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Rokkr Sieges

This page will explain Røkkr Sieges in the game Fire Emblem Heroes (FEH). If you would like to know which heroes to use or how to deal the most damage, please use this guide as a reference.

Røkkr Sieges Basics


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What are Røkkr Sieges?

Team with allied armies to take down massive shadows!

Røkkr Sieges is a battle event where you will work together with allied armies to take down massive armies called Røkkr. Battling will take place in another world, and you will need the help of allied armies also fighting in this world to help deal the finishing blow to these Røkkr.

Røkkr have several exclusive skills

Rokkr Stats

Weapon skills with Distant Counter

Røkkr hav the exclusive weapon skill Umbra Burst, which will allow them to counterattack at any range. Since your units will take damage from a counterattack regardless of range, be sure and make use of defensive terrain to reduce the amount of damage taken from the Røkkr.

Special that causes foe to swap places with your unit

The Røkkr's special skill will deal damage over a range of spaces. It will inflict fixed damage to the unit attacked in combat and all heroes within two spaces of that unit. The Røkkr will then swap spaces with the unit they attacked. If your unit is on a defensive terrain when the special activates, the Røkkr will move to the defensive tile, so try to avoid this from happening. Use skills such as Guard or Special Fighter to delay the foe's special from triggering.

Neutralizes damage dealt outside of combat

The equipped seal called Røkkr will cause all damage dealt outside of combat to be nullified. Be aware that this means the effects of Passive B skills like Poison Strike or Surtr's exclusive weapon Sinmara, which are normally very useful in combat, are compltely useless against a Røkkr. However, specials like Blazing Light deal damage before battle and will still be effective.

Which Units Should I Use?

Heroes with Effective Weapons

Heroes with Weapons Effective on Cavalry

Micaiah - SummerHoshidan Summer Micaiah Panne - Proud Taguel Image Panne Yarne - Timid Taguel Image Yarne Micaiah - Priestess of Dawn Image Micaiah

Heroes with Weapons Effective on Fliers

Lucina - Glorious Archer Image Legendary Lucina Sue - Doe of the Plains Image Sue Alm - Saint-King Image Legendary Alm Klein - Silver Nobleman Image Klein

Heroes with Dragon-Effective Weapons

Marth - Hero-King Image Legendary Marth Tiki - Legendary Dragon Image Legendary Tiki (Young) Deirdre - Lady of the Forest Image Deirdre Tiki - Torpid Dragon Image Fallen Tiki (Young)

Heroes with Weapons Effective on Beasts

Flora - Signature Dish Image Picnic Flora Felicia - Off the Menu Image Picnic Felicia Eliwood - Marquess Pherae Image Brave Eliwood

Heroes with Brave-Type Weapons

Elincia - Lost Princess Image Elincia Cordelia - Knight Paragon Image Cordelia Reinhardt - ThunderReinhardt Cherche - Wyvern Friend Image Cherche

Units eith High Defensive Stats

Idunn - Dark Priestess Image Idunn Tiki - Legendary Dragon Image Legendary Tiki (Young) Hector - Marquess of Ostia Image Legendary Hector Tiki - Legendary Dragon Image Legendary Tiki (Young)

Colorless Attackers with Various Bonuses

Tiki - Torpid Dragon Image Fallen Tiki (Young) Corrin - Wailing Soul Image Fallen Corrin (F) Lyn - Brave Lady Image Brave Lyn Veronica - Brave Princess Image Veronica

Support Units with Refresher Skills

Olivia - Sky-High Dancer Image Flying Olivia Azura - Vallite Songstress Image Legendary Azura Reyson - White Prince Image Reyson Leanne - ForestLeanne

How to Deal the Most Damage

Raise the Damage Boost!


The Boost increases each time you attack the Røkkr

The damage multiplier increases every time you deal damage to the Røkkr. When using 1 Havoc Axe at the highest difficulty, the multipler will increase from 4.0 to 4.1, to 4.2, and so on. Keep attacking to raise the boost you get!

The Boost increases even more when defeating foes

In Rokkr Sieges, other foes will show up as enemy reinforcements, and by defating them, your damage multiplier will increase. The best strategy is to take down the foes in the beginning to icrease your boost and then focus on attacking the Rokkr.

Effective Damage

Make use of effective weapons and Brave-type weapons

When the Rokkr takes the form of Legendary Eirika it will be a cavalry unit, but it will be a flying unit when taking the form of Clair, so be sure to add party members to your team who can deal effective damage to the Rokkr. Brave Weapons will also have the damage bonus applied to both consecutive attacks, meaning that they can deal a ton of damage.

Use Heroes with Triangle Advantage

Attacking the Rokkr with a unit who has Weapon-Triangle Advantage is another way to deal more damage. If you can decide on which units will be able to attack the Rokkr with triangle advantage, equip them with Triangle Adept to increase the amount of damage they can deal.

