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156 stalwartheart1 dayReport

>>155 sounds good imo. enemy phase monster. hey, if it works, it works!

155 Red2 daysReport

>>154 I have his B skill with Vantage 3. His S skill is mirror stance? +4 atk/res if foe initiates combat. So he's able to take a tome hit and activate vantage afterwards. So vantage > QR?

154 stalwartheart2 daysReport

>>153 We don't have a sacred seal (S Slot) for Vantage yet :( Its a nice choice for H!hector once we get it tho

153 Red2 daysReport

On one of the builds for h! hector, it says to run him with quick riposte. I believe he runs better with Vantage as i feel like he can one shot a lot of units at 64 ATK (Greens, Tomes, Daggers, Bows, and Staffs). What do you think is better and why?

152 Anonymous4 daysReport

>>151 hey Brock Obama lmaooooooo I got a +2 Shinon! using the base kit for now but damm ayt ayt can we have the full skillset??? maybe post an image here

151 Brock Obama4 daysReport

Strongly recommend anyone with a shinon to go with a special spiral build. Infinite deadeye with max atk investment and boosts makes him a one-shot king, sniping units like L! Chrom and B! Edelgard, as well as negating B! Ike's damage reduction.

150 rentaj77 daysReport

>>149 just go for 1 he's still a beast

149 Diaa8 daysReport

>>148 Yeah. He looks sharp. However, i can't make him +10 with just 200 orbs :( some ppl saying that you would needs 1000s to build a full unit for higher competition.

148 rentaj78 daysReport

>>147 Shinon is very powerful i will dump my orbs for shinon i want a high merge shinon

147 Diaa8 daysReport

Should i pull for the upcoming banner? I really don't know (there is something tells me that i should get shinon ) What do you think guys (pass or pull) ?

146 Anonymous15 daysReport

>>145 It only works on certain maps like story maps etc!

145 Diaa15 daysReport

How does the pair up works? I did pair up my corrin with idunn but i can't shift to other unit (thought it is like the allience battle).

144 mochizuki16 daysReport

>>143 it refers to the act when you sacrifice a unit in order to pass its skills to another

143 Anonymous17 daysReport

hi what means fodder in fire emblem heroes?

141 mochizuki24 daysReport

>>140 its not permanent!

140 Diaa24 daysReport

If i pair up one of my units with another one, is it possible to break this pair in order to choose another partner ? I mean, is it like permanent or something?

139 Diaa24 daysReport
138 Anonymous26 daysReport

>>137 Yes, the GHBs at the bottom are rotating maps, meaning, they always change. The GHBs at the top selection though are more special ones. Like Eremiya and Jorge, they will only be on if IS/Nintendto decides for a comeback or re-run.

137 Diaa26 daysReport

Why do they bring back the characters i have in grand hero battle? I got xander a week ago. Today they brought him back! Is it always like that ?

136 Diaa28 daysReport

>>135 Hmmm. Yeah i guess i would focus on that even tho it will take more time coz those are not any regular units that appear much frequently.

135 mochizuki28 daysReport

>>131 very nice pulls. You have a lot of great units that have variation in attribute and attack type. i recommend finding out which characters are your favorites and focusing on building those. I double down on what user stalwartheart said and try to build the mythics and legendaries like sothis

134 Diaa28 daysReport

>>133 i will keep the good units for now. And will try to work on some merging projects ( thinking about Rainhart, xander, nino, cicelia ) coz i got some copies of each one of them.

133 Diaa28 daysReport

>>131 I just miss spell some of the names. Sorry for that. Idunn is missing the distant counter skill that's why i think she isn't as good as edelgard. They are different i know but Edelgard can clear the map herself alone. She is so good. I would love to give her some merges but i got only 300 orbs currently and i don't think that's near enough. What a unit!

132 Diaa28 daysReport

>>129 Thanks alot bro. I checked them previously. Got some of them also from current banners.

131 Diaa28 daysReport

>>130 I got alot of good units ( brave edelgard. Dimitry, sothes, spring idunn, pirate and normal tbarn, due ephram and due Alm, brave hector, and nagi, there are others but not that OP stuff) i think i have enough green and bule units. However, red units are not as good as my green or blue (that's why i pulled for idunn) idunn is good but not as near as Edelgard.

130 stalwartheart29 daysReport

>>128 I agree with this. Try to get Mythics and Legendaries too. This is because they help with the 2 major competitive game modes in Arena and the Aether Raids. curious as to what units you are currently using now. What units are you using?

129 mochizuki29 daysReport

>>128 https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/257303 https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/262229 you can take a look at these pages! Know the most powerful units in the game and try to pull for them

128 Diaa29 daysReport

Alright guys. So i have established some base units so i can take care of most of the quests/battles and so on. Now, i,m really thinking about building some op units or builds (+5 or +10 merges). What units u suggest me to build? I would love to have a really good units that appears in the summuning banners alot plus they can be available in heroic grails( even tho i,m short of the grails). I wouls appreciate your suggestions and opinions regarding this. Thx

127 stalwartheartabout 1 monthReport

>>126 I too have a leanne but I like running triangle adept on reyson and leanne cant run that

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