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This page details all the features and benefits gained from buying a Feh Pass subscription. If you want to know what Resplendent Heroes are, what type of bonus they receive, how to buy a Feh Pass, How to Cancel Feh Pass, and other information about the Feh Pass, please read on.

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Resplendent Heroes FEH Pass Information

What is the Feh Pass?

A monthly subscription based service that offers several benefits

FEH Pass Benefits.jpg
Monthly Fee $9.49 USD

The Feh Pass is a newly introduced monthly subscription service that gives you five unique benefits. For $9.49 a month, players will receive two resplendent heroes, as well as four other special benefits.

How to Purchase a Feh Pass

The Feh Pass can be purchased by going to the Shop from the game menu (at the bottom of the screen).

The Feh Pass renews automatically

Because the subscription renews itself every month, payment will be recurring if you do not cancel it. Make sure you know how to cancel, in order to prevent yourself from saying “I just wanted a month! I didn't know I was gonna be charged every single month!” later on down the line.

Feh Pass Features

Resplendent Ascendance

Resplendent Heroes.jpg
Dates Heroes will be received The 10th and 25th of every month

List of Resplendent Heroes

Resplendent Heroes can be received on the 10th and 25th of every month

If you purchase a Feh Pass subscription, you will receive a Resplendent Hero Present on the 10th and 25th of every month. These previously existing FEH characters will have new outfits and voices, as well as a +2 bonus to all of their stats.

If you already have the heroes, they can change outfits

When you obtain the Resplendent Heroes for a hero you already had, you can change the pre-existing unit into the Resplendent Outfit and gain +2 on all of their stats. Your character will get this buff even if you choose to keep change them back to their old outfit, granting you the ability to choose the outfit you like.

Feh Pass Quests

FEH Pass Quests Fire Emblem Heroes
Twice a month, there will be special Quests & Missions available for people who have the pass. Completing these quests will earn you various rewards, such as Orbs, Hero Grails, and Divine Dew.

Summoner Support for More Units

Expanded Summoner Support Fire Emblem Heroes
Until now, you were only aloud to select one Hero under Summoner Support. With an Feh Pass, you will be able to bond with up to three heroes at one time. With an S Rank in Summoner Support, each of these units can gain +2 to all stats.

Re-Do Previous Turns

Re-Act Turn Fire Emblem Heroes
Buying a Feh Pass grants you a feature that allows you to redo previous turns. On a turn where you have not yet moved, this will take you back to a previous turn. If you have a already finished moving an ally or allies, you will go back to the start of that turn. If you get a Game Over and use it, you will go back to that previous turn. While this will be very useful in Grand Hero Battles, note that it does not work in PvP modes like the Coliseum or Aether Keeps.

Multi-Map Auto-Start

Auto Start Fire Emblem Heroes
You will also unlock a feature that allows you to auto-play maps in succession, as long as you have stamina. This feature will be very useful in grindy modes like Training Tower, Tempest Trials, and Forging Bonds.

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  • How to Cancel Feh Pass Subscription

    How to Cancel Feh Pass

    Don't want the tides of war to favor you anymore? Read on to know how to cancel your Feh Pass.

    Steps to Cancel Feh Pass Subscription

    The process for cancelling your Feh Pass subscription differs between iOS and Android. Your Feh Pass subscription details can be checked from there as well.

    Cancelling from the App Store

    1:Go to Settings
    2:Go to iTunes Store & App Store
    3:Tap Apple ID → View Apple ID
    4:Tap Subscriptions
    5:Tap the Fire Emblem Heroes icon to view it
    6:Tap Cancel Subscription and go through with the process
    7:On the Subscription Status page, if it says “Expires on”, then automatic payments will cease

    Cancelling from the Google Play Store

    1:Go to the Play Store
    2:From the Play Store Menu Icon, tap Subscriptions
    3:From the Subscriptions Screen, tap Fire Emblem Heroes
    4:From there, tap Cancel Subscription
    5:On the Subscription Status page, if it says “Expires on”, then automatic payments will cease

    Note that displayed text may differ depending on OS

    Things to be Cautious of

    • When cancelling an automatic payment, you will need to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before it is scheduled to take payment
    • After cancelling payment, you can still use the Feh Pass benefits until the expiration date
    • A refund is not given for cancelling, even if it is done during the valid period

    The most important of these is the fact that when cancelling an automatic payment, you will need to cancel the subscription at least 24 hours before it is scheduled to take payment. If you are thinking you will want to cancel your subscription, be sure to do it in advance.

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