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This is the Discussion Board for Fire Emblem Heroes. Please use this page for asking questions about the game or giving advice.

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267 Anonymous@Game81 dayReport

Hi there! Which Caeda link is wrongly linked to Bridal Caeda? Thank you.

266 Anonymous2 daysReport

Hi there. Game8 crew, the page about Caeda is going to Bridal Caeda instead. Please fix it if possible. Thanls.

264 Anonymous10 daysReport

If u are New go for Quantity instead of merges .. Merges are only worth it if u go all the way from a purely Performance point of view

263 Anonymous18 daysReport

As she can fit in many lineups for she is a great support unit.

262 Anonymous18 daysReport

if I were you, get Brave Camila!

261 Anonymous19 daysReport

B! Micaiah, B! Carmilla, B! Eliwood, B! Alm are the units available if I check correctly?

260 Anonymous20 daysReport

What are the choices?

259 Anonymous23 daysReport

Thanks! I'm still wondering though on what should I pick from the other banner, any advice?

258 rentaj723 daysReport

Brave Edelgard is considered to be one of the more powerful heroes out there and since she is of the green attribute while F!Edel and Dimitri are colorless and blue respectively, I recommend getting her to increase your coverage.

257 Anonymous24 daysReport

Hello! New player here, just wondering what should I pick for the free focus 5 star banners available for new players, I already have an F! Edelgard +1, B!Dmitri, Lilith, and Asbel. I was considering getting B! Edel, but now, I'm reconsidering if I should get Edel or just +1 my Dmitri while I still have no idea what unit should I choose for the other one, would be glad to here your thoughts!

256 Anonymous24 daysReport

Thank you :) 👍🏼

255 Anonymous25 daysReport

Cordelia - Knight Paragon... you can get her as 3 star or 4 star unit from any summon. But you'll have to unlock her potential to 5 stars to get Galeforce!

254 Anonymous25 daysReport

When I checked Brave Roy page on game8 about his Galeforce skill, it said it was not need to waste 5star Roy, instead, we can utilise other 3 or 4 star heroes who have Galeforce. May I know which 3 or 4 star has Galeforce?

253 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

If Brave or Fallen Edelgard, +1 Merge is already very good

252 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

They cover different things, so you can have them both built. Both are exceptionally strong.

251 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

What is a recommended hero merge level for endgame that we should target eg for edelguard? Is M+1 good enough?

250 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Hello 👋. I'm newbie. Please help me. I can build one unit ( ninja hana or young innes ). Which one is better assuming the best investment for both?

249 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

go for it then take the merge afterwrd. Atk is Reinhardt's most IMPORTANT stat.

248 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Is it better to get the hero I want through unlocking potential? Let Heinhardt as the example: A normal 5-star Heinhardt(blue)’s stats: 16, 17, 1, 5, 8; The Heinhardt coming from unlocking potential of a 4-star Heinhardt has higher stats (pls see attached pic). Please advise :D

247 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

yw. Freely ask questions here anytime

246 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Thank you very much for your advice!

245 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

You can just merge them into the Spd copy. Merging a unit once will get rid of the bane, so no need to use the Trait Fruit. Enjoy your +Spd, no bane, merged Veronica!

244 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Hello! I m a newbie! Please help and advise: I have 3 Veronica, A is a normal lv40 with max skills lv; B is a lv1 with 16, 8, 11, 4, 4 stats; C is a normal lv1 with 17, 8, 10, 4, 4. Since B has a boon in spd but a bane in HP, I would first fully upgrade her to lv40, then merge A into B to pass all skills from A to B, then merge C into her for stat upgrade. Then, when I have 100 trait fruits, I change her bane into Def instead of HP. Is there any step go wrong? Thank you!

243 TweezyJayabout 2 monthsReport

Thank you, this helps me out a lot, looks like i may be rerolling.

242 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Hi TweezyJay! You'll be missing out on additional stats that may mean a difference in a fight, both in PVP and PVE battles. This in turn means that your unit's BST is lower and they will be scoring way less in Arena, even if they are merged+10 (BST and merges are calculated separately).

241 TweezyJayabout 2 monthsReport

Call me crazy, (I mean I am) but I've been +10 merging my 4 star units. I normally use feathers to get one 5 star unit of them, get the exclusive weapon/skills, then merge them back down with a 4 star unit. What are the major downsides besides losing out on the extra 5 levels.(Basically a +10 4 star is = +5 5 star unit.) Am I making a huge mistake doing this or overlooking something major?

240 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Thanks! I may try to collect 100 trail fruits to revise Fallen Ike’s stats before using dragon fruits on him

239 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Oh misread!! Definitely use a Dragonflower! He's very reliable and its worth investing onto Ike

238 Anonymous2 monthsReport

Thank you. But none of my current 3 Fallen Ike has +spd. 1: 18 24 12 6 7 2: 18 25 11 7 6 3: 19 25 12 6 5 I m quite new to this game. Any suggestion is welcome! Thanks

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    • >>[266] Hi there! Which Caeda link is wrongly linked to Bridal Caeda? Thank you.

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      Thanks a lot Mike. Yes that’s duo/ninja Lyn. I’ll keep it then.

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