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4 Star Hero Tier List

This is a tier list for the best 4 Star Heroes to Unlock Potential for in FEH. Use this tier list to know whether or not the 4 star heroes you pulled should be rerolled, or if you want to find out who the best 4 star heroes are.

4 Star Hero Unlock Potential Tier List

S Rank: Spend Your Feathers Here!

Hero Rarities Upgraded to 5★
Aversa - Dark One Image Aversa Recommended IVs: Base Values
Aversa’s Night can be unlocked
・Inflicts an extremely powerful penalty on all foes
Arvis - Emperor of Flame Image Arvis Recommended IVs: Base Values
Valflame can be unlocked
・The Exclusive Skill Recover Ring is unlocked as well
Tharja - Dark Shadow Image Tharja Recommended IVs: +Spd
Tharja's Hex can be unlocked
・4★ with +10 merges is also a good option
Black Knight - Sinister General Image Black Knight Recommended IVs: Base Values
Alondite and Black Luna can be unlocked
・Can counterattack at any range
Xander - Paragon Knight Image Xander Recommended IVs: Base Values
Siegfried can be unlocked
・Can counterattack at any range
Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Recommended IVs: +Atk
Dire Thunder can be unlocked
Ranks among the top attackers of all Heroes
Naesala - SkyNaesala Recommended IVs: Base Values
Raven King Beak can be unlocked
・A flying attacker who is capable of moving 3 spaces
Camus - Sable Knight Image Camus Recommended IVs: Base Values
Gradivus can be unlocked
・Can counterattack at any range
Reyson - White Prince Image Reyson Recommended IVs: Base Values
Heron Wing can be unlocked
・Skillselt allows for movement up to 3 spaces and gies him a refresher skill
Nino - Pious Mage Image Nino Recommended IVs: +Spd
Gronnblade+ can be unlocked
・4★ with a +10 merge is also a great option
Klein - Silver Nobleman Image Klein Recommended IVs: +Atk
Brave Bow+ and Quick Riposte 3 can be unlocked
・4★ with +10 merges is another good option
Gordin - Altean Archer Image Gordin Recommended IVs: +Spd
・Unlocks Renowned Bow
・Can unleash powerful consecutive attacks

