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A guide to building a great offense team in one of the modes of play in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH), Aether Raids. This page shows great units to have in your raiding party as well as how to integrate them into specific strategies and lineups.

Mythic Heroes and Lift Gain

Eir Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.pngPeony.pngReginn.png

Mythic Heroes are the backbone of every raiding party and are the primary method of obtaining higher scores and rewards in Aether Raids.

Without using Mythic heroes, your lift gain will be at its bare minimum potential and will lead to lower rewards for each season's end.

Below is a table which shows your lift gain per match (without using the double boost feature) for every possible configuration of your raiding party.

Mythic Heroes Light/Astra Blessed Heroes Total Lift Gain per Match
0 5 100
1 4 140
2 3 160
3 2 160
4 1 140
5 0 100

As you can see, the best raiding party configuration, without accounting for merges on your Mythic heroes, is either 2 Mythic Heroes and 3 Blessed heroes, or 3 Mythic heroes and 2 Blessed heroes.

However, merges on your Mythic heroes can affect the lift gain. More on that below.

Using a bonus unit for the current season will increase your lift gain by 20. This bonus does not stack if you use more than one bonus unit.

Playing at the Vault of Heaven (Tiers 31 and above) and winning your match with all units surviving will increase your lift gain by 10.

Legendary heroes can substitute for Light/Astra Blessed heroes, assuming their appropriate blessing is active in the current season.

If you are using the 6th slot in your raiding party, the unit in the 6th slot does not affect your lift gain.

Remember not to place the week's bonus unit in the 6th slot, because you will not receive the 20 bonus lift if you do!

Merges to Mythic Heroes Increase Your Lift Gain

Merges to your Mythic heroes increase lift gain by 1 for each merge.

Upon first glance, 1 lift per match is very small.

However, the bonuses stack for each merge, which means each Mythic hero can add up to 10 to your lift gain for each merge it has, until the maximum number of merges at 10.

With three Mythic heroes at maximum merges, you could be obtaining 30 more lift for each match!

Below is a table with the updated lift gain per match (without using the double boost feature) for every possible configuration of your raiding party, assuming each Mythic hero is merged up to the +10 maximum.

Mythic Heroes Total Merges on Mythic Heroes Light/Astra Blessed Heroes Total Lift Gain per Match
0 0 5 100
1 10 4 150
2 20 3 180
3 30 2 190
4 40 1 180
5 50 0 150

Now we can see that the best raiding party configuration to obtain maximum lift is 3 Mythic heroes at maximum merges and 2 Light/Astra Blessed heroes.

Aether Raids Offense Strategies

The Aether Raids offense metagame revolves around the three main strategies of Fire Emblem: Tanking, Galeforce, and Hit and Run.

These three strategies have been battle-tested time and time again and have proven to be effective methods in achieving perfect clears.

Each strategy has their own weaknesses and they won't work for every map, but having 5 team slots alleviates this problem as long as the player is adequately prepared.


Brave Hector Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEHElimine Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEHAscended Fjorm Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

Tanking is the most common strategy players use to clear maps, as it is the easiest and least complicated method of defeating enemies.

This strategy involves placing your tank unit in the front line to absorb attacks from enemies and surrounding him/her with support units that make it harder to defeat the tank in combat.

The most common primary tank that people use is Brave Hector, and for good reason.

His refined Maltet is absolutely stacked and it takes significant effort to bring him down.

Equipping A/R Far Save 3 onto Brave Hector and surrounding him with powerful support units is an easy method to rack up wins in Aether Raids.

Brave Hector uses A/R Far Save 3 to protect the support units from ranged attacks while the support units provide in-combat bonuses and heals to keep him alive.

Common Tank Units
Hector - Brave Warrior IconBrave Hector
Gustav - Majestic Love IconValentine's Gustav
Henriette - Overflowing Love IconValentine's Henriette
Fjorm - Ice Ascendant IconAscended Fjorm
Common Support Units
Elimine - Scouring Saint IconElimine
Corrin - Fateful Prince IconCorrin (M)
Lucina - Brave Princess IconBrave Lucina
Flayn - Playing Innocent IconFlayn

Example Raiding Party

Tanking Party.png

In this example, Peony and Dagr are the two Mythic heroes chosen for scoring. Peony can provide additional actions and passive bonuses, while Dagr enables the 6th unit slot.

