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439 Anonymous@Game811 daysReport

Hardy Fighter is a great skill and definitely worth obtaining for a tank unit with a Savior skill.

438 JoshuaZ12 daysReport

Okay, sounds good! I would also suggest considering Legendary Nanna as a 9.5 since she is the only unit who not only ignores non-special DR (e.g. Deadeye, Lethality) but stops specials also such as Pavise and Escutcheon which can be combined with Hardy Fighter. I am actually leaning towards using Hardy Fighter with Pavise/Sacred Cowl/Escutcheon/Aegis to deal with the growing number of DR-ignoring skills, instead of additional DR-stacking on the B slot like Dragon Wall.

437 Anonymous@Game814 daysReport

We did our Tier List update today. We've seen (and used) enough of Medeus to promote him to 9.5, and we've demoted Brave Ike to 9.0. Yen'fay is a strong hero, but we believe he isn't in the 9.5 tier as of now. This may change, though, as we are looking at him for the next update.

436 JoshuaZ14 daysReport

I would suggest making Yen'fay a 9.5 if Brave Ike is going to be one. They are both the only units with weapon-based DR that applies on both phases for all attacks (1st and 2nd+). While BIke reduces an extra 40% against consecutive attacks with a cooldown boost, Yen'fay's DR applies to AOE specials plus he gets built-in Distant Counter freeing his A slot. Furthermore, Yen'fay has drastically better Spd/Res to stack more DR through Spurn/Spd Smoke 4/Vital Astra, while BIke has a few more Def

435 JoshuaZ25 daysReport

I have had 3 of 4 successes defending in AR since I included Medeus with BHector/AIdunn as backed up by 3 Elimines (courtesy of the Mythic Banner) and Plumeria, what is great is he acts as the Defensive bonus unit. He protects key units from Bolt Tower damage and is a great unit with Elimine protection, although I am still unsure how useful Canto Control is. It might be more useful in Summoner Duels than AR.

434 Anonymous@Game825 daysReport

It's still too soon to see Medeus' impact overall, especially in AR-D where he's expected to be used as a Dark Mythic. We are looking into his rank as we speak. If we had to decide now, he would be a 9.5, but we'll wait until we've seen him enough before we potentially promote him.

433 JoshuaZ26 daysReport

I'd argue Medeus is an improved Brave Ike, and BIke is a 9.5. BIke gets weapon-based dmg reduction so he can stack more from his B skill, but is vulnerable to Deadeye/Lethality. However Medeus with his much higher Atk/Def/Res stands a chance of taking Deadeye hits BIke cannot. BIke gets reduced cooldown but Medeus stops foe followups, gets a followup, buffs himself/allies, debuffs foes, and grants team out of combat dmg protection. Medeus even has adaptive dmg against ranged foes for dist cter

432 JoshuaZ27 daysReport

Actually I think there's a good case for Medeus being a 9.9 given his rank 1 Res/rank 5 Atk/rank 51 Defense, and his stats are a perfect match for AIdunn aside from lower speed anyway. He gets built-in 60% damage reduction similar to BIke/VGustav to go with guaranteed follow-up while stopping foe follow-ups. And he provides an Elimine effect by providing En Garde and Atk/Res 6 to allies within 2 spaces. Canto Control + Def/Res Ideal 4 make him arguably the best non-tank tank in the game.

431 JoshuaZ27 daysReport

Also, I am recommending Medeus as a 9.5. He is the single most valuable unit in Aether Raids Defense now for his team protection against Bolt Tower (I believe the only out of damage protection) and Canto Control. His Attack/Defense/Resistance are at a level comparable to AIdunn and FEdelgard. He has one of the best B skills, granting a guaranteed follow-up and up to 60% damage reduction. And that's in addition to the broad buffing/debuffing he does while stopping foe follow-ups.

430 JoshuaZ28 daysReport

No problem. I notice Legault has a new weapon also that you don't have listed which might merit a boost to 8.5 also.

429 Anonymous@Game829 daysReport

Thanks, we fixed the description of Flower Lance.

428 JoshuaZ29 daysReport

Also, your 5* lvl 40/Adjusted for skills pages don't load at all now. And the page I said shows dbparseerror in the text still shows it.