A Rank: Solid Option to Invest Feathers In

Hero Rarities Upgraded to 5★
Astram - MidiaAstram No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Mercurius
・Buffs nearby physical attackers
Itsuki - Finding a Path Image Itsuki Recommended IVs: Base Values
・Unlocks Mirage Falchion
・Powerful against dragons
Marth - Altean Prince Image Marth Recommended IVs: +Atk
Falchion can be unlocked
・Weapon is effective against dragons and grants HP recovery
Titania - Warm Knight Image Valentine's Titania Recommended IVs: Base Values
Loyal Wreath+ can be unlocked
・Very valuable as a Red Tome-wielding unit
Joshua - Tempest King Image Joshua Recommended IVs: Base Values
Audhulma can be unlocked
・Balanced Hero with excellent stats and very high defense
Marth - Enigmatic Blade Image Masked Marth Recommended IVs: Base Values
Falchion can be unlocked
・Powerful anti-dragon
Tiki - NagaTiki (Adult) Recommended IVs: +Def
Lightning Breath+ can be unlocked
・4★ with +10 merges is also a great option
Caeda - TalysCaeda Recommended IVs: +Atk
Wing Sword can be unlocked
・Useful as an anti-armor or anti-cavalry unit
Ares - Black Knight Image Ares Recommended IVs: +Atk
Dark Mystletainn can be unlocked
・Can use specials in succession
Rinea - Reminiscent Belle Image Rinea Recommended IVs: Base Values
・Unlocks Silver Goblet+
・No need to unlock potential if only using for her refresher assist
Delthea - TatarrahFallen Delthea Recommended IVs: Base Values
・Unlocks Death
・Excellent attack phase unit
Mordecai - Kindhearted Tiger Image Mordecai Recommended IVs: +Def
・Unlocks Sabertooth Fang
・Very good Def tank
Panne - Proud Taguel Image Panne Recommended IVs: Base Values
Taguel Fang can be unlocked
・High mobility and holds a weapon that is effective against cavalry foes
Nowi - Eternal Youth Image Nowi Recommended IVs: +Def
Lightning Breath+ can be unlocked
・4★ with +10 merges is another good option
Kana - Dragon Spawn Image Kana (M) Recommended IVs: Base Values
Brazen Def/Res 3 can be unlocked
・A dragon unit with very high defense
Clair - Highborn Flier Image Clair Recommended IVs: +Atk
Rhomphaia can be unlocked
・Possesses an extremely strong weapon that is effective on armored and cavalry units
Est - Junior Whitewing Image Est Recommended IVs: +Atk
Whitewing Spear can be unlocked
・A top contender for an all-Flying party
Effie - Army of One Image Effie Recommended IVs: +Atk
Death Blow 3 can be unlocked
・Has an amazing Atk stat
Azura - Young Songstress Image Azura (Young) Recommended IVs: Base Values
Book of Shadows can be unlocked
・A powerful tome attacker with a refresher skill
Cecilia - Etrurian General Image Cecilia Recommended IVs: +Atk
Gronnraven+ can be unlocked
・4★ with +10 merges is also a good option
Fae - Divine Dragon Image Fae Recommended IVs: +Def
Light Breath+ can be unlocked
・4★ with +10 merges is also a good option
Python - Apathetic Archer Image Python Recommended IVs: +Spd
・Unlocks Short Bow+
・One of the few green bow cavalry units
Cherche - Wyvern Friend Image Cherche Recommended IVs: +Atk
Cherche's Axe can be unlocked
・Being able to attack in succession makes her very powerful
Kagero - Honorable Ninja Image Kagero Recommended IVs: +Atk
Poison Dagger+ can be unlocked
・This weapon is ranged and effective on infantry units, making it very easily applicable
Louise - Eternal Devotion Image Louise No IVs available
・Unlocks Bouquet Bow+
・Easy to include in a cavalry party thanks to Hone Cavalry
Kronya - Gleaming Blade Image Kronya No IVs available
・Unlocks Athame
・Weapon skill has Vantage built into it

