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How to Level Up Fast

A guide to the most efficient and fastest level grinding methods in Fire Emblem Heroesn (FEH). Read on for the best ways to level up your units quickly!

How to Gain EXP

FEH Battle.png

1. Defeat strong enemies

Defeating enemies higher than your character level is a great way to earn exp. Keep in mind that units that are 7 levels higher than their enemies will not gain EXP.

2. Finish enemies with Specials

  • Moonbow: Cooldown 2, reduces Enemy DEF and RES, grants 30% ATK
  • Glimmer: Cooldown 2, deals 1.5x more damage
  • Luna Arc: Cooldown 3, reduces Enemy DEF and RES, grants 50% ATK
  • Defeating enemies with Special Skills will give more EXP than with normal attacks. Skills like the ones listed above have short cooldowns and are ideal for efficient level grinding.

    3. Defeat named Enemy Units

    Named heroes like Ike and Marth that show up as foes in maps provide greater EXP when compared to generic enemies like Axe Knight or Bow Infantry.

    4. Use X Exp. Skills

    Skills can provide additional EXP through the use of EXP boosting skills marked X Exp.. These award bonuses if the character equipped with them survives the battle and is using the same weapon type as the skill equipped.

    Sword Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHSword Exp. 3 R Tome Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHR Tome Exp. 3 G Tome Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHG Tome Exp. 3
    Bow Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHBow Exp. 3 B Tome Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHB Tome Exp. 3 Axe Experience 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHAxe Experience 3
    Lance Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHLance Exp. 3 Dagger Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHDagger Exp. 3 Staff Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHStaff Exp. 3
    Beast Exp. 3 Fire Emblem Heroes FEHBeast Exp. 3

    List of Heroes With EXP Skills For Their Weapon Type

    Hero Weapon Type Move Type Rarity Rating
    Athena ImageAthena Sword ImageSword Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
    Red Tome Eirika ImageRed Tome Eirika Red Tome ImageRed Tome Cavalry ImageCavalry 8.0/10
    Halloween Kurthnaga ImageHalloween Kurthnaga Red Breath ImageRed Breath Infantry ImageInfantry 8.5/10
    Mordecai ImageMordecai Blue Beast ImageBlue Beast Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
    Spring Narcian ImageSpring Narcian Lance ImageLance Flying ImageFlying 7.5/10
    Mae ImageMae Blue Tome ImageBlue Tome Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
    Green Tome Olwen ImageGreen Tome Olwen Green Tome ImageGreen Tome Cavalry ImageCavalry 8.5/10
    Spring Chrom ImageSpring Chrom Axe ImageAxe Infantry ImageInfantry 7.0/10
    Lex ImageLex Axe ImageAxe Cavalry ImageCavalry 8.5/10
    Silque ImageSilque Staff ImageStaff Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10
    Tethys ImageTethys Colorless Dagger ImageColorless Dagger Infantry ImageInfantry 8.5/10
    Faye ImageFaye Colorless bow ImageColorless bow Infantry ImageInfantry 7.5/10

    Things to Do Before Level Grinding

    Royal Castle.png

    Double your EXP Gained with the Royal Castle

    Efficient level grinding starts by upgrading your castle. Invest Orbs to unlock the Royal Castle to permanently increase the EXP gained by 100%. This step is the backbone of the process and a first priority.

    EXP Bonus Rate and Required Number of Orbs

    Castle Exp Boost Required Orbs
    Torchlit Castle Boost EXP earned by 20% 1
    Columned Castle Boost EXP earned by 40% 3
    Carpeted Castle Boost EXP earned by 60% 5
    Ornate Castle Boost EXP earned by 80% 8
    Royale Castle Boost EXP earned by 100% 10

    Using Support Characters

    Using Refreshers and Healers in your teams are essential to quickly level up. They can keep your damage dealer alive and enable them to act several times in one turn. As long as they can fulfill these support roles, it won't matter much even if they're not sufficiently leveled.

    Recommended Refresher Units

    Hero Unit Description
    ・Available as an unlockable unit and is at 5-starts at the start.
    ・Powerful buffs for allies.
    ・Easy to obtain 3-star unit
    ・Gives HP Recovery at the start of turn for allies within 3 spaces.
    ・Available in Hero Battles.
    ・Adds ATK buffs for allies

    See List of Heroes with Refresher Skills

    Recommended Healer Units

    Hero Unit Description
    ・Easy to obtain 3-star unit.
    ・Healer Unit with a 3-space movement range.
    ・Available in Hero Battles.
    ・Early game healers.

    See List of Staff Units

    Easy way to Earn SP on Weekends

    Bonus Duration Every Friday 16:00 PST to Monday 15:59 PST

    The Double SP Weekend period is another way to gain added SP for learning skills while level grinding.

    SP Grinding | How to Get SP

    How to Level Up Fast

    Special Training

    Special Training.png

    The Special Training Maps are where waves of enemy reinforcements appear. This lets you earn lots of EXP and SP using less stamina.

