageCaeda - Sea-Blossom Pair ImageEir - Life Ascendant ImageTharja - Florid Charmer ImageRobin - Fell Reincarnation ImageDeirdre - Lady of the Forest ImageAstrid - Resolute Damsel ImageCed - Hero on the Wind ImageTana - Soothing Warmth ImageFae - Holiday Dear ImageGerik - Desert Tiger ImageSelena - Sandbar Fluorspar ImageFelicia - Off the Menu ImageEirika - Beach Restorer ImageAzura - Lady of Ballads ImageHilda - Idle Maiden ImageUrsula - Royal-Blue Crow ImageYune - Chaos Goddess ImageLachesis - Ballroom Bloom ImageMicaiah - Queen of Dawn ImageRennac - Rich Merchant ImageFir - Student of Spring ImageArtur - Silver Saint ImageKaden - Kitsune Braggart ImageInigo - Festival Flower ImageHinoka - Fair Pirate Pair ImageLarcei - Scion of Astra ImageÓtr - Kingsbrother ImageDieck - Wounded Tiger ImageOsian - Scolded Soldier ImageYarne - Timid Taguel ImageAnna - Secret Charmer ImageEdelgard - The Future ImageCéline - Joyous Royal ImageHector - Just Here to Fight ImageHector - Marquess of Ostia ImageMaria - Sunny Smile ImageLethe - New YearSonya - Dazzling Rabbits ImageEdelgard - Flame Emperor ImageLetizia - Curse Director ImageAnnette - Overachiever ImageJulia - NagaByleth - The Fódlan Star ImageGatekeeper - Nothing to Report ImageCharlotte - Wily Warrior ImageElm - Resolute Grouch ImageRhea - Witch of Creation ImageLewyn - Guiding Breeze ImageAsbel - Windswept Youth ImageNinian - Ice-Dragon Oracle ImageShamir - Archer Apart ImageCherche - Shaded by Wings ImageCorrin - Celestial Sorcerer ImageIgrene - Ninja of Nabata ImageEleonora - Shooting Starlet ImageLeif - Unifier of Thracia ImageXane - Autumn Trickster ImageSephiran - Hoary Sovereign ImageMúspell - Raging Inferno ImageArval - Cycle Keeper ImageJulian - Tender Thief ImageMarth - Royal Altean Duo ImageCaineghis - GalliaGotoh - White Sage ImageMia - Harmonic Blades ImageNifl - Tropical Ice God ImageEthlyn - Glimmering Lady ImageMila - Goddess of Love ImageHilda - DeerEir - Merciful Death ImageLeif - Destined Scions ImageSaul - Minister of Love ImageTine - Rumbling Thunder ImageTana - Soaring Princess ImageClaude - The Schemer ImageRobin - Tactful Deliverer ImageLyre - Lap Cat of Luxury ImageHinoka - Blue Sky Warrior ImageSelkie - New YearJakob - Devoted Monster ImageSoren - Hushed Voice ImageRebecca - Breezy Scamp ImageMarianne - Serene Adherent ImageRobin - Fall Reincarnation ImageMedeus - Earth-Dragon King ImageDuma - God of Strength ImageMicaiah - Radiant Queen ImageRhea - Loving Matriarch ImageNina - Shadowy Figure ImageLouise - Lady of Violets ImageMaria - Ritual Sacrifice Image

FEH Best Reroll Heroes

Evaluation Criterion for Reroll Rankings

  • The Hero's stats
  • The strength and utility of skills the Hero comes already equipped with
  • The Hero's ability to progress smoothly through the story quests
  • How useful they are in Grand Hero Battles and Arena Duels

SS Rank: Nailed It! (Do Not Reroll Again)