B Rank: Unlock Potential if you Have Extra Feathers

Hero Rarity Upgraded to 5★
Soleil - Adorable Adorer Image Soleil Recommended IVs: +Spd
Firesweep Sword+ can be unlocked
・Extremely powerful attacker
Hana - Focused Samurai Image Hana Recommended IVs: +Spd
・Unlocks Hana's Katana
・Anti armor unit with good Atk and Spd
Zephiel - The Liberator Image Zephiel Recommended IVs: Base Values
Eckesachs can be unlocked
・Armored unit with excellent stats
Eirika - Restoration Lady Image Eirika Recommended IVs: +Atk
Sieglinde can be unlocked
・Best saved for after you have unlocked the Weapon Refinery
Seliph - Heir of Light Image Seliph Recommended IVs: +Atk
・Unlocks Tyrfing
・Can add the effect of Miracle via the Weapon Refinery
Silvia - Traveling Dancer Image Silvia Recommended IVs: +Spd
・Works great in a movement refresher type role
・You do not need to use Unlock Potential if you only intend to use her for Dance. 4★ with +10 merges is another good option
Fiora - Defrosted Illian Image Summer Fiora No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Petal Parasol+
・Flying unit with balanced stats
Kempf - Conniving General Image Kempf No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Venin Edge
・Inflicts area damage to nearby foes after combat
Alfonse - Prince of Askr Image Alfonse Recommended IVs: Base Values
Fólkvangr can be unlocked
・Can be made into an Arena Score Booster or a Quests and Missions Hero
Garon - King of Nohr Image Garon Recommended IVs: Base Values
Breath of Blight can be unlocked
・Neutralizes "effective against dragons" bonuses
Sophia - Nabata Prophet Image Sophia Recommended IVs: +Def
・Unlocks Eternal Tome
・Very powerful against colorless foes
Lyon - Shadow Prince Image Lyon Recommended IVs: Base Values
Naglfar can be unlocked
・Recommended for players who do not have a red-tome wielding Hero with Rauðrraven+
Morgan - Lad from Afar Image Morgan (M) Recommended IVs: +Spd
Grima's Truth can be unlocked
・Turns foe's bonuses into penalties
Arden - Strong and Tough Image Arden Recommended IVs: Base Values
・The Exclusive Skill Follow-Up Ring can be unlocked
・Extremely high HP and Def
Eir - Renewed Life Image New Year Eir No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Temari+
・Excellent debuff support
Laegjarn - New Experiences Image New Year Laegjarn Recommended IVs: Base Values
Wagasa+ can be unlocked
・Having 2 debuff skills makes her incredibly useful
Brunnya - Devoted General Image Brunnya No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Fimbulvetr
・Nullifies penalties and converts to bonuses
Tailtiu - Thunder Noble Image Tailtiu Recommended IVs: +Spd
Blárblade+ can be unlocked
・An excellent pick for a high Atk/high Spd attacker
Roderick - Steady Squire Image Roderick Recommended IVs: +Spd
Firesweep Lance+ can be unlocked
Allows him to strike foes without being counterattacked
Lukas - Sharp Soldier Image Lukas Recommended IVs: +Def
Killer Lance+ can be unlocked
・Def stat ranks among the top of all Heroes
Sigrun - Loyal Protector Image Sigrun No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Reprisal Lance+
・Easy to use in a flier party thanks to Hone Fliers
Cordelia - Knight Paragon Image Cordelia Recommended IVs: +Atk
Brave Lance+ can be unlocked
・An excellent pick for a high Atk/high Spd attacker
Thea - Stormy Flier Image Thea Recommended IVs: +Def
・Unlocks Vanguard+
・A flier with balanced stats
Cormag - Aloof Lanceman Image Cormag No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Slaying Lance+
・Flying unit with high Atk and Def
Eliwood - Devoted Love Image Valentine's Eliwood Recommended IVs: Base Values
Fire Boost 3 can be unlocked
・Armored unit with excellent stats
Robin - High Deliverer Image Robin (M) Recommended IVs: +Def
Tactical Bolt can be unlocked
・Upgrading via the Weapon Refinery grants excellent team bonuses
Sharena - Princess of Askr Image Sharena Recommended IVs: Base Values
Fensalir can be unlocked
・Can be made into an Arena Score Booster or a Quests and Missions Hero
Saias - Bishop of Flame Image Saias Recommended IVs: Base Values
Wargod's Tome can be unlocked
・Unique Weapon inflicts two penalties on foes
Silas - Loyal Knight Image Silas Recommended IVs: +Def
・Unlocks Slaying Spear+
・High Def and effective on armored units
Conrad - Masked Knight Image Conrad No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Barrier Lance+
・Cavalry unit with high defensive stats
Valbar - Open and Honest Image Valbar Recommended IVs: +Def
・Unlocks Brave Lance+
・Excellent candidate for Wary Fighter
