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This is a list of all Weekly Hero Battles in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). Use this page to see all the schedule for clearing the Weekly Hero Battles for all difficulties.

Weekly Hero Battles Overview

Weekly Hero Battles Banner Fire Emblem Heroes FEH.PNG

In a Hero Battle, you can obtain the corresponding unit by clearing the map.

The map difficulty isn't very high so even those just starting out should be able to clear and get the free unit.

All units obtained from these maps will have neutral IVs (no boons or banes).

Weekly Hero Battles Specifics

  • You can only obtain units from these maps once.
  • 12 Hero maps are rotated daily (see schedule below).
  • You will obtain a unit that is 1★ on the normal difficulty and 2★ on the hard difficulty.
  • Recommended party level for normal is 5, while the recommended level for hard is 15.
  • Grand Hero Battles will also accompany Weekly Hero Battles for a limited time.

Weekly Hero Battles Schedule

1 2 3 4 5 6
Lissa - Sprightly Cleric ImageLissa Gunter - Inveterate Soldier ImageGunter Cecilia - Etrurian General ImageCecilia Felicia - Maid Mayhem ImageFelicia Wrys - Kindly Priest ImageWrys Olivia - Blushing Beauty ImageOlivia
7 8 9 10 11 12
Stahl - Viridian Knight ImageStahl Sophia - Nabata Prophet ImageSophia Virion - Elite Archer ImageVirion Hana - Focused Samurai ImageHana Subaki - Perfect Expert ImageSubaki Donnel - Village Hero ImageDonnel

Best Units to Build from Weekly Hero Battles

Unit Reason
Olivia - Blushing Beauty ImageOlivia Dancer unit.
Cecilia - Etrurian General ImageCecilia Strong cavalry mage with advantage against colorless units.
Sophia - Nabata Prophet ImageSophia Mage with advantage against colorless units/

Olivia is the most recommended unit as she is a free Dancer unit that you can use all throughout the game until you obtain a better one.

List of All Dancers | Heroes with Refresher Skills

Obtaining Other Free Units

There are other ways aside from Weekly Hero Battles to get free units.

You can check out our list of all the Free Units!

Weekly Hero Battles Unit Information

Hero Weapon Type Move Type Rarity Rating
Olivia ImageOlivia Sword ImageSword Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
Sophia ImageSophia Red Tome ImageRed Tome Infantry ImageInfantry 8.0/10
Stahl ImageStahl Sword ImageSword Cavalry ImageCavalry 7.0/10
Hana ImageHana Sword ImageSword Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
Subaki ImageSubaki Lance ImageLance Flying ImageFlying 7.0/10
Donnel ImageDonnel Lance ImageLance Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
Cecilia ImageCecilia Green Tome ImageGreen Tome Cavalry ImageCavalry 8.0/10
Gunter ImageGunter Axe ImageAxe Cavalry ImageCavalry 7.0/10
Virion ImageVirion Colorless bow ImageColorless bow Infantry ImageInfantry 7.0/10
Wrys ImageWrys Staff ImageStaff Infantry ImageInfantry 7.0/10
Felicia ImageFelicia Colorless Dagger ImageColorless Dagger Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
Lissa ImageLissa Staff ImageStaff Infantry ImageInfantry 7.0/10

Other Map Walkthroughs

Permanent Maps

Story Quests Paralogue Quests
Aether Raids Tactics Drills

Special Maps

Grand Hero Battles Bound Hero Battles
Legendary Hero Battles Mythic Hero Battles
Limited Hero Battles Hero Battles
Rival Domains -

Current Events

Event Name Active Period
Daily Special Maps Banner
Daily Special Maps
[Grand Hero Battle]
2/9/2019 -
Forging Bonds Banner
Forging Bonds
06/08/2023 - 06/22/2023
Bound Hero Battle: Monica & Edelgard Banner
Bound Hero Battle: Monica & Edelgard
[Bound Hero Battle]
06/03/2023 - 06/08/2023
Voting Gauntlet Banner
Voting Gauntlet
06/02/2023 - 06/07/2023

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