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Seer's Snare: Guide and Rewards

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This is a walkthrough to Seer's Snare event in Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you would like to know how to play this event, as well as rewards, strategy, and other information about Seer's Snare, please read on.

What is Seer's Snare?

A new survival-mode event where you decide the future!


Seer's Snare is an event where you must battle your way through different Timeless Rifts using your heroes while expanding their Skills along the way!

Each rift you defeat will help you unlock new Skills that you can try out without replacing the ones you currently have. The more you advance forward, the more slots and Skills you'll unlock for your units.

Moreover, Seer's Snare is unlike any other event where you can move on even when you lose allies along the way. Here, you'll automatically lose when an ally falls. You'll also carry over the damages from the previous map, making it more challenging for your team to survive. Be sure you bring your favorite healer to help your allies regain HP.

New Stamina


Seer's Snare uses a special kind of stamina that lets you play different areas available. You'll be getting five of these every day, which means you'll get to play five times each day!

New Color Advantage


Seer's Snare introduced a new Color Advantage System that now includes Colorless units in the mix. Major colors are now stronger, while Colorless Units now have certain advantages over other units. This system is only applicable to Seer's Snare, so don't expect to see it outside of this event!

How It Works

Referring to the chart above, the Major Color Advantage (Red, Blue, and Green) remains the same but is now stronger than usual. Units with these color can either take more damage or take less damage depending on the situation.

Additionally, these major colors have different effects on colorless units. Allies with these colors have decent advantages against Colorless Foes. Colorless Allies, on the other hand, have minor advantages over foes with major colors!

Finally, Colorless Foes will do massive damage to your Colorless Allies. Make sure you protect them from initiating combats against units bearing the same colors.

Surviving Timeless Rifts

Conquer Timeless Rifts to Get Skills!


Clearing maps will help you get Skills that you can redistribute to your heroes. Along with Rift Vessels, you'll get two different skills depending on the area you chose. Like if you choose Beginner A, you'll only get Passive A. Also, you'll get three different options to choose from, all with varying set of skills and numbers of Rift Vessels you'll get.

Expanded Skill Slots


Each time you progress from one rift to another, you will unlock new Skill slots for your heroes that will serve as their expanded Skills. You can equip any usable Skills you've unlocked during your journey.

Featured Heroes can take advantage of the extra Skill slot where they can equip any Passive A-C of your choice. However, Non-featured Heroes cannot use the additional slots as they will only be limited to the major three.

Another way to unlock more slots is by clearing Sub-boss areas. Defeating Sub-boss areas will allow you to use a second set of Expanded Skills that you can fill up once again during your journey.

Rift Vessels

Rift Vessel is the exclusive event currency for Seer's Snare. Aside from the Skills you get from clearing maps, you will also get a hefty amount of Rift Vessels that you can use to get more Skills on Areas with Vanir Seal. Also, you can use Rift Vessels to unlock more Skill slots should you wish to use more.

Timeless Rifts

Seer Snare's features different Timeless Rifts that you'll have to pass through to reach the Sub-boss. Here are all the different rifts you will encounter during your journey!

Rift Type Description
Seer Timeless Rifts These Timeless Rifts will give you the first tiers of certain Skills after clearing its challenge. Beginner areas are colored blue, Intermediate red, and Advanced purple.
Advanced Rifts provide an additional feather reward upon completion.
Vanir Seal SeerVanir Seal Areas with Vanir Seals can help you exchange your Rift Vessels for either new Skills or new slots. You do not get to battle here!
Safe Haven SeerSafe Haven Save Havens will serve as your rest areas, meaning you can help your allies restore all their missing HP here.
Sub-boss 2 SeerSub-boss 1 SeerSub-Boss Areas with Sub-Boss will serve as your check points during your journey. Should you wish to use Unwind Time, you can go back to this tile and pick a better future.

Seer's Snare Rewards

Earn Rewards for Playing Daily

You will obtain a reward for your first time playing each day until all the rewards have been claimed.

List of Rewards Earned Once a Day

Day Played Reward
1st Day
Orb ImageOrb ×2
2nd Day
3rd Day
Orb ImageOrb ×2
4th Day
5th Day
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Orb ImageOrb ×6

Rewards For Each Timeless Rift

In addition to the daily rewards, there are also rewards given each time you clear a timeless rift. Be sure and clear a rift of your choice at least once to get all of the rewards.

List of Clear Rewards

Timeless Rift Reward
Timeless Rift 1
Timeless Rift 2
Timeless Rift 3
Timeless Rift 4
Stamina Potion Icon Stamina Potion ×2
Timeless Rift 5
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2000
Timeless Rift 6
Sacred Coin Icon Sacred Coin ×10
Timeless Rift 7
Timeless Rift 8
Timeless Rift 9
Dueling Crest ImageDueling Crest ×2
Timeless Rift 10
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2000
Timeless Rift 11
Timeless Rift 12
Timeless Rift 13
Timeless Rift 14
Stamina Potion ImageStamina Potion ×2
Timeless Rift 15
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2000
Timeless Rift 16
Sacred Coin Icon Sacred Coin ×10
Timeless Rift 17
Timeless Rift 18
Timeless Rift 19
Dueling Crest ImageDueling Crest ×2
Timeless Rift 20
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2000
Timeless Rift 21
Timeless Rift 22
Timeless Rift 23
Timeless Rift 24
Stamina Potion ImageStamina Potion ×2
Timeless Rift 25
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2000
Timeless Rift 26
Sacred Coin Icon Sacred Coin ×10
Timeless Rift 27
Timeless Rift 28
Timeless Rift 29
Dueling Crest ImageDueling Crest ×2
Timeless Rift 30
Orb ImageOrb ×2
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2000
Orb ImageOrb ×12
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×12000
Dueling Crest ImageDueling Crest ×6
Sacred Coin ImageSacred Coin ×30

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