Echidna - Unyielding Idealist Image Echidna Recommended IVs: +Spd
・Unlocks Rearguard+
・Attack phase axe unit with balanced stats
Ross - His FatherRoss Recommended IVs: +Atk
・Unlocks Brave Axe+
・With a high Atk stat, can deal tons of damage if striking twice
Dorcas - Pumpkin Smasher Image Halloween Dorcas Recommended IVs: Base Values
Hack-o'-Lantern+ can be unlocked
・Works well in a tank-like role
Linus - Mad Dog Image Linus Recommended IVs: Base Values
Basilikos can be unlocked
・Recommended for players who do not have a Hero with Raven
Ylgr - Breaking the Ice Image Summer Ylgr No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Shoreline Rake+
・High Spd and easy to use
Hawkeye - Desert Guardian Image Hawkeye No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Guardian's Axe
・Great defensive stats to tank attacks
Walhart - The Conqueror Image Walhart Recommended IVs: Base Values
Wolf Berg can be unlocked
・High Atk and Def stats
Boey - Skillful Survivor Image Boey Recommended IVs: +Def
・Unlocks Inscribed Tome
・Powerful against colorless foes, and can gain close counter through the Weapon Refinery
Camilla - Bewitching Beauty Image Camilla Recommended IVs: Base Values
・Unlocks Camilla's Axe
・Flying unit with balanced stats
Titania - Mighty Mercenary Image Titania Recommended IVs: +Def
Draconic Poleax can be unlocked
・Upgrading via the Weapon Refinery grants excellent team bonuses
Robin - Mystery Tactician Image Robin (F) Recommended IVs: Base Values
Tactical Gale and Gronnwolf+ can be unlocked
B Tomebreaker 3 is a very useful skill
Michalis - Ambitious King Image Michalis Recommended IVs: Base Values
Hauteclere can be unlocked
・A flying attacker with amazing Atk and Def stats
Frederick - Polite Knight Image Frederick Recommended IVs: +Atk
・Unlocks Frederick's Axe
・Anti armor unit with high Atk and Def
Anna - Commander Image Anna Recommended IVs: Base Values
Nóatún can be unlocked
・Can be made into an Arena Score Booster or a Quests and Missions Hero
Leo - Extra Tomatoes Image Picnic Leo No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Sandwiches!+
・Excellent for tanking ranged attacks with Quick Riposte 3 and Distant Def
Jaffar - Angel of Night Image Winter Jaffar No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Minty Cane+
・High defensive stats and good at tanking ranged attacks
Loki - Spring Trickster Image Spring Loki No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Beguiling Bow+
・One of the few flying archers
Rolf - Tricky Archer Image Rolf No Access to IVs
・Unlocks Candlewax Bow+
・Easy to use with default skillset
Cecilia - Festive Instructor Image Winter Cecilia Recommended IVs: Base Values
Goodie Boot+ can be unlocked
・A rare dagger-wielding armored Hero
Takumi - Wild Card Image Takumi Recommended IVs: Base Values
Close Counter can be unlocked
・Allows him to counterattack even non-ranged foes
Takumi - Empty Vessel Image Fallen Takumi Recommended IVs: Base Values
Skadi can be unlocked
・This skill triggers on the third turn and is very powerful
Saizo - Angry Ninja Image Saizo Recommended IVs: +Spd
Smoke Dagger+ can be unlocked
・Best saved for after you have unlocked the Weapon Refinery
Sothe - Zephyr Image Sothe Recommended IVs: +Atk
Peshkatz can be unlocked
・A dagger-weilding unit capable of dealing heavy damage
Felicia - Maid Mayhem Image Felicia Recommended IVs: +Atk
Felicia's Plate can be unlocked
・Gains the ability to calculate damage using the lower of a foe's Def and Res
Ethlyn - Spirited Princess Image Ethlyn Recommended IVs: Base Values
Spd/Def Bond 3 can be unlocked
・A fantastic support unit
Nanna - Nordion Princess Image Nanna Recommended IVs: +Spd
Restore+ can be unlocked
・A high Spd staff-wielding cavalry unit
Mercedes - Kindly Devotee Image Mercedes Recommended IVs: +Def
Gravity+ can be unlocked
・Excellent Res tank

Unlock Potential Summary

This tier list is based on our recommendations for using Unlock Potential on 4★ Heroes. 4★+10 Heroes have the same stats as 5★+5 Heroes, so it is sometimes better to continue to Merge Allies with a 4★ Hero instead of using Unlock Potential to increase their rarity. For this reason, you should prioritize Heroes who gain powerful Exclusive Skills at 5★ or Heroes that you simply love when using Unlock Potential.

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female robin does not unlock draconic poleaxe ?

2 yogibearcub2 months

so glad that reyson got demoted. I went from +4 to +8 merge under 3 months I love it when my favorite 5* exclusives get demoted tbh

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