Brave Hector is the tank of choice; he has A/R Far Save 3 equipped to cover the team from stray attacks.

Corrin (M) provides passive bonuses to Brave Hector and Flayn provides damage reduction and healing.

Lifis is the bonus unit and is fielded just to increase lift gain. Ideally, the bonus unit is another Mythic hero to provide bonus stats for the primary tank.


Eir Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.pngNinja Lyn Chibi.pngNew Year Peony Chibi.png

Galeforce has always been a powerful skill in Fire Emblem games, and Heroes is no exception.

Additional actions provide more opportunities to perform strategies, whether that involves an additional attack to eliminate one more enemy, or retreating to safety after the first combat.

The most common initiator units to execute the strategy are Eir and Ninja Lyn. These two units have flier mobility as well as access to Disarm Trap 3 to negate enemy traps and guarantee access to combat.

Yuri is also a great unit to initiate the offense, with his 3 movement, Canto effect, and access to Disarm Trap 3.

They should equip skills that inflict recoil damage such as Fury 4 and Eir's unique weapon Lyfjaberg.

After a few rounds of combat, possible through refresher units or Ninja Lyn's Duo skill, the recoil damage will reduce the initiator unit's HP below 50%.

This will activate Wings of Mercy 3 for the rest of the raiding party, and they can warp in and wipe the rest of the enemies.

These units should either be refresher units, or have Galeforce equipped along with ways to either reduce its cooldown or accelerate their own Special trigger.

Activating Galeforce in one round of combat allows additional actions which make clearing the map easier.

Common Initiator Units
Eir - Merciful Death IconEir
Lyn - Ninja-Friend Duo IconNinja Lyn
Yuri - Ashen Valiant IconYuri
Alm - Imperial Ascent IconBrave Alm
Common Follow-Up Units
Peony - Álfar Dream Duo IconNew Year Peony
Azura - Hatari Duet IconHatari Azura
Plumeria - Lewd Dream IconPlumeria
Peony - Sweet Dream IconPeony

Example Raiding Party

Galeforce Party.png

In this example, Eir is the initiator unit and has Lyfjaberg, Fury 4, and Disarm Trap 3 equipped. She also has Savage Blow 3 in her C and Sacred Seal slots to apply chip damage to surrounding enemies and make future actions easier.

Peony is the first refresher unit, fulfilling the two Mythic hero quota to achieve optimal lift gain. Her role is to follow Eir and refresh her turn.

The remaining follow-up units all have Wings of Mercy 3 equipped to warp in after Eir's second combat once the recoil effects of her skills kick in.

Resplendent Azura is the second refresher unit and has It's Curtains...+, Quickened Pulse, and Flashing Blade 3 to bring her Galeforce cooldown to 2 and activate it after one attack. She also has Infantry Pulse 3 to lower the Special cooldown of her allies. Her role is to warp in, attack an enemy and trigger Galeforce, then refresh an ally's turn.

Navarre has his refined Scarlet Sword and is aided by Azura's Infantry Pulse 3, which lowers his Galeforce cooldown to 1. He also has Infantry Pulse 3 to lower Dagr's Special cooldown. His role is to warp in, attack and trigger Galeforce, then attack again.

Dagr has Time's Pulse 3 and is aided by two Infantry Pulse 3 allies to bring her Galeforce cooldown to 2. She has the Flashing Blade 3 Sacred Seal, which allows her to trigger Galeforce after one attack.

Pirate Surtr is simply a bonus unit and is on the team to increase lift gain.

Key Structures

Bolt Tower Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

The Bolt Tower (O) is a key structure for this strategy. At the beginning of turn 3, it inflicts non-lethal damage to 3 columns of enemies depending on its level.

At its maximum level (8), it deals 45 damage. This aids the party's clear greatly by increasing the probability of killing enemies in one hit.

Be careful where you place your Bolt Tower, as savvy players have fielded their own Catapult and Duma to snipe pesky Bolt Towers on turn one!

Hit and Run

Reginn Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEHBrave Eirika Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEHYuri Chibi Fire Emblem Heroes FEH

The introduction of Safety Fence has breathed new life into Hit and Run strategies.