427 JoshuaZ29 daysReport

Sumia's page does not show her refined weapon description correctly, perhaps her weapon was updated? She also gets built-in Wings of Mercy and Atk/Spd +4 from her refine than is shown, so you may also want to consider upgrading her to an 8.5 given her improved weapon.

426 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

Thanks, we've updated it. It looks like the cache did not update itself.

425 JoshuaZabout 1 monthReport

Also, I would suggest automatically sorting both lists by the total category by default.

424 JoshuaZabout 1 monthReport

Ascended Idunn is missing from the rankings for 5* lvl 40 units, both with and without skills... which is important since she'd actually be top-ranked in the game on both if included. https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/267462 https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/267466

423 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

We've fixed both of these, thank you!

422 JoshuaZabout 1 monthReport
421 JoshuaZabout 1 monthReport

Ascended Idunn isn't shown on the list of units with D/R Near Save 3.

420 Anonymous@Game8about 1 monthReport

Thanks for pointing this out. The page failed to load updated data. This has been fixed!

419 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Kaze is rated 8.5 on the overall hero list but when you narrow it down to colorless daggers, it's down to 7.5

418 Anonymous@Game8about 2 monthsReport

Good catch, we've edited his page. Thank you!

417 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

Basilio needs a fix. its put down he wants atk but it says +10 Spd IV. may want to go over him & the rest just in case. i belive his not the only one

416 JoshuaZabout 2 monthsReport

Sure, np. Also, the Heroic Grails page could use an update to reflect newly released 9.0 units like Ninja Shamir, Winter Ignatz, Young Innes, Summer Leonie, and Yen'fay. Riev could be added as a fodder unit for Atk/Res Ideal 3, Young Innes for Distant Guard 3, and Lifis for Windsweep 3. Also, Young Minerva's name is misspelled in the Flying section. https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/322824

415 Anonymous@Game8about 2 monthsReport

Thanks for catching these, we have fixed the errors. As for Nanna's 9.0 rating, we are waiting on the metagame to settle down before we finalize the ratings of newly released heroes.

414 JoshuaZabout 2 monthsReport

Legendary Nanna doesn't show up on the list of heroes, her General Use Build is missing her weapon, and her weapon effects aren't shown on her page. I also think she should be considered as a 9.5 since she has high 58 Atk/42 Spd which get boosted +6 from her weapon, has a built-in Deadeye effect, anti-anti followup, prevents enemy specials, restores 7 HP, has Canto+1, 20% atk based dmg boost, and a follow up before counter - all just from her weapon/B skill. Her A/C skills add 13 Atk/Spd.

413 JoshuaZabout 2 monthsReport

I just spent about 190 orbs on the AHR event sniping green only to get 3 LByleth, 1 Thorr, 1 HAzura, 1 NCorrin, 1 Rinkah, 1 Shamir, and 1 Hector (who I already foddered) but am saving 320 (at 280) to get Flayn and LSigurd if I can get them with 40 summons using Feh Pass. There are still a lot of orbs I can get from story/paralogues/chain challenges but I am trying to conserve at this point to get the best units when they become available.

412 JoshuaZabout 2 monthsReport

I use BHector, AIdunn, Elimine, and Nifl, though I'm planning on switching out Nifl once I get Flayn. Near Save/Far Save tanks with support reducing damage taken (Elimine, Flayn, Nifl) works well on virtually any mode, although in Summoner Duels you can only use 1 tank per team, so having some good firepower helps like LSigurd, NY Reginn/Fafnir/Dagr, Eitri, NCorrin, NLyn, Otr, etc. Other tank options include VGustav, VLucina, and VRobin.

411 Zero.exeabout 2 monthsReport

So im huge on arena RN i didnt really play all that much FEH before but have been playing like a crack addict this last 4 months im not a wale btw just normal playing and ocasional FEH pass wich just ran out. im currently using a team of N!Corrin Hattari Azura L!Dimitrie and B!Erika for those pesky near saves. Id honestly recomend this team to the fullest are there some recomendetions you can give me for teams to try out and see if i can build them up or something siimilar

410 Arkalet2 monthsReport

Question: which do you consider better, brave or legendary marth?

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