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475 Anonymous6 daysReport

Thank you. I always check the tier to see if it is worth leveling up the hero.

474 Anonymous@Game87 daysReport

Yes that is correct. However, the second also pertains to the hero's value in his/her most important game mode. In Eitri's case, she is arguably the best Fire Legendary hero to use due to her mobility.

473 Anonymous10 daysReport

New to the game. I am trying to understand the tier list. There are two classifications, e.g. Eitri is A/S. If I understood it right, the 1st rank refers to the hero with his native skills, whereas the 2nd refers to the hero after optimization (inherit skills). Is that correct?

472 BeTo11 daysReport

Understood. Thank you very much

471 Anonymous@Game812 daysReport

If you have FEH Pass we suggest to spark Rearmed Robin if you want one. If you don't have FEH Pass, getting one on the Legendary banner is going to be unreliable, and we suggest you save your orbs instead.

470 BeTo13 daysReport

I have about 200 orbs, should I spend them on one of the current banners or it is better to wait? (I'm looking for Rearmed Robin F)

469 Anonymous@Game827 daysReport

She's part of the next Tier List update; we're moving her up to 9.0. There's a lot of heroes in the game and we're doing frequent updates of the tier list in small batches instead of one big update.

468 Anonymous28 daysReport

aint not way Altina is an 8.5 unit with refine now. Thoughts? at least 9.0 imo

467 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

Take a look at our Dragonflowers article here: https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/296191 You can also check in-game by going to the "Use Dragonflowers" section at "Ally Growth" and then selecting a hero.

466 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

where can i see the number of dragonflower usable on each character ? (here or on other websites)

465 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

Thanks for reporting! This has been fixed.

464 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

On the February to March calendar, there's a Voting Gauntlet for A Hero Rises. The top 4 heroes on that Voting Gauntlet will be on a banner sometime in March.

463 AHR 2023?about 1 monthReport

Hi everyone, i am new to the game, may i know which is the AHR 2023 banner that Game8 says will come out at the end of the month?

462 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Hello i don't know where i have to report that but on the page about valentine's veronica builds there is an error in the lvl 40+10 stats table (these are wrong stats)

461 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

OK. I think I understood. I need to own that specific hero in order to add to my team. Thank you.

460 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

Look at the list of bonus units for the game mode in question, and just add them to the team you're fielding for that match. Use the Edit Teams function to edit the teams you'll use.

459 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

How do I add the bonus hero to my team in game modes like the arena? Couldn´t find a guide on how to do so (the guide only says it gives more points). I am still new to the game. Ty

458 Anonymous@Game8about 2 monthsReport

We would love to help. Can you be a bit more specific with your question please? Which part of barracks management do you need help with?

457 Benjamin about 2 monthsReport

Hey can’t find sometiing how the barracks work can someone help me?

456 Anonymous@Game8about 2 monthsReport

There are other places to get them but the PvP modes are the fastest and most reliable methods, aside from Voting Gauntlets for sacred coins. You do get some materials even if you don't rank high. You can just field your strongest team and go in without prioritizing score.

455 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

came back from a long break, are the only places to get refining stones and sacred coins in the PvP arenas? There is a lot of good refines and seals but not enough materials to craft them

454 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Is there a way to query the wiki's API? There is so much info here that I would like to keep track of what units I have.

453 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Elm should be playable

452 Anonymous@Game86 monthsReport

No, it will only keep the currently equipped skills plus the hero's base kit.

451 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Does a Forma Unit keep additional skills it learned the first few rounds even if I overwrote them ? Asking for after I used the Forma at the end of the event to create the champ. Ty

450 Anonymous6 monthsReport


449 Anonymous@Game86 monthsReport

There was a bug where their builds weren't showing up. We've fixed that bug and their pages should be good to go. Thanks for bringing it up!

448 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Should we expect Ascendent Hilda, Monica, Shez (f) builds soon?

447 Anonymous6 monthsReport

Seliph is utterly busted

446 Anonymous@Game87 monthsReport

Some game modes provide Refining Stones as a reward. You'll need to play those in order to obtain them. Whenever you use Refining Stones to refine a non-exclusive weapon, an equal amount of Divine Dew is then added to your inventory. Divine Dew can then be used to refine exclusive weapons.

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