    List of Special Training Maps

    5 types of Special Training Maps will appear on a daily basis. Enemy appearance tendencies may vary, so it's advisable to choose your Hero to level up before entering the maps.

    Order Special Training Enemy Main Tendency (Lunatic)
    Close Physicakl Swords/Spears/Axes, Red/Blue/Green Dragons, and Bow users
    Ranged Magic Red/Blue/Green Tome Users, Bow and Staff Users, and Armored foes
    Ranged Physical (Bows) Flying Units (Sword/Spear/Axe users)
    Close/Ranged Magic Armored Sword/Spear/Axe users
    Comprehensive Ranged 1 Physical and Magic users, Range 2 Magic users (Red/Blue/Green Tome users)

    Chain Challenges from Lv.35 and Above

    Chain Challenge.png

    Chain Challanges on normal difficulty are also recommended. Many foes are named, have a fixed appearance rate, and rarely use specials. This gives an easy way to grind for EXP, especially on days when Special Training Maps are not suitable for the Hero you wish to level up.

    Aim for 10 Consecutive Battles in Chapters 1-2 or 3-4

    It's recommended to do 10 consecutive battles in Chapters 1-2 or 3-4 to quickly raise your units. Enemies are at Lv.35 and the map has an easier layout compared to other chapters.

    How Much EXP is Required to Level Up?

    Level Up.png

    Not Affected By Rarity

    The amount of EXP required to level up is the same for all characters, regardless of rarity or attribute.

    Required EXP Value Table by Level

    Level Required EXP Cumulative EXP
    1 --- ---
    2 100 100
    3 110 210
    4 121 331
    5 133 464
    6 146 610
    7 161 771
    8 177 948
    9 194 1142
    10 214 1356
    11 235 1591
    12 259 1850
    13 285 2135
    14 313 2448
    15 345 2793
    16 379 3172
    17 417 3589
    18 459 4048
    19 505 4553
    20 555 5108
    Level Required EXP Cumulative EXP
    21 611 5719
    22 672 6391
    23 740 7131
    24 814 7945
    25 895 8840
    26 984 9824
    27 1083 10907
    28 1191 12908
    29 1310 13408
    30 1442 14850
    31 1586 16436
    32 1744 18180
    33 1919 20099
    34 2111 22210
    35 2322 24532
    36 2554 27086
    37 2810 29896
    38 3091 32987
    39 3400 36387
    40 3740 40127

    Training Tower Tip

    Training Tower Grind Up to Lv.35

    An efficient way to level grind units is to use the Training Tower to raise your teams up to Lv.35.

    Progress through the floors until you reach enemies that are of equal or slightly higher level than your units, then switch to the Chain Challenges once your teams reach Lv.35.

    Recommended Team without Inherited Skills

    Currently UnavailableHero to level up Olivia - Blushing Beauty ImageOlivia
    Refresher Skill and Stat Boost
    Matthew - Faithful Spy ImageMatthew
    Stat Support Unit
    Azama - Carefree Monk ImageAzama
    Healer and Stat Support Unit

    This is a sample team which uses a refresher, healer, and stat support. Keep them close to benefit from stat boosts at the start of each turn.

    Team Setup with Inherited Skills

    Currently UnavailableHero to level up Olivia - Blushing Beauty ImageOlivia
    Wings of Mercy 3 inherited
    Ninian - Oracle of Destiny ImageNinian
    Wings of Mercy 3 inherited
    Priscilla - Delicate Princess ImagePriscilla
    Wings of Mercy 3 inherited

    This setup allows more flexibility around the map, allowing you to defeat enemies, refresh the main unit to level up, or refresh and recover.

    Raising Units One by One

    It's advisable to focus on leveling one unit at a time. It's not impossible to raise the whole team at once, but efficiency drops past Lv.30.

    The best way to level up units is to narrow down the ones you want to raise first and focus on them.

    Looping Recovery Exploit

    Sample Video of the Looping Recovery Exploit

    Total EXP Gained by Sakura

    1st Enemy Attack +20
    1st Recovery +30
    2nd Recovery +20
    3rd Recovery (Skill Activated) +30
    4th Recovery +20
    5th Recovery (Skill Activated) +24
    6th Recovery +12
    7th Recovery (Skill Activated) +12
    8th Recovery +4
    9th Recovery +0
    2nd Enemy Attack +20
    3rd Enemy Attack +16
    Enemy Defeated +200

    (The Enemy unit is 2 levels above Sakura)

    EXP Efficiency for Stamina Spent

    Stamina Spent Total EXP
    18 419

    Defeat Enemies Normally at the Training Tower

    Defeating enemies at the Training Tower is an efficient use of stamina.


    Efficient level grinding requires defeating enemies stronger than your unit's current level. Use support units wisely so as not to be defeated during battle as well.

    EXP bonuses from upgrading your Castle and from EXP boosting skills are also advisable in order to build a strong team quickly.

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