A common offense tactic is to field the Safety Fence and use units with Canto built-in to their kits such as Yuri, Reginn and Brave Eirika to eliminate enemies on turn one and then retreat outside the danger area.

Units such as Ninja Lyn who can grant themselves additional actions after combat are also great units for this strategy.

Safety Fence will then activate on turn one and prevent the defense team from retaliating.

The raiding party will then clean up the remainder of the map on the next few turns.

Common Hit and Run Units
Yuri - Ashen Valiant IconYuri
Reginn - Bearing Hope IconReginn
Eirika - Pledged Restorer IconBrave Eirika
Leif - Unifier of Thracia IconLegendary Leif

Example Raiding Party

Hit and Run Party.png

In this example, we use three Mythic heroes in Plumeria, Ashera and Reginn to achieve optimal lift gain.

Plumeria is a refresher unit and can grant additional actions to her allies. She also has Wings of Mercy 3 on her B slot to warp to a damaged ally, refresh their turn, and then retreat.

Ashera is both a Mythic hero and the bonus unit for the week. This makes her a valuable hero to field because it satisfies the bonus unit condition for optimal lift gain and boosts her allies' stats with her blessing bonuses.

She is equipped with Smite and Spd/Def Link 3. Smite pushes an ally 2 spaces forward to initiate the offense, and Spd/Def Link 3 boosts their Spd and Def after Smite.

Together with Order's Restraint, Ashera can grant bonuses to every stat and prevent them from getting reversed with the Null Panic effect.

Reginn and Brave Eirika are both offensive cavalry units with Canto in their kits. They can use Reposition to set each other up for an attack and then use their Canto effects to retreat after combat.

Ninja Lyn has Disarm Trap 3 to clear traps and her Duo skill to grant an additional action after combat to retreat to safety.

Legendary Lilina has a pre-charged AoE Special to inflict spread damage onto grouped enemies. She is also a powerful nuker who can kill her target in one attack.

She is only used because Fire season is active. Other alternatives include Legendary Leif and Legendary Chrom for Water season and Legendary Claude for Earth season.

Key Structures

Safety Fence Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.png

As mentioned above, the Safety Fence is a crucial structure for this strategy. Without it, the enemy team will retaliate after your initial attack and possibly even reach your units with the assistance of refreshers to ruin your perfect clear.

Structure Placement

3 Open Spaces

Offense Structures 1.png

While it may be tempting to fill your Offensive Structure line with various structures for their effects, the empty spaces are much more valuable in today's meta.

The higher tiers of Aether Raids are full of offensive Cavlines which threaten all the starting spots for your units.

The additional empty spaces granted when not fielding a full Offensive Structure line are very helpful in hiding your weaker units from getting sniped by enemy cavalry ranged units.

We highly suggest only using the mandatory Fortress (O), the Escape Ladder, and the Bonus Structure for the week.

Remove the Escape Ladder if you run out of charges and place the Bonus Structure in the corner.

Bolt Tower

Offense Structures 2.png

When primarily using a Galeforce party, having a Bolt Tower is essential in chipping down enemies.

The position of your Bolt Tower is essential because it only damages enemies in three columns depending on where it is placed.

Most players place the Bolt Tower in slots 3 or 4 for maximum damage against most teams.

However, experienced players know this and place their Catapult and Duma in the third and fourth row to snipe Bolt Towers down.

It is up to you whether you want to gamble for maximum damage or to reposition your Bolt Tower to dodge these effects.

Safety Fence

Offense Structures 3.png

When primarily using a Hit and Run party, having a Safety Fence is essential in protecting your party on the first turn.

Similar to Bolt Tower, the Safety Fence can achieve its maximum effect in slots 3 and 4, but that leaves it prone to most Catapult and Duma placements.

It is up to you whether to reduce the number of safe spaces by placing your Safety Fence in other slots, or gamble on the lack of structure destruction and place it on slots 3 and 4 for maximum value.

Show Us Your Aether Raids Raiding Parties Below!

We encourage users to send their raiding parties below!

If you prefer, you can provide a brief explanation as to why you use said units and maybe tell us a thing or two about the strategies involved in using your teams.

Additionally, you can ask other users in the website for tips and tricks on how to make your team better.

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