How is Damage Calculated?

Rules of Røkkr Sieges

A special type of stamina is used

In Røkkr Sieges, there is a unique type of stamina that will be used. This stamina will regenerate once every hour, and the max amount of stamina you can hold at a time is 8. An item called a Havoc Axe, which will restore all of your staminat at once, can be obtained through Missions & Quests or as a reward from Røkkr Sieges.

If you use multiple stamina at the same time, the bonus multiplier will be multiplied by the amount of stamina used. Since Maximum Damage, Initial Damage Bonus, and Damage Bonus for Defeating Foes will all be multiplied, use this wisely when you want to deal the max amount of damage possible.

The Maximum Damage and Damage Multiplier Vary by Difficulty


Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Advanced
Maximum Damage 15,000 20,000 25,000
Starting multiplier 1.0 2.0 4.0
Damage Multiplier for Defeating Foes 0.1 0.2 0.4

In Røkkr Sieges, there are 3 difficulty levels, Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced, and depending on which one you choose, the maximum damage before the battle ends will differ. Additionally, the Initial Bonus and Multiplier for Defeating Enemy Reinforcements will increase at higher difficulties, so always select the highest difficulty to deal the most damage.

Victory Conditions

Deal the Maximum Damage to the Røkkr

If the amount of damage your party has dealt to the Røkkr reaches the Maximum Damage determined by the difficulty setting, the battle will result in victory. For example, if you used two axes and battle at the Advanced difficulty, you will get a victory when your team has dealt 50,000 damage to the Røkkr.

Battle for 7 Turns

Just like in Aether Raids, battle will end after 7 turns, even if you did not yet deal the Maximum Damage. The damage you dealt will not be wasted even if you did not reach the maximum amount, so try your best to deal as much damage as possible.

The Pair Up Function is Supported

Starting Position

Heroes with Pair Up

Roy - Blazing LionLegendary Roy Eliwood - Blazing KnightLegendary Eliwood Alm - Saint-KingLegendary Alm

In Røkkr Sieges, Pair Up can be used. Units who are paired up will both receive a stat bonus, so if you pair up with a designated Røkkr attacking unit, you can deal damage even more efficiently.

Rewards for Clearing Røkkr Sieges

Damage Rewards

In Røkkr Sieges, you can obtain rewards based on the total amount of damage you have dealt. Sacred Coins, Orbs, and Refining Stones are all obtainable throughRøkkr Sieges, so keep the amount of damage a team is capable of dealing in mind and aim big.

Rewards for Total Damage Dealt

Damage Rewards
Dragonflower (I) ImageDragonflower (I) ×5
Dragonflower (I) ImageDragonflower (I) ×5
Sacred Coin ImageSacred Coin ×4 Orb ImageOrb ×1
Refining Stone ImageRefining Stone ×4 Havoc Axe ImageHavoc Axe ×1
Sacred Coin ImageSacred Coin ×2 Havoc Axe ImageHavoc Axe ×1
Refining Stone ImageRefining Stone ×2 Great Transparent Badge ImageGreat Transparent Badge ×30 Great Verdant Badge ImageGreat Verdant Badge ×30
Orb ImageOrb ×1 Sacred Coin ImageSacred Coin ×2 Havoc Axe ImageHavoc Axe ×1
Refining Stone ImageRefining Stone ×2 Great Azure Badge ImageGreat Azure Badge ×30 Great Scarlet Badge ImageGreat Scarlet Badge ×30
Orb ImageOrb ×1 Sacred Coin ImageSacred Coin ×1 Havoc Axe ImageHavoc Axe ×1
Refining Stone ImageRefining Stone ×1 Transparent Badge ImageTransparent Badge ×50 Verdant Badge ImageVerdant Badge ×50
Orb ImageOrb ×1 Sacred Coin ImageSacred Coin ×1 Havoc Axe ImageHavoc Axe ×1
Refining Stone ImageRefining Stone ×1 Azure Badge ImageAzure Badge ×50 Scarlet Badge ImageScarlet Badge ×50
Orb ImageOrb ×1 Havoc Axe ImageHavoc Axe ×1

Rank Rewards


Hero Feathers can be obtained through the rank achieved in this mode. If you have heroes who you would like to promote to 5-Stars, aim to increase your rank as high as possible.

Rewards for Rank

Rank Reward
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×3,000
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2,500
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×2,100
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×1,800
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×1,500
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×1,300
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×1,100
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×950
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×800
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×700
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×600
Hero Feather ImageHero Feather ×500

Clear Rewards

Random rewards such as Light's Blessing and Universal Crystals can be obtained by clearing Røkkr Sieges as well.

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