Hero Name Summary of Hero's Strengths
Alm - Imperial AscentBrave Alm
・Exclusive Weapon grants a huge buff to all stats・Exclusive skill adds extra damage on to his Atk stat
Lysithea - Earnest SeekerBrave Lysithea
・Weapon provides guarantee follow-up attacks and helpful offensive effects
・Multiple buffs and debuffs to ensure a high Spd difference between Lysithea's team and enemy team
Ike - Zeal UnleashedFallen Ike
・Exclusive weapon turns penalties into bonuses
・A Skill makes it easy to trigger his exclusive special
・Can reduce damage taken if Spd is greater than foe's
Lilina - Firelight LeaderLegendary Lilina
・Can activate an AoE Special from the first turn
・Can nullify Vantage and Desperation effects
Sigurd - Fated Holy KnightLegendary Sigurd
・Access to guaranteed follow-up attacks, and damage reduction effects
・Can move up to 4 spaces at a time
・Can also grant allies extra movement, and more damage by activating Holy-Knight Aura.
Sigurd - Destined DuoMasquerade Sigurd
・Halves magic damage through exclusive weapon
・Has access to a refresher-assist skill and a movement-assist skill through his Duo Skill
Reginn - Bearing HopeReginn
・Access to additional movement action after attacking
・High firepower when engaging combat
Byleth - Fell StarSummer Byleth (F)
・Weapon prevents enemy skills that guarantee follow-up and neutralizes skills that prevent unit from making follow-ups
・Powerful buffs to Atk and Spd
Chrom - Fate-Defying DuoValentine's Chrom
・Weapon skill is effective against flying and armored units, accelerates Special, grants buffs, and gives a guaranteed follow-up attack.
・Assist skill that repositions an ally and grants another action to unit.
・Exclusive A skill that allows him to counterattack regardless of range and will also grant buffs during combat.t
Altina - Cross-Time DuoWinter Altina
・Access to a one-turn Vantage through Harmonized Skill
・Weapon grants Distant Counter and a dual-phase Brave effect
・Powerful Special skill
Ike - Close-Knit SiblingsYoung Ike
・Weapon skill grants stat bonuses, special acceleration, damage reduction, and a Null Follow-Up effect
・Has improved Distant Counter and Aether skills
・Duo Skill inflicts Atk/Spd penalties, inflicts Guard, and increases foe's Special cooldown counts
Idunn - Divine DemonAscended Idunn
・Weapon skill is accelerates Special trigger, is effective against armored units, nullifies weapons that are effective against armored units, inflicts debuffs on enemy units during combat, and also prevents enemy units from making follow-up attacks.
Eirika - Pledged RestorerBrave Eirika
・Reduces damage from enemy unit's first attack and also nullifies effect that prevent follow-up attacks
・New A skill that not only grants the Swift Sparrow 3 but also heals unit when Special deals damage
・Neutralizes effects that slow Special and deals damage depending on a percentage of enemy unit's Def
Hector - Brave WarriorBrave Hector
・Guaranteed follow-up attack when the foe initiates combat
・Weapon refine is busted
・Has the strongest version of Distant Counter available
Azura - Vallite SongstressLegendary Azura
・When she users her refresher skill on an infantry or flying unit, they will be able to move an additional 1 space and receive bonus stats.
・Skill raises Arena Score
Chrom - Crowned ExaltLegendary Chrom
・Can move again after using reposition on an ally
・Can counterattack from any range
Fjorm - Ice AscendantAscended Fjorm
・Can take attacks in place of an allied unit
・Buff to Spd/Def when attacked by foe
・Weapon skills accelerates Special, restores HP after combat, and allows counterattacks against ranged sweep effects.
Edelgard - Adrestian EmperorBrave Edelgard
・Exclusive weapon grants huge mobility
・Reduces the damage of enemy follow-up attacks by 80%
・Exclusive skill grants guaranteed follow-up attacks
・If foe is a magic user, Distant Ward guarantees buffs and counterattacks regardless of foe's range
Catria - Azure Wing PairBridal Catria
・Will attack twice when the conditions of【Triangle Attack】are met.
・The effects of【Triangle Attack】are also granted to allies
・Special Harmonized skill that will allow her and allies to perform guaranteed follow-up attacks.
Dagr - SunDagr
・Has【Pathfinder】to give her allies more mobility
・Guaranteed follow-up attack while neutralizing skills that prevent her from making follow-up attacks.
・Extra movement on even turns.
Azura - Hatari DuetHatari Azura
・Weapon skill grants buffs to unit and their allies.
・Exclusive Assist skill enables allies to move an extra space.
Dagr - New Year JötnarNew Year Dagr
・Weapon skill inflicts debuffs on foes and has Pathfinder
・Rest of her kit helps with combat
Peony - Álfar Dream DuoNew Year Peony
・Her Duo Skill refreshes allies and a buff and a movement perk
・Belongs to a rare unit type of green tome fliers
・Possesses a long range Atk buff for allies
Corrin (F) - Nightfall Ninja ActNinja Corrin (F)
・Weapon skill allows her to strike twice in one attack when she initiates
・Deals bonus damage based on Spd checks
・Grants self an extra action using Duo Skill
Edelgard - Hegemon HuskFallen Edelgard
・Edelgard and her foes cannot make follow-up attacks
・Granted another action after Edelgard initiates an attack
・Access to 40% damage reduction through exclusive B skill
Claude - King of UnificationLegendary Claude
・Exclusive weapon with a built-in Null Follow-Up effect
・B skill grants 80% damage reduction and inflcits Gravity on enemies.
Leif - Unifier of ThraciaLegendary Leif
・Can attack twice while preventing an enemy follow-up attack
・Very useful special skill that grants additional movement
Lyn - Ninja-Friend DuoNinja Lyn
・Access to an additional action through her duo skill
・Weapon skill allows her to strike twice in one attack
Yuri - Ashen ValiantYuri
・Exclusive skill allows him to swap spaces with any ally 3 spaces away
・Weapon grants him a lot of mobility

Explanation of SS Rank

Heroes with an SS Reroll Ranking are extremely useful in both Story Quests and Arena Duels. These Heroes are so strong that other Heroes pale in comparison. Additionally, they are very helpful in high difficulty Special Maps and Grand Hero Battles making them fantastic additions to your team.

S Rank: Great Pull! (Not Necessary to Reroll Again)

Explanation of S Rank

Heroes with an S Reroll Ranking are not quite as good as those with an SS Ranking. However, they still possess excellent skills and stats, and taking them to the Weapon Refinery can make them extremely powerul. Ending your reroll with these Heroes should be enough to allow you to progress smoothly through the game.

A Rank: Good Pull (May Decide to Not Reroll)

Heroes with an A Reroll Ranking are a step below those ranking S or SS. However, they are still powerful enough to carry most of the game's PvE content with ease. Ending your reroll with these Heroes should also be enough to allow you to progress smoothly through the game.

▶How to Check IVs and Explanation of Base Values


The Reroll Rankings Are Always Changing!

Reroll Rankings are always changing with the addition of new Heroes and changes in the system. Since this is just the current Reroll Ranking, keep in mind that there may be sudden changes and movement within the tiers!

If You Have Just Begun Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH)...

FEH (Fire Emblem Heroes) is very different when compared with past games in the Fire Emblem series. Those who are new to mobile games or have just started playing should first master the basics.

Getting Started How to Check IVs
How to Use Inherit Skill Combat Manuals

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