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224 Anonymous@Game811 daysReport

>>223 Thank you for pointing this out! We have corrected NY!Lethe's stats :)

223 Anonymous11 daysReport

Can someone fix this chart for NY!Lethe? The stats are wrong.

222 rentaj719 daysReport

>>221 keaton is indeed good! I would have merged him up if he was a waifu lol They've been releasing a lot of good free units! If they release a mad waifu who's also strong, that's an automatic +10 merge maxed flowers for me! At the mean time, Hana and Petrine are great candidates

221 stalwartheart19 daysReport

>>220 Speaking of 4 Star units, the Keaton alt is very good. I wish I had some grails to create a decent merged up copy.

220 rentaj7about 2 monthsReport

>>219 powerful free and 4 star demotes are required to keep the game healthy especially for f2p players. I hope they continue to release more powerful units of these kinds

219 Diaaabout 2 monthsReport

>>217 That would be a great idea. Really excited to know how the game is gonna advance with the characters, skill, combos etc.. hope the also bring us good 4* units to build.

218 Diaaabout 2 monthsReport

>>216 Yeah thanks for reminding me. I have done plenty of stupid mistakes in Feh but at least I learn with every mistake. If I told you some of them you would see how bad my mistakes are. Let's not say anything about them for now :)

217 Anonymousabout 2 monthsReport

I think they could do a animal character like a puppy with a sword in its mouth wearing armor something most people wouldn't see coming because we literally had fairys so talking animal wouldn't be surprising but it would be unexpected and it would be adorable I know it's very unlikely though

216 stalwartheartabout 2 monthsReport

>>215 Forma units can be great, but remember that you can only merge onto them (use them as a base) and not use it for merging on an existing unit

215 Diaaabout 2 monthsReport

>>214 Thank you so much bro. Yeah, now it's clear that I can get +10 merge project by many ways including the Grails, banners or event and furma allies (if I still remember that correctly). Will wait for now and see which unit should I build (even though I prefer the unit to be new but I don't mind having a relatively old strong unit )

214 Anonymous@Game8about 2 monthsReport

>>212 For +10 Merge Projects, you can also go for Heroic Grail (Free) units! But that will take a while as it takes time to farm grails. There are lots of great 4 Star units being released recently, and you can check out the updated 4 Star tier list here! https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/262401

212 Diaaabout 2 monthsReport

Thank you so much bro. That was really helpful. Will try to have my +10 merge project ASAP. I need 200 more orbs to try and pull for that. I hope there will be good 4* units coming on the future (maybe with the new year).

211 stalwartheartabout 2 monthsReport

>>209 with some luck + the free 5 star pull, 500 should be a nice shot I used 20 orbs in In the Moment and got 2 4 star ziharks

210 stalwartheartabout 2 monthsReport

>>208 Yes. Generally speaking, how much stronger a unit is--they score better. Merges and high-SP skills make it so that they score better in the Arena. https://game8.co/games/fire-emblem-heroes/archives/275335 check out this article! also, you should use a bonus unit to take out foes because they give bonus scores. this is why I maxed out the power of my Alfonse, Anna and Sharena because they appear as bonus units frequently (also Fjorm)

209 Diaaabout 2 monthsReport

My other question is how much (on average) orbs does it usually take to +10 merge a unit that is originally 4* stars unit like llyana and zihark. Please not that I mean the new 4* units not the old ones like Reinhardt. I would appreciate any help regarding this. Thank u so much

208 Diaaabout 2 monthsReport

Guy, I have got some questions that I wanna ask u. Why I can't reach tier 20 in arena mood (even though I got maximum score on advance difficultly with the bonus)? Does it has to do with +10 merges? Max i got was tier 19 but after that I have fallen into tier 18 regardless of the max score I got from arena. Please if u got some advice or tips or tricks for me, I would appreciate letting me know guys. Thanks in advance.

207 rentaj72 monthsReport

>>206 I stand corrected that's fricking awesome!@!@!@!@

206 Anonymous2 monthsReport

>>205 Windsweep doesn't actually prevent followup attacks on Duo Byleth due to Sun's Percussors having an inbuilt Null Follow-Up, though it does leave her susceptible to effects that prevent followups from enemies if she has it equipped

205 rentaj72 monthsReport

>>204 congrats on the pulls! If you meant +Atk for Byleth and +Spd for Ninja Lyn, that's so perfect! I'd rather not put windsweep on duo byleth because they should aim for follow-up attacks as much as possible. though it could definitely work for more defensive builds. but for ninja lyn, a windsweep CAN work since it wont block the extra attack and u always have the duo skill if you need more attacks on a powerful enemy, but personally i prefer lots of quad attacks hahahah

204 Dex2 monthsReport

>>197 I pulled both Bikini Byleth and Ninja Lyn both IV +atk and +spd. Not sure who to go with. Is windsweep viable for them? or a better B slot? C Slot?

203 rentaj72 monthsReport

>>202 agreed. the self dance is just amazing. it will rain dagger on the enemy team.

202 Diaa2 monthsReport

>>201 Thanks bro. I really got lucky to pull for her. At first, i thought she will be a regular unit but once i got her to lvl 30+, she started impressing me. The dagger category is working for me for the first time. There are fewer skills that can counter this weapon type, along with her ability to attack 2wice + self dance , all those make here a top tier player phase unit

201 rentaj72 monthsReport

>>197 I've seen videos of her in battle. she destroys even without investment! I don't wanna spend orbs though :( congrats on the pull

200 rentaj72 monthsReport

>>199 Spd IV helps you get more attacks on opponents and it also makes her a bit bulkier because of the reduced counterattacks she takes I just checked and w/o merges she can get to 42 spd and thats without skills. pretty good pretty reliable follow-up attacker

199 Anonymous2 monthsReport

>>198 definitely +Spd

198 R2 monthsReport

Which Legendary Eirika Iv is the best? I have +atk -def, and a +spd -def. I want to merge them and I do not know which one to focus on.

197 Diaa2 monthsReport

>>196 Wow. After trying this Duo Lyn for almost 3 days, she is just out of this world. Definitely top tier unit. She can beats many units including top tier units in defence (B and LEdelgard, demitri and many units in the arena. I got her on +Res trait, i would strongly recommend you to have her on +Atk. For me, i just have a demitri who can give her +5 atk at start of turn and once she fires, she annihilates the foes with the support of a dancer and her duo skill. Highly recommended unit.

196 Diaa3 monthsReport

>>195 Congrats bro. Hope she is really that good.

195 Anonymous3 monthsReport

>>194 Congrats!! Same to me, got them from first pool too

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