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25 Anonymous9 daysReport

>>24 which banner are you aiming to pull for? what's your Player Number? I'll add you up

24 bnghe10 daysReport

nice wiki, a newbie here! been using their guide on tactic drills! (saving some orbs for a summon lol) thank you! keep it up!

23 Anonymous17 daysReport

>>20 well, you can merge other non-forma units into your forma soul if that makes anything better. It just cant be merged onto something else

22 Anonymous17 daysReport

>>21 Everyone has a lot of sword units hahaha its a meme then they added Bride Oboro this gacha nooooo so many

21 Anonymous17 daysReport

>>20 Yeah its better to get the skills. I got Roy just because I'm a Roy fan even though I have so many sword units already

20 Anonymous17 daysReport

>>19 I was going to get her but then I saw that the merges disappear. I thought I could get away with a +10 merged unit using forma souls. That sucked.

19 Anonymous17 daysReport

>>15 Winter Cecillia is pretty good imho. Make sure to get her if you need a good dagger unit for armored teams.

18 Anonymous26 daysReport

>>17 whats your user number? I'll add you up!!!

17 Anonymous26 daysReport

this game has great graphics and all but they should've made it on landscape mode... i just downloaded the game btw, newbie here!

16 Anonymous27 daysReport

>>15 I agree. I think the last good one was the Reinhardt Forma Soul. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to purchase the pack for him. I have it bought now so I'm just waiting for another good one.

15 Anonymous27 daysReport

>>14 Hey Mike, there aren't any good units in Hall of Forms right now. Make sure to save your Forma Pack purchase for the next one!

14 Mike27 daysReport

>>13 >>12 Hi! How are you finding the game so far? I was anon 9. by the way. Nice! I was thinking on buying the Forma Packs and the other packs that I think that are worth it too. But I'm too afraid that it might become a bad habit. I have a history of spending lots of irl money in games.

13 Anonymous28 daysReport

>>9 Nope I'm P2P as well since Day 1 I fell to the gacha rolls, no regrets, I enjoy it and I set aside "fun money for that". When I see Lu Bu's channel the dood has tons of F2P orbs and of course his deep wallet. Feh is not his only game either Dragalia, Arknights Clash of Clans among others.

12 Anonymous30 daysReport

hi I'm new to this game.

11 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>8 Wondering if this is insane luck or 1000+ orbs? How many orbs did you use for these pulls?

10 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>9 Pretty sure those numbers are P2P unless you saved up orbs for 2 years then spent it on Legend Edelgard hahahaha

9 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>8 'Fell to the darkness' lmao are you P2P?

8 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>7 I fell to the darkness and made +10 Edelgard it was because of Youtuber Lu Bu Feng Xian https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y7yi16ub0bw I followed his lead. I ended up +10 Edelgard with 2 Extras, collateral +10 Nagi (Damnit) +10 Tsubasa Alll +Spd IV draws smh. Then the Evil Ryu Banner is coming gonna pass until Three Heroes Brave Units.

7 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>6 Pain!!! I'm one of those people hahaha +7 here though ran outta luck!! (Not F2P)

6 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>5 So many people have made +10 +Atk L. Edelgard Galeforce Heavy Blade 4 setup. amazing but of course any Red unit can wipe her out. XD

5 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

Everyone ready for the Legendary Edelgard Gacha? 0% chance for non-focus 5 stars so we know who we're getting :3

4 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>3 Yes that is what I usually do with mine because personally I have 'busy' months and I have 'free' months. I only buy the FEH pass for my free months

3 Anonymousabout 1 monthReport

>>2 If I cancel it, it's going to be cancelled at the end of the month right? Because it has already been paid for

2 Anonymous4 monthsReport

>>1 Yes. You can buy the FEH pass again later, even if you cancel the subscription. If you cancel it, you will lose the features like Auto-Start and Re-Do Previous Turn, but you will keep Resplendent units/outfits.

1 Anonymous4 monthsReport

Can you still buy the Feb pass every month when you cancel the renewed

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    • >>[24] which banner are you aiming to pull for? what's your Player Number? I'll add you up

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